Long live the Shah(s of Sunset)

Shahriar Zahedi
by Shahriar Zahedi

I've never watched Jersey Shore, don't care for the Kardashians or any reality shows, for that matter ( Afterall I'm outside of their demographics). But when my daughter, after having been told about it by her friend, came running into the living room, telling me to watch the Shahs of Sunset on Bravo, I decided to approach the show with an open mind. Because, you know, thanks to Nahai's article and a couple of nasty mentions by the LA Times, the show's reputation had already preceded it.

The eclectic mix of the homosexual, the Turk, the Jew, the bald, and the ugly was really something. Most of the characters, with the exception of the chick, who hates ants and ugly people, looked grotesque, and they all (including the chick) had grotesque ideas and opinions to boot.

Overall, I think the show is a fair representation of the Iranian crowd in Beverly Hills.


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