Human rights during shah days

Human rights during shah days
by Siavash300

Despite of what mullah's propaganda machine of human right violation during shah days were said, we were surprised to see the other way around. During 1976, following Jimmy Carter's human right in Iran, we witnessed the freedom of publications which were banned for many years such as Godfly, Mother from Maxim Gorcky, etc. So many literatures were permitted to be published because of Jimmy Carter critical view of shah for more freedom in Iran. Human right organization was monitoring those activities afterward.  In 1979, during days of revolution, the Evin prison was opened to the public for few days and we were able to visit all cells and restricted areas. People were looking to find the fearful areas and some horoble sections that mullahs were claiming about shah,but we were surprised to find those area never existed and Evin prison met the international standards according to human right. We found out all mullahs claims were hoax and deception. Stinky mullahs were able to use lies, false accusation and propaganda against shah in order to obtain power. Since they came to power they were using U.S and Israel as a escape goat to cover their crimes. What a guilable nation we have. Some of our country men and women are still were under spell of mullahs. They still repeat whatever mullahs claim to justify their crimes against humanity.


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by Rostam on

"Do you get my points?"

Yes I do, and they are all false. You are comparing the IRI with the Pahlavis. This is your problem. 30 years after the fall of the pahlavis, we are still learning that the human rights violations back then were far too exaggerated. Or are you one of those people who still believes that the shah killed 600,000 people? 10,000 killed in Jaleh square? 300,000 political prisoners? Cinema rex burnt by Savak? Well, yes or no?

In contrast, 30 years after the IRI, we will still be digging fresh new graves of the victims that we weren't even aware of.

Fact: The shah didn't have a fraction of the propaganda machine which the IRI has, which is protecting the IRI and hiding most of its crimes under the rugs.

You wrote: "May we all try to clean our hardwares from SHAH virus as well as MULLA Virus."

And who the hell are you to decide what is a virus and what is not? The mollah virus brought death and destruction to Iran. It makes everyone want to flee Iran. The shah virus at least brought unprecedented prosperity, peace and respect to Iran. It made everyone want to go back to Iran.

You see the difference between this anti-monarchist (yours truly, Rostam) and you is that I dislike the monarchy system and the Shah based on reasons and facts and principles. You on the other hand, "hate" the shah based on... well based on just "hate" and what was fed to you in your home by mommy and daddy.

Unlike you, I am not dominated by pure hysterical hate, and so I can "see" both the goods and the bads of the pahlavis and still decide for myself that I stand against both the monarchy as a system and the pahlavis as the monarchs without having to deny the good deeds the pahlavis had done.

You on the other hand, see things in black and white. Your "manic hate" of the pahlavis does not give you the ability to see any good deeds they might have done. You are blind.

And so are many monarchists who blindly hate Mossadegh and vice versa. Even our hatred of the mollahs should not be blindly.

And THAT blindness, the one you carry and even show off IS actually the virus that we must eradicate.

Now, do YOU get the point?

Soosan Khanoom

Extra Extra

by Soosan Khanoom on

WOW ........... Is that true ?  

Rostam ,

What if everything we hear about IRI is just all Bull shits too and then we have someone blog about it like 30 years from now .......  and ask us how did you guys even come up with these accusations?  

Are you telling me IRI did Torture / Jail  ..who IRI ....oh no could it be ? 

I ,also, know many ones from left to religious people who had their share of  prison and torture at the time of shah ...... Yes it is quite a wide range of people because Savak indiscriminately put any opponents in the jail ....... that revolution was a union between a wide range of suffered people ... many factors were involved that brought us all up to this mess as we come to know as IRI but this shall pass too ......

I hope for better future but if we by any chance get a group worse than IRI in power in the future that by no means should even suggest that we later come and blog in support of iRI ........

do you get my points?

well why do I even bother ?....... 

May we all try to clean our hardwares from SHAH virus as well as MULLA Virus ........ and instal some strong antivirus software so it won't be invaded by Omaba or Bush Viruses as well  : ) 



by Rostam on

You wrote: "I personally know quite a number of individuals from the pursuations of the left, national front, religious and others who suffered terrible crimes under the Shah."

Wow! From the left, from the national front, from religious AND from other factions too! Golly, you knew so so so many people from so so so many different political views! You must have been quite a fellow back then! By grace of god, that's either amazing, or..., well, just some bullshit that you are making up.

By the way, may I also "know quite a number of individuals from the pursuations of the left, national front, religious and others who NONE of them ever suffered any terrible crimes under the shah?"

Well? May I? May I? Please? Please?

You get the idea? gorboonet beram, hamin araajif bood ke rid too oon mamlekat. baba joone madaretoon bas konid digeh. ye chize jadid begid, ye chizi ke haghighat daareh begid.

The shah had quite a large number of flaws. But can you name a few that does not have the "made by mollah" brand written on them?


Mashti, did you mean the revisionism comitted in 1978?

by Rostam on

اقای مشتی‌، دست از سر کچل ما بردار، خدا روزی تورو یه جای دیگه بده.

نزدیک‌های انقلاب طرفهای دی‌ ۱۳۵۷، یک روز داشتم میرفتم نون بگیرم دیدیم آمبولانس آمده درب منزل همسایه‌مون. رفتم جلو پرسیدم چی‌ شده، گفتن آقا از پلهٔ حیاط افتاده زمین پاش شکسته دارن میبرنش بیمارستان.

اتفاقاً یکی‌ از مخالفین فعال ضد رژیم شاه بود. دعاش کردم که زود بهبودی پیدا کنه و برگرده منزل.

داستان رو کوتاه کنم، درست تو ماه اردیبهشت بعد از انقلاب بود... داشتم صفحات روزنامهٔ اطلاعات رو ورق میزدم، یک هو عکس همسایه‌مون رو تو روزنامه دیدم! یک ستون کوتاهی بود در مورد به زندان اوین افتادن اقای همسایه! خوب طبیعتا جلب نظرم رو کرد و شروع کردم به خوندن مقاله. نوشته بود که در دی‌ ماه ۵۷ مامورین ساواک ریختن خونهٔ این آقا و برای بازجویی بردنش به اوین. انقدر بندهٔ خدا رو شکنجه دادن و انقدر با باتوم به پاش کوفتن که پاش شکست و لنگ شد!

در اوایل انقلاب از این جور قهرمانها زیاد بودن.

یکی‌ دیگه از برو بچه‌های دانشگاه هم بود به اسم ناصر، از این اسلامیها بود و تقریبا هر روز می‌دیدمش. ولی‌ این یکی‌ رو من با چشم خودم دیدم که مامورین ساواک جلوی در دانشگاه گرفتنش و با خودشون بردنش. یه روز بعد سر و مرو گنده برگشته بود دانشگاه با نیش‌های باز انگاری که نه انگار. ازش پرسیدیم که فلانی‌ چیکارت کردن؟ گفت تهدیدم کردن و تا دلت بخواد سیلی‌ تو گوشم زدن.

این آقا رو ما هر روز می‌دیدیم تا اینکه انقلاب شد و ناصر غیب شد. بعدها کاشف به عمل اومد که پاسدار شده. باز هم داستان رو کوتاه کنم. بعد از انقلاب ما رفتیم به فرانسه. یه روزی توی یک کتابفروشی کتابی دیدم از جنایات شاه. شروع کردم به خوندن بعضی‌ از صفحه‌هاش. عکس ناصر رو دیدم... دیدم که نیمه برهنه دراز کشیده بود روی یک تخت چوبی تا از آثار شکنجه بر اثر کتک با کابل برقی ازش عکس گرفته بشه تا سندی باشه از جنایات شاه. از حدود ۲۰ نفر دیگه هم عکس گرفته بودن.

گفتم اه‌! این همون ناصره؟ دیدم آره خود نامردشه! زیر عکس اسمش هم بود! اشکال کار این بود که ما این ناصر رو میشناختیم و به جز همون یک بار که گفتم تو زندون نیفتاده بود. دو تا فحش نثار ناصر و دو تا فحش هم نثار فرانسویهای مادر به فلان کردم...

خلاصه این جور بود که تا سال ۵۶ چندان صحبتی‌ از شکنجه نبود ولی‌ یه هو از اون موقع به بعد ساواک شروع کرد به شکنجه دادن مردم و اون هم چه شکنجه‌هایی‌، با عکس و تفسیر!

تو اون زمانهای قبل از انقلاب ما چقدر خر بودیم.




by 11mashty on

WOW, historical revisionism at its best.   Yes, some people follow the mullahs like sheep, no question about it.  Many followed the Shah like sheep; they were just dressed better.  Yes, there are unimaginable crimes being committed by this regime and these crimes are far worse than anything in Iran's modern history.  But let's not cover things up for the previous regime either.  Shah did indeed imprisoned innocent people, tortured them and even killed.....though certainly far fewer than the current regime.  Let's not revise hsitory and be honest about everyone; I personally know quite a number of individuals from the pursuations of the left, national front, religious and others who suffered terrible crimes under the Shah.


bravo siavash

by moniri on

it suppose to have under ground tunnel from evin to sadabad palace,thats what mullah claiming and people believed them,like sheeps,,,,,,,,,,,,,watch this please.




by afshinazad on

The first witness is Karobi and his bodies in prison today, which they have mentioned several times in shah time human rights were respected. Karobi said before 1979 prisoners never been treated as they are treated today and even mention that they were armed and when they catptured never been treated like now.truth is walking slow because British and others and clerics brain washed the people with their lies. 


Dear Siavash, nothing personal, but...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

From a historical perspective, shah facilitated (I personally believe unknowingly..), the establishment of this fascist entity we know today as the islamist republic. He did so by brutal suppression of all secular forces critical of his policies, from right to left, whilst giving the islamists a virtual free field to spread their ideology of hatred and reaction and build the record number of mosques in Iran.

 This is how the entire pahlavi dynasty will be rememberd  by  future generations of Iranians to come. Any Murders and tortures committed by SAVAK has already become just a matter of debate....

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Maryam Hojjat


by Maryam Hojjat on

your comment is very accurate about gullibility of Iranians in particular.



by Rostam on

hala maslan mikhaay begi ke shah chi bood?

The shah was like a sheep! 

Lies were (and still are) the single most powerful weapon of mollahs and their ex-associates the mojahedin and their likes.

In the years preceeding the 1979 revolution, I heard from many people about Evin and torture. I now ask myself how come none of those people were tortured themselves? How come it was always "someone else" who was tortured in prison? Who were these "someone elses"?

The thing is that for the most part, these "someone elses" didn't even exist.

And that's the power of propaganda!

Something that the mollahs are good at, better than Goebel and Hitler and better than Lenin and Stalin. Mollahs are masters of lies and master of spreading them as well.

In his distributed cassettes, Khomeini used to say that Mohamad Reza Shah killed more than 600,000 people. And people actually believed it.

Still, the shah was one huge retard when it came to fighting these lies. One huge big retard. He was a sheep against the wolves.

Your blog is 32 years too late.