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Shazde Asdola Mirza
by Shazde Asdola Mirza

It seems that many "comrades" have issues with my latest article.


That is either because they haven't fully understood it (their problem) or haven't fully appreciated it (my problem). Either case can benefit from a spot of explanation in plain English.

1. Definitions:

In this play, Rofagha are in essence petit-bourgeois, but of the kind that aims to gain leadership of the proletariat, in order to establish their idealized form of government (the so call dictatorship of proletariat, which is really the dictatorship of communist party under its supreme ayatollah). They have a rebellious child-parent relationship with the bourgeois (give me cash so that I can scorn you) ... as well as a guilt complex towards proletariat (my remorse over a self-indulgent life style can only be balanced with the penance of loving the working class God).

Proletariat is that group of people who physically resides in the society, but is actually outside the administrative, ownership and cultural sphere of that society. They are mostly simple folks who work not because Labor is the new god on earth, but simply to pay rent, eat and yes, to have fun ... as much fun as they can get their hands on! They are after a natural life and the fulfillment of their natural desires, like anyone else ... no worse and no better than any other person ... but certainly less wealthy in cash and culture. Help them rebel and come to power and they will … oh well, you have seen what happens!

Bourgeois is part owner of the establishment and part administrative head of the organization. He carries the burden of leadership and therefore can't afford to be funny, liberal and relaxed. His great art is the leadership of men, which is more difficult than herding cats and taming shrews. His love is concentrated on his material gain and his family sphere and children, which he has foolishly shielded from the cold realities of life, by sending off to the best schools and preventing them from getting exposed to the bottom layers of society … often resulting in a meek generation of weaklings, who can be defeated by the smartest and brightest of the proletariat, who then become bourgeois and then send their pampered children to the best universities … etc, etc.

2. Proposition

That everyone in the play is trying to enjoy life, the way they “believe” to suit them the best. Proletariat is after the immediate gratification of needs and desires. Bourgeois knows that life is full of dangers and uncertainties (most likely having started as a smart proletariat) and is therefore trying to build up his business and invest in his children's future.

Comrades (Rofagha) may not seem to be enjoying themselves, but they too are actually striving to travel through a “marvelous and magical” path, which promises to fulfill a religious-like duty and deliver them to the peak of humanity. A path which they feel is going to give them the greatest fulfillment in life possible, despite some little problems that have occurred in the “execution” of the great communist roadmap in Russia, China, Korea, Albania, Cambodia, etc! Yes, they are basically nut jobs, who can't see the folly in themselves … even though they can easily see the folly in other petit-bourgeois nut jobs … such as the Islamists, the Fascists, the Aryanists, etc.

The proletariat and the bourgeois see things more or less the way they are ... that one group is underneath and the other one is overhead ... that one is trying to get higher and the other is trying to maintain his dominance ... that both want the same things in life and are competing for the same opportunities … that once in power the proletariat can be 100 times more brutal and abusive than any comrade can imagine.

It is only the Rofagha who don't see things the way they are, because the comrades are blinded by a religious type mind-shield, by a giant blind-spot, by a huge guilt-hate complex.

3. Similitude

In the play, the workers know what is going on in the kitchen (what is going on in the real life). The bourgeois too knows the truth and is trying to remedy the situation, in order to protect and improve his business. But the Rofagha are completely unaware of the kitchen scene's reality and don't understand the meaning of sounds and actions that are coming from the workplace. Most importantly, not understanding the current situation, they fall victim to the consequences of other people's negative motives and wrongful actions … as well as their own ignorance (i.e. eating crap as nourishment … swallowing Imam as savior … dying and killing for someone else’s mean desires)!

Finally, a word about the culture of martyrdom is necessary, because every time one tries to expose an Islamist, the mullah cries and screams about Karbala and Hoveizeh - and the same thing happens with the Shahollahis and their justification of everything based on what happened to their ilk after the revolution, etc. Comrades have always used the martyr guilt to the fullest effect too, from the WWII and Stalingrad to Korea and Cambodia. But let’s remember this:

"Truth hurts but won't kill you - Lies can kill you and then use your dead body to justify more lies!"


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Hoshang Targol

To Mullah's " indefatigable " toe sucker

by Hoshang Targol on

Jahel is the one calling  330 million populace of the US ' without a history", that's you.

Jahel is the one equating Islamic "laws": including stoning to death, cutting of limbs, flogging,gang-rape ( remember Taraneh Mussavi?) with justice, that's you.

Jahel is the one writing pages about "socialism" without a word about workers, and and at the end calling for neo-liberalism and elimination of all subsidies, that you.

You're too blind, deaf and dumb to realize just how: in one day we suppost and assist workers in Iran, more that you could possibly imagine in your entire life time:

Demonstrations on December 2, 2010 in Toronto, London , Paris is support of jailed workers in Iran.



Again you too incoherent and irrational to realize this but YOU WERE THE ONE CONGRATULATING SAM, not me, you moron.

Niloufar Parsi

the proletariat's greatest bloodsucker,

by Niloufar Parsi on

acting like a jahel, sounding so boring, always running to the defence of uncle Sam! bit of a confused loser really...

Hoshang Targol

the sad state

by Hoshang Targol on

The mullah's "indefatigable" toe sucker has spoken once again:

getting bored with  defending "Islamic" law's flexibility as opposed to Christain laws,

getting bored  of defending mullahs' worth to US,

getting bored with pedestrian distortion of socialism and calling for neo-liberal policies to eliminate subsidies,

time to complement Hassan Belgiki and his "archetypes" , even Bahram Sadeghi couldn't come up with such amalgamation.


Abji Nariman go and read " Jafar Khan Az Farang Bargashteh" see how many times you appear in there.




Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

enjoyed the play, and it's rather telling that you had to explain so much. seemed like a harmless and sharp piece of commentary on our condition.

interesting too that characters that seem to me like archetypal 'rofaqa' are here writing about the sad state of 'rofaqa'... 


homo sacer

Kabaabi Theater

by homo sacer on


Poetry Nights at Goethe Institute were not the only artistic extravaganza the 1950s’ adolescent generation in Iran was benefiting from. You should know better. We also had the 2500th-year jubilee; the annual Shiraz Art Festival; Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot performed at the American-Iranian Cultural Center; and of course, we had folk heroes like Samad and Hassan Belgiki as role models.

In this latest Commedia dell'arte of yours, are we seeing Hassan Belgiki crying wolf because Samad poked his finger into our eyes?

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

thanks SAM   A very true observation & unbiased.

NOW Please can you write a play for those ex-Mostazaafan and now driving their Black Mercedeses talking to god on their cell-phones till they drop DEAD too?.

them both (mazhabion & komonist ) messed-up our motherland

Khoda laanat konad joft-e shan ra.           Maziar

Anahid Hojjati

Faramarz, I saw your comment. So far I have not found right word

by Anahid Hojjati on

Faramarz jan, I just saw that you were asking me about the correct word. I tried some of the variations that you and other friends had mentioned and so far no luck. I will try to check more later.

Ladan Farhangi

Dear SAM

by Ladan Farhangi on

Good Observations.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

well done.  i have not been following the referenced articles and threads but your description of rofagha is astute.  i had (and still have, perhaps fewer) rofagha as friends.  through time, i've seen some of them quietly becoming who they hate (one even became a slumlord, and couple became used car dealers offering predatory loans; no longer my friends).  <--these were hardworking prolteriat (when they were young and didn't have money) and used to lecture everyone around them.  at any rate, i think that you were a bit too kind in your description of burgeois.  one thing i've learned with age which i see in your writing is that "human nature trumps all ideologies."


It's Zohm not Zokhm or Zoghm

by Khar on

Faramarz & Anon. Baba talk Farsi, Paak Aabroo Bordid ;o))

Dirty Angel

manam baazi, please!

by Dirty Angel on

Shazdeh can you please put a part in it for me too? You know the vegetarian kind who doesn't give a gargoyle's twinkle for fairness and egality, but is joining all comrades for free love, sweet games of beasts' flesh (except when they sing). You can have me murdered collectively by a bunch of guttersnipes, scratching my eyes out and poisoning me over and over again, clearing out supplies, until the rats have taken over the entire sewage system. And I'll end up the saint of a martyr for the cause.

The crocodile tears! The heavenly, heaving pfffted speeches!

YEAH!There  is purpose in my death. Yeah!

"The shorter the life, the longer the death."

oh and please, can I have some drugs too please? Preferably sucked from a porcelain hookah pipe with heavy-duty miniature orgy porn on it. Thanks,Shazdeh!

Perhaps, in the modernized, contemporary sequel? Manam baazi!


فرامرز جان من خودم هم خیلی‌ از این چیز‌ها رو نمیدونم!


من همین جور یک تیری تو تاریکی‌ انداختم! خودم هم نمیدونم، ضخم، زخم، ظخم یا ذخمه! فقط می‌دونم "خ" داره نه "غ"! 

Everything is sacred


آناهید دستم به دامنت


تو که استاد فارسی ما هستی بیزحمت بگو که کدوم درسته، بوی ضغم یا بوی ضُخم؟

مقصود اون بوی گوشت و مرغ نپخته هست که با ادویه و آب لیمو باید از بین برد.


فرامرز جان "ضُخم" نه ضغم!


Everything is sacred


کلی چیز یاد گرفتیم


شازده جان از این ایده ات که گوشت کباب رو تو آب انار بخوابونی خیلی خوشم اومد!

هم گوشت کباب لطیف میشه و هم بوی ضغم گوشت از بین میبره! الان هم که فصل اناره!


شازده جان یک کلاغ چهل کلاغ شده!


اصلا جریان این نبوده!  ج ج جان یک ۳۰ یا ۴۰ تا کامنت رو پاک کرد و دست آخر فقط کامنت خودش موند و دو تا دیگه! توضیح جریان رو کمی‌ بیشتر اینجا دادم >>> 

Everything is sacred

Anahid Hojjati

Ebi jan had a good post on facebook

by Anahid Hojjati on

Reading all the comments about Shazde 's two blogs reminds me of what Ebi jan posted on facebook couple days  ago. It said some thing to the effect that sometimes people believe their own lies.  Discussing this issue on these threads does not seem to do any good since issue is treated only as some kind of freedom of speech and respecting the author.

Hoshang Targol

شازده از فرنگ

Hoshang Targol

شازده از فرنگ برگشته

شازده جون ما حد اقل از زمان " جعفر خان از فرنگ برگشته " با این نوع
روشنفکران  دمدمی مزاج  که خواستی  مطرح کنی روبرو بوده یم ، شاید بهرام
صادقی  شخصیت  پردازی این " تیپ" را به اوج خود رساند ( روح خوشبخت
هروینیش  الان میگه : جای تیپ تو پادگانه!). به نظر بی نظر این حقیر
"رفقای" شما مقداری فسیلی و ۳۰ سال قدیمی اند. طنز "چولو کباب تاج " تا
حدودی معرفی کننده ابتذال "روشنفکران چاپ " قبل از انقلاب میتواند باشد،
ولی در پرداختن به قهقرای روشنفکری پس از انقلاب بسیار ضعیف و پرت است.
نکته در مورد مسلهء  شهید پروری کاملا درست است، در عین حال عدم احاطه به ،
ناشنایی با ، تحریف و تحقیر فرهنگ اصیل چپ مستقل نیز به نوبه خود مشکلی به
بزرگی شهید پروری و احیانا عظیم تر است. یه نگاهکی به گرامشی و مبحس
روشنفکر ارگانیک ، انداموار ،  هم چندان ضرر ندارد . منتظر متن بعدی ،
"شهیدتم" *

* اگر گفتی بخش اعظم نام خانواگی " شهیدی" از کجا میاد ؟


دست مریزاد، عالی بود


ولی شازده جان، راستی راستی, میخواهی با ملتی که این همه جنایتی که بیخ گوششون انجام میشه رو ول کردند، میرن برای ۷۲ نفری که صد ها سال پیش بدست خودیاشون کشته شدند، گریه زاری، قمه زنی و گل بازی میکنند، بیشتر از خایه مال استدلال کنی؟

بی حرمتی نشه! من هم خودم جزو همین دسته شهید پرور، شهید دوستما!!

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Victimhood is perhaps a more appropriate metaphor. Not all those who encourage martyrdom end up dead. Many stay behind to mourn "their" martyrs and claim victimhood for themselves as well.I hadn't read this fine play until now. It was as hilarious as depressingly realistic.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

SAM: The reverberation your article

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

has caused (i.e., Kak Too Tumban) in the community of the "Rofagha" is 10+ in Richter scale! It's much stronger than when Kayhan in 1977-78 printed that Ayatollah Khomeini was a "Hendi-Zadeh" !?

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Dear Ebi and Mehrban: many thanks to you

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Ebi jaan: come on! Stop pulling my leg!

Mehrban dear: thanks for noticing and pointing out that important angle.


Culture of martyrdom

by Mehrban on

One of the most destructive elements of our overall culture.  Thanks for mentioning it.  

ebi amirhosseini

Shazdeh Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

2 zaarie mane bisavaad taazeh oftad!!

As Solo said:

"You nailed it Shazde jaan. You da man!"


Ebi aka Haaji

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Thanks good friends; Solo and Angel

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Dear Solo: your positive appraisal means the world to me, coming from a most talented writer. I realize that you seldom comment, and that makes it even more valuable.

Dear Angel: I have a similar level of difficulty following some of your pieces, but that could be a generational-gap issue on my part!

Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

I tried to read the play in Persian, but I got stuck. i'm just too slow. And there was too much food involved and not a single Red strawberry!*

'Can't wait for the subplot with the haute bourgoisie, aristos and all the wanna-bes in between.

'Wish I could write as funny as you do! Simply sharp and funny! These characters sound absolutely hilarious! I can vividly see their "costumes", mannerisms etc. ....

"The shorter the life, the longer the death."

*I could have sworn those pomegranates were really Pommies

Flying Solo


by Flying Solo on


Shazde Jaan,

Your play was brilliantly poignant and funny and without the explanation that you afforded the readers, it was totally understandable. 

Sibiloo and Maatiki. Was there ever a more ingenius portrayal of petit-bourgois (trop petit) wrapped around faux-intellectualism (tres gros)? :)

You nailed it Shazde jaan. You da man!



by Souri on

When you write a half page play for which you need to write a triple length explanation, this means you failed!

Your article was not interesting.

If it was not for JJ's mistake, I'd never come to that blog and read what you wrote there, as I know you and your style and honestly it leaves me completely indifferent what you think about the whole matter of socialism and its sympatizers. You have said it so many times in so many occasion and so many different blogs that honestly it bores me to read it over and over again.

So please, leave me out of your list of readers for that blog. I came there only by accident.

The rest belongs to the "no comment" file.