Portrait bust of Neda dedicated to San Fransisco

Portrait bust of Neda dedicated to San Fransisco
by siminkhanum

Master sculptor, Paula Slater, was shocked by graphic video of the shooting death of Neda, a lovely young Iranian woman. The brutal death recorded on a cell phone video in Iran was played on news stations around the world and widely circulated on the internet. Neda was shot in the heart by a suspected Iranian government sniper while she was on her way to an election protest. When Ms. Slater learned the Iranian government had banned Neda's family from holding a memorial service, she set to work sculpting a life size portrait to memorialize Neda. The sculptor says her schedule was packed with commissions to complete, but she was so saddened by the tragic events in Iran that she needed to turn the pain she felt into art before she could proceed with her other sculpting projects.


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Looks very good. 

by Anonymouse on

Looks very good.  She should be remembered.  It is so difficult to raise a child in Iran.  Especially a girl and then a young woman.  So difficult.  My heart goes out to her family. 

Everything is sacred.



by capt_ayhab on

Freedom Angel for all the oppressed people around the globe.