Advice to Palestinians


by TheMrs

I find it very difficult to look at the recent events in Gaza and the air bombing beforehand in Lebanon and remain open minded about the politics of Israel. The number of victims alone in the occupied territories is enough for me to judge Israel as a powerful predator.

However, I believe Palestinians need a wake up call. They need to start thinking out of the box! Otherwise, they won't survive. They'll eventually join the infinite groups of lost tribes and obliterated cultures.

Let's look at it this way. I think most people would agree Iran cannot go to war with sovereign nations or cultural groups on the pretext it owned their land 2000 years ago. We lost land by war and thru bad politics. It’s a historical fact. Similarly, I don't care what sacred books say, Israel doesn’t really have any historical claims on the land it has invaded. If we accept this logic, then it should apply to everyone. Even Palestinians. Why should Palestinians be exempt from this historical pattern?

It’s true Palestinian consciousness, history or memory is fresh with what’s been lost because changes to their geography and society is relatively new. Not to long ago, Isael was a non entity. But life is different now. Israel is a reality. And a prosperous one too! It's not going any where. Palestinians need to realize they lost land by war and to superior political strategizing! The land is gone. How long are they going to resist and fight for what is no longer theirs? 1000 years? If so, then perhaps Iran should start claiming some land too! It just doesn't work like that.

I believe Palestinians need to think out of the box! They need a leader like Obama who can mobilize the youth and the war struck masses in a movement to end the violence and forget about what’s been lost. History will move on, so should they.

This leader could unite Gaza and the West Bank. Political and social forces should unite and get the best "peace" deal they can realistically get out of Israel and start to build on whatever is left.

Once “peace” has been achieved (and undoubtedly it will be to Israel’s benefit because the law of the jungle dictates the survival of the fittest), Palestinians can start building their society. This leader would help Palestinians move beyond their religion. Meaning they can remain as Muslim as they wish, however, they can build their country on the rule of law and without excessive religious pressure on civil government.

What would be the point of this acceptance of a defeated position? Well, if they do things right, Palestinians can build a country like the UAE. They can trade with China! Mingle with the USA. They can build an economy and so on. Most importantly, they can build some kind of army devoted to its people (rather than Fatah or Hamas or Koot or Zahreh Mar!).

Who says history can’t turn to favor the Palestinians a 100 years from now when they’ve managed to educate their youth, feed their poor and gain sovereign legitimacy? And as much as I hate it, war is what makes the world go around. Why can’t Palestinians begin to buy Israeli land? Why can’t they attack Israel on some fucked up pretext and start expanding? After all, that’s what history has shown us! I mentioned above, land is won and lost. Palestinians might have a shot as emerging as winners in future conflicts! Even peaceful treaties between interested parties where land is traded for other favors isn’t unheard of. If Palestinians invent some new way of creating clean energy, Israel may be inclined to trade some farm land for cheaper energy prices!

I think that’s the best Palestinians can hope for at this point in time. Their present situation is never going to improve. Even if they have gains, they will be momentary and temporary. This situation cannot continue. There’s no way out of it. Absolutely none.

I personally don’t believe what I’ve described will happen. Because there’s a simple problem that cannot be resolved. It will exist until the end of time. And that’s religious conflicts between the 2 parties.

Unfortunately, 2 cruel Gods decided to plant their centers of worship SHATARAGH on the same piece of real estate. These Gods, who are supposedly related, were such geniuses that they never thought of ways to keep their followers in peace. No 11th commandment about loving your neighbor’s religion was every submitted to Tribal Council. So the violence will continue forever!

Then again, some smart son of a bitch might wake up and realize the business potential that entire region has for a new religion! Who said new prophets can’t emerge? That land has seen hundreds of prophets! What’s one more? Think of of it. A new religion to unite Jews and Muslims and turn Jerusalem into a ghost town. Give peace a chance.


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by Zion on

'srael was created by Winston Churchill and Harry Truman. It was not occupied by Jews. They were told to go there by great powers of post WWII. '

It's amazing how much historical illiteracy can be cramped into just three sentences. I guess that's why the Brits jailed Jews who tried to get into the land of Israel in camps on Cyprus, or why the Jewish militia groups had to fight the British all the way up to the famous UN vote.
Indeed, this is funny and sad at the same time.


Dear Mrs ...... 2 comments for you.

by Babak SD (not verified) on

Thank you for a very well written piece. I just wanted to interject a couple of thoughts/facts/pieces of info:

1) Israel was created by Winston Churchill and Harry Truman. It was not occupied by Jews. They were told to go there by great powers of post WWII. After formation of State of Israel, as it is well known, there were 2 wars during which Israel captured additional land; some sat fair and square and some say only because of the help of the U.S. But remember that many Israelis were killed during these wars. If Iranians, Arabs or anyone else has an issue with Israel, they need to take it up with the U.K. and the U.S. Hating Jews won't get them anywhere.

2) There is a new religion which has already brought Jews and Muslims together. Approximately 30% of Iranian Bahais were from Jewish background and the majority of the rest were Muslims. These folks have lived together in perfect harmony and peace for the past 168 years.


RE: TheMrs Jan 18, 2009 Advice to Palestinians

by Magen30 (not verified) on

I do not pretend to be a Bible scholar but here is my humble attempt to put into a nutshell the ideology of some Christians. Some believe the Bible foretells of an "individual" who will indeed broker peace in the middle east - between the Jewish people & those who want her "off the map". This individual will be considered a political genius because he negotiates the middle east peace treaty - something which many have attempted & have failed. The Bible identifies this individual as "The Antichrist".

However, prior to this peace treaty, another event must first occur. This 'event' described in the Bible is when Christians will be suddenly transformed in the twinkling of the eye, & they suddenly vanish from earth. Some think this is only a spiritual event while others believe it to be a literal event. Many call this event the rapture.

Immediately after this event, the rapture, a 7 year time clock begins & the 7 year period is called The Tribulation. The first 42 months may be tough but The Antichrist accomplishes a lot (negotiating the mid east peace treaty). Everybody will be happy about him accomplishing what so many have attempted & failed. But then the Antichrist reneges on the deal & the 2nd half (42 months) begins & this era is identified as the Great Tribulation & lots of terrible things happen.

An assassination attempt on the Antichrist's life is made & is successful! The Antichrist is given a fatal wound to the head/neck area. He is officially declared dead. This isn't described in the Bible as a near-death experience but rather the Antichrist is officially pronounced dead. D-E-A-D. But, again attempting to imitate Christ, he raises himself from the dead & deceives people into believing he is God & has power over life & death & therefore his decisions should never be questioned. The Antichrist makes life miserable for everyone. Hitler will pale in comparison to the havoc the Antichrist will reek.

Movies often depict the 'mark of the beast' being 666 (also taken from the Bible). Most believe this mark will be probably a computer chip, & it will be located in the palm of the hand or forehead. 666 may be representative of a name or it may actually be a portion of a number like a prefix to one's social security number? There's still much speculation on the exact meaning on 666. The 'chip' will be necessary in order to buy &/or sell anything ... food, property, medication etc. More than likely, the chip will be implanted once a person is old enough to make a choice of their own & request a chip implant. The Antichrist will desire people to chose his implant as opposed to it being an implant given at birth or to be implanted forcefully. Many believe The Antichrist (Satan) will attempt to mirror Christ & thus he will give people 'free will choice' on the subject. But I'm guessing he will make things so awful that the free will choice will be either to die or get the chip? (Not exactly “free will choice”.) In the Bible the Holy Trinity is God The Father, Jesus Christ God's Son & The Holy Spirit. The Un-holy trinity is The Antichrist, The False Prophet & The Beast.

The Bible foretells many people will be killed via beheading during this Great Tribulation. Instead of peace, the Antichrist will show his true colors & be more talented at warfare than peace. War is what he really desires. The Bible states his whole mission is to kill, steal & to destroy. Peace was only a means to put him in power. He will be unstoppable. He so desires to reek havoc & war & destruction.

The Bible foretells the Antichrist will arise from the Revived Roman Empire (aka the EU - which already is in place.) Some speculate the Antichrist may be from both a Jewish & Muslim background so both sides will like him & more likely to buy into his "let's make a deal" scam? Probably people will be so worn down by the years of constant fighting, waring, killing that they will be so anxious for peace that they let their guard down & buy into his deal. There's a lot more to the story but that is my humble interpretation. Needless to say, the Antichrist will be a very bad dude. Deception & killing are his calling cards & he is a master like none other in these two areas. Very very bad dude. I pray for peace to be in Jerusalem & Palestine (& world wide) so the killings would stop. However, being a Christian, I am skeptical of people claiming they have all the answers to how to accomplish peace. I definitely desire peace for Israel & Palestine, between Jews & Muslims & Arabs & Non-Arabs etc, but I think just as in all conflicts, there is always someone who desires to make a profit from the situation & preys on people's desires & vulnerabilities.

Remember, I admitted from the beginning that I am NOT a Bible prophecy expert by any means & this is simply my very feeble attempt to describe some events described in the Bible about the Antichrist who will successfully facilitate a middle east peace treaty. I also realize there are some Christians in the mid east area but, based on numbers, they are not major players in what is happening presently in the middle east as it is primarily Jews & Muslims or Arabs & Non-Arabs. I also realize both the Muslims & Jews probably have their own religious book with their own prophecies. I am not trying to speak for any group of people...... simply giving my 2 cents worth of interpreting Biblical prophecies on the middle east situation. (And no doubt there are many Christians who have a very different interpretation of the end times Bible prophecies.) While I desire & pray for peace in the middle east, I also hate knowing there is always someone looking to take advantage of a situation & to make a profit.


Fatollah, What a generous

by TheMrs on


What a generous attitude. Thanks! I feel all warm and loved. I'll have my wine with my lover, and while I watch TV, I'll remember that a Fatollah out there was very generous with me.

Peace out!


Mehdi Mazloom, All I know

by TheMrs on

Mehdi Mazloom,

All I know is that 2 Gods who are supposedly related have to be really dumb to place their holy lands SHATARAGH on the same peice of real estate without having any commandments on how their waring tribes should deal with the sacred soil.


Dear Ajam, All you said is

by TheMrs on

Dear Ajam, All you said is true. If Israelis were fair and honest there would be no conflict. If they abided by the rules there would be no conflict.

But hypothetically. If Pals had an army, they could have their soldiers at the checkpoints while AbuAli moved from Jordan to Gaza to work as a teacher. The issue is how to get to that point and how small the land would be. What I mean by thinking out of the box is that no matter what shitty deal they get, in the long run it might be beneficial to Pal to be able to just have some time to build their society.



Good points

by Zion on

I don't agree with your depiction of Israel and her politics (obviously), but your suggestions to palestinians are sound and worthwhile. These are actually the things Israelis and Jews have been asking the arabs of palestine and trying to make them see. Unfortunately the death cult ideology has proven to be too dominating and rigid to shake until now. We can only hope it will ultimately crumble down and give way to reason.


Tne box

by Ajam (not verified) on

Dear Mrs, with all due respect IMHO, it's easier to think out of the box sitting in one's living room, overlooking the harbor, than when crammed with 1,499,999 others in a 125 square mile parcel of land through whose border there is no way in or out!
It's not easy to think outside the box when your olive groves are razed to the ground to make room for Jewish settlements so Lenny and his family from Brooklyn could emigrate to your land and settle there along with checkpoints and IDF soldiers who in some instances outnumber the settlers! While encroaching Jewish-only roads run through your land and make freedom of movement within your own property mission impossible!

Do you know anything about the ongoing illegal settlements? Do you know that for decades Israel has been building settlements in the occupied territories, while negotiating, right now as we speak, and it has never stopped and never will?! There is no land left for Palestinians to build a country on! Even if Israel stops the settlement building right now, what is left of the West Bank territory would look more like Swiss cheese than land, with no way of interconnecting the remaining enclaves. And if you think that Israel is going to evacuate the 350,000 strong settlers as per its commitment toward the peace treaty, think again! Indeed, it would be much easier for Israel to try to eradicate the Palestinians than
to dismantle the illegal settlements.

As your suggestion with regard to Palestinians' purchase of land in Israel, it's not even possible for Arab-Israelis to purchase land, let alone Palestinians! And regarding your critique of the Palestinian leaders, I don't think if someone like Obama could stand a chance f survival in the refugee camps without having to take up arms and learning to fight. People who re on the way to, as you put it aptly , "...eventually join the infinite groups of lost tribes...", have nothing but resistance going for them!


Lovely piece, thanks TheMrs.

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Lovely piece, thanks TheMrs.


Never stop the resistance

by Bedros (not verified) on

Mr Mazloom writes:

"That was during a period when they [the Europeans] were under the yoke of the Vatican and the pope. They were backward, filthy and primitives. That all changed when they decided to separate church and state."

The jews in israel have hardly followed that suggestion. They've done quite the opposite in fact. The israeli regime exists as an extension of the state religion of judaism.

If many Arabs want to submit themselves to zionist rule by intimidation then that is a choice they are free to make. De facto, israel does call the tune in much of the Arab world. The Gazans, to their credit chose not to accept their prison camp conditions, a blockade of food, medical supplies and other items necessary for life as well as the endless daily humiliations at the hands of the israelis.

I expect that the Persians have more dignity than to accept what much of the Arab world accepts vis-à-vis israel. Iran possesses more resources than israel does, most especially the strength, spirit and knowledge of its people, not to mention its mineral and agricultural wealth. I do not expect the Republic of Iran to be threatened and intimidated and told what to do either quietly or loudly by the zionist regime as most Arab states are. I forget: Who was it exactly that appointed israel as master of the region for all time, a position never to be challenged? Oh that's right, it was the zionists themselves.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

$$$$$$$$$ this conflict is worth too much

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Not all Arab states are religious nuts. Jordan is a good example. But they don't really want to bail out the Palestinians anymore than they have it seems. They just want to keep their king strong and tyrannical as much as possible.

Ok. Jordan and Saudi and the rest have a tough enough time trying to get America to squash Iran, I don't think they want a Palestine. All those smart Palestinians.... they will be a force to reckon with. Easier to just have them be under dogs.

Also, $$$$ wise, the Palestinians have leaders who favor war. Most of their leaders are DEFINED by war. Israel is a state defined by war. THis is going to keep going and going and going until there's $$$$ to support this conflict. Peace wouldn't be a good option for either.

Oh and THE MRS Jan, if they did find someone who mobilized their youth on the basis of non-religious/fanatic reasons, I'm sure that guy would have to live in a bubble and have 500 bodyguards. This conflict is worth a lot of $$$$$$$$$ to MANY people on BOTH sides. 

Mehdi Mazloom


by Mehdi Mazloom on

You had raised a very poignant and important issue. pointing out that RELIGIOUS dogma as the main source of pals problem, as one way to get their feet out of the economical, political mud.

One would think that 950 years of continued failure, following the same hopeless path, would teach not only the Pals by many other Arab & Islamic states, and prode their leaders to change course for the better.

Can you imagine for a moment that, there was no oil in the ME. Arabs & Muslims would have to actually roll up their sleeves and produce good and services for themselves. The way things are, this region would have been worse then Africa.

It is not only the Pals, but it is true for rest of the Arab states. They must follow the footstep of other major religions. SEPARATE THE MESSENGER FROM HIS MESSAGE. Separate Muhammad from his message. That crap that, Muhammad is more important, and should be loves by his followers MORE then they love their family. Or follow his every element of his behavior, deeds, and words, regardless of how morally repugnant it was, is ludicrous, and self defeating at best.

Until, the Islamic world engages with honest and open debate about the essence of religious belief, and the concept of spiritual engagement, As long as their entire lives are surrounded around one man, where two standard of moralities (one for Muhammad and another entirely different to the masses) are enforced on people, we are not going to see any of those accomplishment (for the pal) which you had mentioned.

Please, lets remember that, the European themselves went through the same upheaval during their mid-devil era. That was during a period when they were under the yoke of the Vatican and the pope. They were backward, filthy and primitives.

That all changed when they decided to separate church and state. After which they showed the Pope where his place is - back in the Vatican, and stick only to matters of religion and spirituality. A result of which we see today.

The same stroy more less had repeated itself in Japan, and S. Korea. where cult personaly gave way to pluristic form of societies.