We Are Lions and the Sun is Behind Us

We Are Lions and the Sun is Behind Us
by Sayeh Hassan

This is picture that has been circulating on the internet for a few days, it shows a protest in Iran where a protestor is holding up a sign which reads “We are Lions and the Sun is Behind Us”, a very clear reference to the national Lion and Sun Flag.

People in Iran are not free to hold up any flag they wish and walk freely in the streets. In fact they are not free to protest in the first place and we have seen how the Regime has reacted to peaceful protestors. It is unimaginable what they would do to someone who might be holding up a Lion and Sun Flag. However this does not mean that people in Iran don’t believe in the Lion and Sun Flag.

Many of those who support Mousavi and the Islamic Regime abroad have tried to prevent people from bringing Lion and Sun Flags to protests by saying Iranian people don’t want the Lion and Sun Flag. There are two major problems with that argument. During the 1979 Revolution nobody had a clue that Khomeini would go and change the National Flag. There was no referendum, and the Iranian people did not get to choose the current Islamic Regime’s Flag which does not represent the Iranian people.

The second problem with this argument is the fact that people are not free to express themselves in Iran, and therefore even if they wanted to carry the Lion and Sun Flag during protests they can’t do it without risking their lives.

In comes this picture, a protestor carrying this sign which is a clear reference to the Lion and Sun Flag, if someone in Iran can carry this sign and face all the consequences, we can surely do the same...

Down With the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran



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Mola Nasredeen

Their is no "Our Royals" Reza Khan was a stable boy cleaning

by Mola Nasredeen on

horse manure. The horses probably had more Royal Blood than him.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/ Prince Harry becomes a birthday millionaire (cnn)

by Darius Kadivar on

I wonder Why is it a scandal for Iran's Royals to be Rich but not for the British Royals who hardly ever Worked in their entire lives ?

Why Are We So Complexed about Our Royals ? I wonder ...

CNN Report:

Prince Harry becomes a birthday millionaire


Le Figaro:

Le prince Harry, nouveau multimillionnaire

In addition this Kid's Ancestor was one of the most blood thirsty Kings of England : Henry VIII who beheaded several of his wives. Yet the Dynasty of the Windsor continues to Thrive and no one tries to overthrow the monarchy in England eversince the Monarchy was Restored in its pure Constitutional form after Cromwell's Death.




Benross, Kadivar

by فغان on

...And all participants in that secular, free, parliament should have

already disclosed their source of income/wealth, and their political


One has to be willfully stupid to deny corruption and crimes of mullahs.

Rafsanjani and others are no exception to the rule of "corrupting

power". He hasn't got the nickname of "Akbar Shah" for nothing.

There seems to be a difference in our time zones and I'm off to work; I'll catch up with you guys later.


Darius Kadivar

FYI/Millionaire Mullahs by Paul Klebnikov (Forbes Magazine)

by Darius Kadivar on

The 1979 revolution transformed the Rafsanjani clan into commercial pashas. One brother headed the country's largest copper mine; another took control of the state-owned TV network; a brother-in-law became governor of Kerman province, while a cousin runs an outfit that dominates Iran's $400 million pistachio export business; a nephew and one of Rafsanjani's sons took key positions in the Ministry of Oil; another son heads the Tehran Metro construction project (an estimated $700 million spent so far). Today, operating through various foundations and front companies, the family is also believed to control one of Iran's biggest oil engineering companies, a plant assembling Daewoo automobiles, and Iran's best private airline (though the Rafsanjanis insist they do not own these assets).

Rest of Article Here:


Darius Kadivar

FYI/pictory: Shah's Fortune demanded by IRI

by Darius Kadivar on

Regarding your debate over Shah's alledged fortune here is a blog I published some time ago:

pictory: Shah's Fortune demanded back by Iran's Revolutionary Government (1979)

Darius Kadivar

فغان "Remember "they" are paying You to Play PR for RP ?

Darius Kadivar

Sorry Old Chap But NO ONE EVER PAID ME OR PAYS ME for expressing My Opinions here.

Now if you know anyone who does including JJ I would certainly send him an invoice. LOL

That said I have read your other comments and I have to say that I share most of what you said in this thread. But you seemed at first to be part of the same regular crowd of anonymous Royal Bashers. So sorry if you suffered from collateral damages due to my "Clowning".

Now regarding the Shah's fortune and claims made by Iran my blog here should interest you :

pictory: Shah's Fortune demanded back by Iran's Revolutionary Government (1979)




parliamentary commission

by benross on

When I was a political opponent of the Shah, it wasn't because he was rich or poor. He was rich because he was the Shah after all (Although I must admit I was deeply jealous of that motorized small car that Reza Pahlavi was driving!). It wasn't because he was corrupt or clean. It was because he was authoritarian. And like in any dictatorship, there was no accountability, from which the corruption and all other deviations arise.

Actually there was a mechanism and accountability back then. But it was 'in house' mechanism that naturally did not conform with open and democratic standards -like a private business. When there is no open accountability, it means that there is no mechanism to substantiate a claim, one way or the other. 

I have a suggestion. How about the first secular free Iranian parliament agenda being to set-up a parliamentary commission to look at this issue? This is the first and foremost important duty of our first democratic parliament. Anything else is secondary. If this is laughable, then you should laugh at yourself and your priorities. I'm suggesting this very seriously.

The level of effectiveness and quality of a democratic parliament can only match the level of ideas of those it represents.

In the meantime, I rely on that lion with a sun behind it for my strength to survive this mediocrity.



by فغان on

Fair enough, Sir. I respect your wish for not discussing this matter.

As for the social psyche which surrounds this issue, in my opinion, one feasible solution can be foud by holding a truth-finding inquiry.

Reza Pahlavi has no time to waste anymore.He is the one who should spearhead such an idea of national reconciliation; whatever the outcome.




I care less about Pahlavis being vindicated or not, since too much time has passed for this issue to be important.

I was talking about the "billions" of stolen money some people claim. If the Shah was corrupt, we deserve to know how corrupt was he.

I say that he was no more corrupt than many Western politicians. And that he was much less corrupt than the many other possiblities that existed in Iran back then (or even today.)

I also say that there were many lies that were propagated against the Shah and his family 30 years ago in order to entice people against them. Many of those lies about his corruption or brutality have already been exposed.

But this is not the issue and so I don't want to dicuss it. The issue is that this has left a deep impact in Iranians' psyche, to the point that today, when you are trying to expose an IRI crime, many people look at the reports with doubt. They remember the lies made 30 years ago, and no matter how truthful the reports on IRI is, it sometimes does not have the effect it should.

This is the problem with lying like noghlo nabaat, both at a an individual's personal level, and also at a national level; it will always come back and bite you.

Mola Nasredeen

Brother Jamshid, I do agree with you

by Mola Nasredeen on

Shahbanoo hid the billions well.



by فغان on

Mullahs being corrupt and criminal doesn't automatically vindicate the Pahlavis. IRI has to go; "let's talk about the future" Reza Pahlavi keeps saying it.

Remember Shah was only one member of that "firm". His sister Ashraf, for instance, had proven ties with Mafia.

You mentioned the return of the jet and leaving the national jewelry behind; we should know, sometimes, some assets have the characteristic of liablities. I say he was a corrupt dictator; not a fool. 



Darius Kadivar

by فغان on

Clown? Doesn't make sense.

Looser? I don't think so. To be honest, and for your information only, I

have gained more than what I could've ever imagined after the

collapse of Pahlavi's regime. And I didn't have to collaborate with IRI

either. All legitimately and clean.

You are skirting the argument about the credibility of Monarchist

Movement by insulting the other side. Remember "they" are paying

you to play the role of PR for Reza Pahlavi. I don't think Reza

Pahlavi or his office would approve of your bullish style. Uttering "F"

word is something, attributing that saying to Him, by means of a

white trash video is something else. That's " clownish". 


Where is our billions

by jamshid on

Early on, the IRI spent millions of dollars on an army of agents and attorneys across the globe to look for the Shah's stolen billions.

They had another army in Iran searching and sifting through the documents, bank accounts, contracts, deeds and everything else they could lay their hands on to find evidence of the stolen billions.

They summoned and interrogated hundreds of people. They ordered their men to look for even a single needdle among the many stacks of hay.

Yet, they came empty handed. They could not find even one single entity they could go after or they could sue, not even for the money, but for the principle and for the news media.

To save face for all the lies they had made on the stolen billions, they quickly hushed the matter and set it aside.

The shah could have easily taken away the royal jewelery with him, but they couldn't find even a single piece missing. He even returned the jet he used to fly away from Iran.

Some thief he was.

And now we have some lajan aghazadehs in here who lives off their family's looting of Iran worrying about the return of "their" stolen money.

Iraneh Azad

Very Good Points

by Iraneh Azad on

I wish to burn the current flag as it only represents hate, sexism and bigotry. I know that the Lion & Sun will rise again!

Iraneh Azad

Very Good Points

by Iraneh Azad on

I wish to burn the current flag as it only represents hate, sexism and bigotry. I know that the Lion & Sun will rise again!



by jamshid on

I don't have to force myself to say "dorood" instead of "salam". 

But you don't mind IRI forcing hejaab?

I don't need to constantly harass and insult my fellow Iranians for prayer or fasting or putting a Quran on their haft-sin.

Meanwhile you support a regime that just does that. 

I love ALL Iranian cities, include Mashhad and Qom and don't wish I could obliterate them. 

We love them too pal. Only we love its population too!

I don't need to constantly wave my flag in people's face and talk about the "Aryan" race and wear pre-Islamic symbols and tatoos to reassure myself about my identity.

You reassure yourself with your identity by supporting those who constantly wave Koran in people's face and talk about emaam Hassan and Hossein and their wonderful "seyed" blood, and hit ghameh on their head on Ashoorah.


And to put it simply; I am not at war with myself and my fellow Iranians over what is to be an "Iranian".

But you do support those who are at war with the Iranian people and what Iranian means by shoving their backwarded culture down people's throat.

Can you say the same things about youself? 

As Eastwood would say, can YOU? Well, can you punk?

It is such a comic relief when encountering a supporter of a regime of rape and murder who lectures others about "love".

Oh, the heart break! The supporter of regime of torture doesn't like it when people react! He wants them to "love" their torturers.

What a piece of garbage of a human being.

Kourosh Aryamanesh


by Kourosh Aryamanesh on

 دست مريزاد، واقعأ که خوب از زير اين جريان شيرو خورشيد در رفتی . خوب ماستماليش کردی. معلومه از طايفۀ آخوند و ملايی . حضزت شترم که تافتۀ جدا بافته است. اون تو کلاس خودشه.




Monorchy VS Theocracy

by Cost-of-Progress on

I was a mere teenager during the Shah's rein and left the country before the second ghadesiyeh. I could hardly be called a monarchist, if at all. I do remember that when I lived there, the country was prosperous although I am sure there was little freedom of speech, press, etc., etc.

We Iranians know how to complain, but when it comes to solutions, we fall short of answers. Shah (more his dad, actually) tried to bring Iran out of the dark ages (due to non but Islam), but he tried to do too much in too small a time frame. Results: People's revoluted, if you can be convinced that it was actually the people who caused the revolution.  Iran had become a major player in the region with the 5th most powerful military in the world. Shah was talking back to those who brought him to power, singing the tune of "Go f**k Yourself" to the Americans and the Brits. Although this is over simplification, I believe this is what happened. He was taken out and, in his place, an ass backward anti nationalist regime was installed. This was to ensure that Iran would be thrown back at least 200 years and made sure that the new regime is ass backward enough to discredit Iran in the world - it worked, ay? Shah was a dictator, no doubt, but times have changed now. Our people are a lot more savy when it comes to politics than those days, but do we know what we want? 

Sure there was corruption, but how much do you think the bearded open collar people have stolen compared to those in the previous regime? Neither is justified, but reality always hurts. If there's ever a regime change in Iran, how do you think it would fair compared to the two regime preceeding it? Will one day we get out of bed and everything will be honky dory? Do we have the capacity for that?

Now, all those who favor democarcy and think they helped get rid of the Shah - What do you want, and do you believe that Iran will ever have it?  You tried divinity (sure), and it DID NOT friggin work. At least now you know. hopefully, that religion and democarcy are incompatible.

What do you want???

Mola Nasredeen

"Where is our billions

by Mola Nasredeen on

stolen from us by "Shahbanoo" and her husband when they left Iran?" Asked his majesty Hazrate shotor.

"In her Majesty's bank account" I guessed.



How to make "maast"...

by Ostaad on

This guy is showing how to make "maast" in code.  Decoded it says, we are "milk" (not lyons) and if left outside, we become "maast".

Unless someone wants to give a deep political meaning to this guys message. That's what I think he's saying.

DK, am I wrong again?

Darius Kadivar

And Guess Who is behind the Shotor ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

The Smart and Rapid Donkey ...


He Who Laughs Last Laughs !


Mola Nasredeen

"We are shotor and kohan is on our back"

by Mola Nasredeen on

Said Hazrate shotor.

"Well said Hajagha, ahsant ahsant" said I.



Siavash 31

by AryamehrNYC on

One thing you clearly do not have is any common sense.  The only thing you should cocern yourself with is kicking out the Tazi-Nejad regime into neighboring Iraq or even further west, Lebanon.  Its also time you saw a medical professional, because your eternal hard on for Monarchists is impeding the blood flow to your tiny little brain.  Get a grip, the enemy is the Islamic Republic.


Darius Kadivar

SamSamIIII Jaan I dub You Knight !

by Darius Kadivar on


Learn Your Classics and Think Positive My Friend !

Another one for Your Chivalry My Friend :






Darius Kadivar

SamSamIIII Jaan Kojasho Deedy ? ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Mokhleseem SamSam Jaan ...


Its High Time for these Losers to Jump on the Band Wagon before Drowning in their own Hezbollahi Rhetoric ...



And Its Only the Begining ...

Cheers Mate !



Darius jaan,

by SamSamIIII on


I,m impressed with your sharp instict , injoorii keh boosh miad bachehayeh shiraz ham tizan ;) . Now ask the lady what made her choose the name "Siavash". Reminds me of the famous quote by Senator Lloyd bentsen to Dan Quayle in presidential race who claimed he is similar to Pres Kennedy;

"Senator, I knew president Kennedy & you are no Jack kennedy"

 To that I say ; I know Siavash & you are no Siavash ;).


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia

Darius Kadivar

Response to "Stop This Childish Name Calling". ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

His Majesty Reza Pahlavi's Response to You CLOWN LOSERS  :




Stop This Childish Name Calling.

by فغان on

Despite the wholeheartedly efforts of the Monarchists to portray the late

Shah as a patriotic Persian-loving benevolent King of Kings, the

Pahlavi's dynasty is marred by political and financial corruption which

is the only cause of Iran's disastrous plight.

Reza Pahlavi Must, first, disclose the source and the amount of his

family's wealth; then we'll see what we can do, if any.

Darius Kadivar

Anonymous Artificial "Siavash31" ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


Why hide behind a Pseudonym then ?

I don't At All feel Concerned by Your Rubbish Comments on my Persona.

I Know Who I am, I don't need a Schizo to typcast me with silly and meaningless stereotypes.

But I forgive you for You are Tickety-Boo ... 




That Said:


Life Could Not Better Be !


Hee, Hee ..


Darius Kadivar

by Siavash31 on

My identity is not the artifical one that you and the likes of you are trying to impose on us. I am very comfortable with who I am as an Iranian. Monarchists are the ones who have a deep identity crisis, as they totally despise and hate a part of their own identity. 

I don't need to introduce myself as "Persian" as I am not ashamed of being associated with Iran. I don't hate the arabic words in my language and I enjoy the rich Iranian literature which includes these words. I don't have to force myself to say "dorood" instead of "salam".  I don't need to constantly harass and insult my fellow Iranians for prayer or fasting or putting a Quran on their haft-sin. I love ALL Iranian cities, include Mashhad and Qom and don't wish I could obliterate them.  I don't need to constantly wave my flag in people's face and talk about the "Aryan" race and wear pre-Islamic symbols and tatoos to reassure myself about my identity. And to put it simply; I am not at war with myself and my fellow Iranians over what is to be an "Iranian". Can you say the same things about youself?