by TheMrs

In my experience, JJ’s generous with his advice, support and encouragement. But he can also be inconsistent and malleable.

On cnn.com everyone gets the same links. No matter how many different ways you log into hotmail, you know the inbox folder will always be there. Yahoo would never remove one of your folders, not tell you, deny they’ve done it or blame it on a programming bug. Can you imagine cnn removing your link to the Entertainment section because you were looking at too many Angelina Jolie pictures?

Our level of trust in Iranian.com matters a lot because if a site wants to be taken seriously, it has to first take itself seriously. It has to commit to some measure of realistic business integrity without stumbling into utopian inertia. It has to build a sense of trust between readers and administrators.

One of the benefits of registration is supposed to be “self publishing”. I’m not a journalist; maybe I don’t understand what that means. But blogging is an option for every registered user on this site. And the only difference between blogs and articles is the former is controlled by the submitting party whereas the latter is controlled by God.

To encourage users to register and then remove the tools designed to differentiate between articles and blogs, especially on a case by case basis and without our knowledge, is false advertising at best, cheating at medium and lying at worse.

Fellow bloggers, if the Edit button on top of your blogs is missing and you were told it is a programming glich, be aware that’s not the case. JJ has been selectively disabling the Edit button on most of my blogs (I didn’t check all). And of course, he never told me. I won't get into details of numerous private exchanges in which JJ could've told me he disabled the link. Instead, he didn't disclose the information. I can only imagine that he didn't want me to know.

By removing the Edit button on a blog, the site basically changes blogs to articles, usually without the knowledge or the consent of the contributor. My sources reveal that I’m not the only one in this predicament. But I have a bigger mouth and have to talk about it.

I believe it’s a very big deal when a contributor is deceived. It destroys the credibility the site has and ruins the relationship between bloggers and readers. After all, if my stuff is tampered with, why should I trust anything else on the site? For example, who knows if the most viewed link is exactly that and not used as a way to advertise for bands or events?

There are no rules any where about the number of times and the manners in which the Edit button can be used. I wasn’t informed of any limitations to the delete feature when I signed the agreement to register!

As for the long term psychological effects that deleted blogs might have on readers, all I have to say is that I survived a revolution, war and immigration. I can assure you that a few deleted comments, which are sanctioned by the laws of this site, won’t destroy our hopes for the future of Iran.

No blogger has ever promised readers to carve their blogs into stone for all eternity. Those who comment do so because they want to participate in discussions. Those who wish to keep their comments till eternity and onward are more than free to take their participation to articles. If I comment on a blog, I know I’m participating in a debate that is controlled by the blogger. If at any time he wishes to end the dialogue, it’s his right. That’s the policy of the site. I respect the contributing party and his judgment, even if his methods differ from mine.

If any of us have a problem with the site’s policy, we are free to contact the administrators. Typically, if the admin decides there’s enough cause to change a policy, he will do so and inform the rest of us about the change. If enough readers have complained about deletions on blogs and if JJ has decided to change the policy, he should announce that. By the way, if any deletions or editing has screwed up the site statistics, I would recommend an upgrade of the technology or hiring a better programmer. Secretly over stepping the regulations of the site isn’t a liberal remedy.

I’m free to start my own site and not complain about Iranian.com right? I’ve said this to other people too. Boogh. Wrong! That’s not a civilized way to deal with dissent, criticism or dissatisfaction. By telling people to go back where they came from? Or to get lost and start something else? I didn’t realize until recently how unfair, undemocratic and juvenile I’ve been every time I’ve suggested that. If you follow that logic, anyone who doesn’t like the way the government, the teacher or the businessman works can go and open their own establishments.

We have a long way to go until we can learn to live within the boundaries of regulations we set for ourselves. If we want to talk about civil liberties, freedom and justice for all Iranians and all that stuff, we cannot afford to disable links quietly and selectively just because we don’t like the way bloggers use the site’s features. JJ has trained me to have thicker skin, too bad he doesn’t seem to be playing by his own rules.

JJ has bailed me out a few times, I appreciate that. He's been generous with his time. If and when JJ decides to return all the features that are supposed to be under my user id back to me, I will be the first one to apologize to him and delete this blog. We can pretend like it never happened. The future of mankind is at stake here man. Until then, sucks to Iranian.com.

“Can I delete my article, blog or comments? Published articles will permanently remain on iranian.com. Blogs can be edited and or deleted by their owners. Comments can be edited by the author until someone replies to them, after which they cannot be altered.” – JJ and his team.


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Marge, dear this is MRS Tired!! not Mr ?!?!

by Tired! (not verified) on

My guess is correct you have unresolved issues with men!?! Otherwise why would you assume I am a man? I am a woman and tired of your loud and rude style .

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Azam - Whoooooo are you? I really wanna know

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You should be more specific about my foul language. If your sensitibilities are so offended, or JJ's or anyones, please share with me the new identity of this site. 

It's easy to attack me. Keep attacking if it makes you feel good BUT i'm not the only one, and I'm not the first. JJ has published "foul" language himself.

If I accused him of anything, sorry. I just mean that there is no consistency here. He never pointed me to a serious policy. I never attacked anyone either, but lots of you have attacked me. I'm also not the only one NOT to post to a first and last name - My name is Terry Shiavo, happy?.

Use me as a punching bag. Enjoy it!

P.S. Maybe JJ should institute a limit on posting so some of you can "stomach" your adventures in the comments sections on this site. Wusses! 


Azam has a good point

by TheMrs on

Azam has a good point people. If trivializing the issue by making it cute (strategy one) is shaky, resort to plan B. Which is always easy ammunition since a lot of people are ready to bring it on and someone eventually comes along like Azam. What is it? Ladies and Gentlemen, strategy b consists of turning the issue into gossip. Instead of addressing the issue of transparency, call the place a hamoom zanooneh. And all important points fly out the window! What do hysterical chicks have to say that counts? right!

Alex Trebek: Do everyone a favor and stay quiet for a while. Then come back as a man. More people will take you seriously.

As for the anonymous email. This is not personal. Read the blog. This is an issue that concerns anyone who blogs and those who read blogs thinking that blogs are blogs.

I think I've pretty much said what I came here to say. My work is done on this matter.

REmember poeple, you want to change the subject? a) trivialize it and make it cute b) make accusations of hammom zanooneh (nothing important is ever said there)


Marge is NOT everywhere

by Anonymous Mnonymous (not verified) on

Check for yourself. I quickly checked some recent Articles and Blogs and verified for myself that Marge in NOT everywhere as falsely claimed by the “Tired” person! And if she, was so what? Is there a policy that says Registered users, or anyone else, is only allowed to participate in a limited number of Blogs and Articles?

To prove this “Tired” person's false claim, I am proving a small sample of many Articles and Blogs that Marge has not visited, or visited but has not posted any comments:

1-Letter to Majid
2-Everyday Realities
3-The Rise of Apocalyptic Islam
4-Yes, We Can Too
5-Angels and Devils and Spoonfuls, Oh My!

1-Harassment at Athens Airport
2-Don’t Bite the Hands that Try to Feed You
3-Shak Hands with the Devil
5-Does anyone remember the Mob Breaker song?


I got an email

by Souri on

dear JJ

I've got an email from a friend of the website !! Obviously they don't consider to speak here, but I find it interesting to let you know how they think about this matter.

disclaimer : This is not from me, please everybody, don't jump on me with your conclusion. This is just a forwarded email to JJ (without the permission of that friend, of course. I hope they won't blame me for that !!)

Here it is :

If not being allowed to edit blogs means that the blogger is a good
writer, does it mean that people who are allowed to edit them are not
as good?  If not being allowed to edit is a "reward" for being a good
writer, does someone have to accept a reward they don't want? If the
problem is that the blogs should not be deleted, why not just keep the
edit function and remove the delete function? And if anyone is selected
for special treatment, why weren't they told before?  If the blogger
was told that this was a glitch, was that a mistake or intentional and
why wasn't this point addressed by publisher here?  Since itwasn't a
glitch, why wasn't the blogger told this before? And finally if
publisher claims this is personal, why was the blog chosen to be
featured for public discussion? Is this fair to anyone at all?


Hate to interrupt, but

by Azam (not verified) on

This is bad! I think this is so pathetic.

Marge, you ARE foul-mouthed. You didn’t just say butt or oral sex. Since you showed up, I see your comments all over the place with a lot worse words than this and frankly I have always been surprised to see the moderators leave your bad language on the site.Oh well, maybe there is a limit of 1000 cuss words before JJ writes a letter! I think it’s pathetic and embarrassing, not to mention illegal that you slandered JJ publicly when he pointed something out to you in private. Your accusations to him are unforgivable. We know who JJ is. But who are YOU? Who pays YOU? You are smarting from the notice and you write accusations, I call that being a loser.

The Mrs., you are good, but you ARE compulsive and JJ has the right to try and control compulsive behavior if it creates havoc on his site.I don't know about buttons, but I think you must be special to him if he answers your letters and puts all your work on his first page.

American Wife, around the elections when there were a lot of blogs and a lot of people were excited, I saw you get into it with a few other users.I saw people say nasty things to you and those comments soon disappeared. Other users said then that the moderators were YOUR friends and you accuse the moderators of being THEIR friends now. Very childish.

Jaleho, you could be so nice!

Khar Joon, stay away from this mess. No amount of advice or redirection will work on this lot.

This has been very sad to read. A female only gripe session. Or was it a pagan female ritual or something? I guess these days people do it on the web.Used to be it was done in hamoom zanooneh.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Dear Mr. Tired, I love you too!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Hopefully, JJ will terminate my account, Mrs.'s account and a bunch of other people you can't stand. Your prayers will be answered shortly.


Alex Trebek Appreciation Committee Head 


JJ please , do something !!!??

by Tired! (not verified) on

about this " I have a crush on ..." person. He or she is everywhere, I am sure this person have been cancelled many times. really loud and not stable. Please ,plEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE, do something before I go crazy!I beg you!


Khar Jan.

by TheMrs on

Check the quote on the bottom of my blog, it’s from the site’s FAQ. Clearly, blogs are to be editable/deletable. There’s nothing there about users deleting each other’s work so I don’t know where you got that idea from.  Don’t exaggerate. Focus buddy, FOCUS.


You are right in stating that the admin can change rules or manage the site as he sees best for the business, publishing and personal needs of his readers. It’s a problem when the admin isn’t forth coming with his decisions.

 Imagine Hotmail removing the attachment capability and not informing you. Then, hotmail  responds to the inquiersies by saying, “darn it, your attachments are so freaking cool, we just felt like disabling it so you wouldn’t forward the pics to anyone else”.

Hotmail might have the right to do that, but what would it say about their policies and how they implement them? Sure, anyone can voluntarily open a hotmail account, but so what?

If you think hotmail should do anything simply as a matter of prerogative then I have news for you pal, you should’ve supported McCain. That’s right wing mentality! Since when did prerogative become a green light to do everything?

JJ can do a lot. But what if he decided to change your avatar every time you logged in? You know, showing different species of khars. Or if he decided to change your blogs to Spanish just cuz it sounds funny? What about if he decided to always remove all comments to your blog and say it was a programming bug? He could do it but would that be ok?

I'm not here to argue with you or change your mind. I said in my blog, I'm not a sycophant. I know JJ is good and I can point the finger when something stinks. You have info about what happens to the edit button and you have JJ's own comment below. You can judge for yourself. Enjoy. 


The issue is transparency of rules and how they are enforced. And none of JJ’s cute comments below addressed the issue of how ambiguious moderation policies, his air of indifference to how rules are applied, and ad hoc/secret decisions might affect the readership of a political site!


Mrs this isn't like a viagra

by The Mr (not verified) on

Mrs this isn't like a viagra case where you can get a rise artificially! JJ isn't fair and he admits it. What part of "his admission" don't you understand?

This isn't about right or wrong or about having "rights". I wish there was a viagra medicine where you could give people and it would shake them up but there isn't.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

There is so much irony in here it is choking me

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

The man who depends on his contributors to make a living is traveling the west side, while running a site that is meant to protect and nurture Iranian voices, couldn't care less.

He ran away from IRI, but he's acting like them. He tells us nothing is sacred, but there is an invisible asterix by that word sacred - which JJ shrugs as "oh i just came up with it one day so I don't know if it really has some meaning or not". He threatened to close my account, when I didn't even attack anyone. I used bad words like oral sex and butt, and that was grounds for getting my membership knocked. I wonder if American Wife got a similar e-mail. Also, did you see he featured a blog with the word FAG or faggot, can't remember which. 

So much irony. The Mrs. I suggest you settle on this about iranian.com: you will never get a straight answer, you will never see consistency. Have you seen the old site letters section? FULL OF CUSS WORDS. Suddenly, we can't say anything. I hate conspiracies, but my instincts say that he is getting told from someone to clean up the site and make it more dissidenty and "clean".

Otherwise, the site is just having an identity crisis which I hope is temporary. The drama and the fighting is the most important part. To quote Donald Rumsfeld, "freedom isn't tidy". 


With all due respect AW...

by Khar on

And I do respect your opinions on issues, but as I said I don’t speak for anyone. Jahanshah can defend himself better than anyone can especially yours truly. But just stop for a sec and read what you just wrote to me; "There is WAAAAAAAAY too much of people speaking for someone else when their comments are not solicited or appreciated". You are doing exactly what you are accusing him of doing, aren’t you?! "shutting down descent".

PS. Read my other notes on this blog, sorry I got to get ready for work.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

JJ Doctrine Part 2 - Divide and Conquer!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

This usually works with any group of Iranians. Churchill knew that.

As you can see, we're all fighting here and JJ is laughing. He is making money while we sit and type and type. The sad thing is, the more controversial people are who draw traffic. That's not to say some of the poetry isn't great. But look how he is snickering at The Mrs. about her complaint.

So sad! American Wife is right. He created a site and he asks us to participate. Also, Khar, if vacations and travelling = solution to the problem, please explain why JJ is being so ______ retentive.


An Observation,

by Jaleho on

The rules of deletion in this site is not very clear and mechanically followed, so it makes one frustrated when you feel singled out.

Might this help your frustration The Mrs:

See, I usually type what comes to my mind quickly, submit it to see it in the exact form, then take a look if I want to correct or edit it.  It is just easier than reading the small window.

I wrote my first sleepy blog just like that, with many many wrods dropped, items dropped, careless as I knew I would reorganize my thoughts during the edit process as I re-read to correct and complete it, but ...no edit button! So, I just had to make a comment to correct items that made it completely unclear for the reader, and left the rest.  Someone mentioned that it IS a technical problem that the edit button disappears when you have links in your blog. So, I did not feel singled out and thus frustrated, just made some vital corrections in a comment. Still it feels awkward in particular if one is a serious writer, or cares what records remains of them. Considering that these are pretty much "chat" in nature than a scholarly project, I think one can take it lighter.

Secondly, sometimes there are so many people commenting on a blog that deletion of an entire blog might make people who made comments on the blog furious. They don't appreciate all their writings disappear because someone changed their mind. Some people don't take themselves seriously enough to write articles for permanence, but they don't want their opinions written as comments or blogs just disappeared without their knowledge. I certainly get angry when my comments are deleted without my knowledge.

There should be a decision to comprise different people's desires, made as rules, and the rules should be clearly stated and followed to make all happy I guess.

American Wife

Khar..... dooste man, listen

by American Wife on

Everything you are saying is correct.  This site is controlled by JJ.  But is it really HIS?  Did he not create this site for US?  There is WAAAAAAAAY too much of people speaking for someone else when their comments are not solicited or appreciated.  All anyone is asking is that JJ address this specifically.  There are serious issues of certain moderators overstepping their boundaries.  Since when did language become an issue... remember Haji?  Not that I'm suggesting that people be able to spit out the "s" or 'f" word indiscriminately but for heaven's sake.  This IS an adult site as Marge has pointed out numerous times.  And is the language more offensive than the ideology that is shown right and left?  I'm sure any reasonable adult would say NO.  Articles on sex... nude pictures... references and subtle descriptions of sex lives.  Come on!  What is going on here is pure and simple.  You have a small group of people who are deciding for all of us what is proper or not.  How many vile accusations have stood while the occasional cuss word has been deleted.  This is not censorship.  This is dictatorship.

Now.  I personally think (my interpretation of their exchange) is that JJ is being facetious.  I think that he and TheMrs. have got a rather private discussion going on in a public forum.  TheMrs. is and has always been a consistent and valuable member of IC.  That doesn't mean you're going to like what she says all the time. But she brings valid points and she does it very skillfully.  Would you rather see an article by her which prompts some viseral response and lively exchange?  Or the constant and disgusting accusations and name callings.  

You yourself are an example!  Some people don't like you... so what!  You're entertaining and clever.  But do you like to feel that hot breath of censorship standing guard over your every word?  Of course not! 

I think JJ himself does a tremendous job.  After meeting him, I've even more respect for him.  He's in transition right now and I'm sure the stress is unbearable.  What I DO object to is the overbearing attitude of the moderators.  They appear to be accountable to no one except themselves at the moment.

No one is going anywhere.  This is "home" to many people.  But it would certainly be alot more fun if there could be some consistency.  Moderators obviously have their little favorites and it's more than obvious. 


JJ- Please!

by Sick of the Person Who Has a Crush on Mr. Trebek (not verified) on

This Crush on Alex Trebek person is just driving us crazy here. This person wins the most annoying Iranian.comer of the year award. Please stop this madness. Please! I don't care about this issue with the Mrs. because Crush on Trebek has destroyed the dialog with all these nonsensical posts (which are all over the place here if you have not noticed yet). Stop this madness!


Dear Souri I'm not speaking for anyone...

by Khar on

I've tried not to be a self absorbed and an assuming person. I've never met you so I can’t say I don’t like you and for the record I've never said that I don’t like you. Perhaps I don’t like some of the characters you hang around with on this site, for sure.

...Back to the subject, all I'm pointing to here is when Jahanshah says:

 "I won't allow YOU specifically from deleting your blogs. You're a very good writer and people leave lots of comments for you. I ain't gonna get rid of them -- ever! Complain all you want"


"Amir Jan, I am a dictator as far as preserving good content, no matter what"

As the owner of this site and it's administrator that's his right & prerogative to do so!  


When did you ever heard that

by Abbass Taheri (not verified) on

Iranians keep their word on obeying the rules? They get bent and broken whenever they want for no reason. That is how our culture operates and no one is exempt either.



by Souri on

I know, we don't like each other and have a very bad history together ! But please don't get offended by my words here, if I say that you can't speak for JJ. Please don't get me wrong, I do agree that you have a right to give your own opinion, but it is just inadmissible to get your words about the administration of the site, for granted.

Personally, I don't think JJ, would ever treat us like this. He always share all his decision (even the personal ones sometimes) with us.

Actually, I would rather to hear him saying his own words. Hope you don't take it bad.


Congratulations Dear Mrs...

by Khar on

You just now figured out that I'm a Khar? Well, you could just look at my Avatar dear. Anywho, legally you have as much right to delete your stuff as I have to delete yours. I’m not a lawyer but let me ask you this dear; do you own this site and if the answer is no you adhered to the rules of the site set by the site administrator when you singed up which BTW can change the rules without any notice at any time. This site is private bulletin board, if you will, which the owner has final say on the content and that is from the legal point of view.

Btw, I'm not a koreh Khar,  You didn't have to post the same thing twice!


JJ jan

by Souri on

It's not that I am too curious dear, but I don't want my dear TheMrs feel left alone in her battle for her " right".

You said this is a personal thing between the two of you. But TheMrs just doesn't seem to agree and she wants a public answer.

Wouldn't it be nice to reply to her, and give the real reason why you don't let her have a hand on her own blog...so we can all go to the bed and sleep  peacefully ?:D)



We have had enough of her many characters!

by Tired (not verified) on

I am all for JJ's decision. He should extend this to all of her different names on this site.


Khar jan, khodemunim,

by TheMrs on

Khar jan, khodemunim, vaghean ke khari. You said it, not me! :) If you don't care, then you really don't care about the site. All this BS about right and privilege and submitting voluntarily is masking the real problem here. By the agreement I clicked on when I became a registered user, it is MY RIGHT to delete. JJ has no right to removing links.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Khar is always right

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Khar! I remembered my favorite Ronald Reagan quote for you.

"Some people say that millions are going hungry in America. That they go to bed hungry each night. That's true. They are on diets".

I like Reagan now that he's uh, not with us, but that is really something huh? 


To Be or not to Be...

by Khar on

WHO CARES, REALLY! When you publish here you do it voluntarily and that’s the bottom line! It’s a privilege not a right to blog on this site and the “democracy” rules may not apply, seriously! look at it this way; you have a right to use the restroom but if you are a male you cant just walk in the woman’s restroom and vise versa. I hope you get the meaning!  BTW, I have noticed more of you ladies threatening to leave the nest (I call it Tavileh) than Gentlemen do, and that is a VERY INTERESTING fact which I can’t figure out! Anywho, you know what? All of you including yours truly taking (y)ourselves way too seriously, chill-out, relax. I suggest you all take a trip away from your LCD displays once in awhile and perhaps do something like what the "Dictator" is doing, traveling and breathing fresh air. Do that it’s good for the soul!!!!!

by the way here's a bit of music to change the mood, pump up the volume....

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

The JJ Doctrine

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Deny deny deny. Sex tapes are OK, which we have seen posted here. Here's why I think he doesn't value us as much as he used to: i really think he is getting iran democracy funding. Posting anti-IRI stuff is ok, but other profanities - sex tapes of regular folks is NOT ok. Hell we can't even say BJ. 

I really think something is weird here, and I don't think we'll ever get a real answer judging by his use of emoticons and awful response to The Mrs. That as really cheap. But of course, it's his site so he can be as much of a _____ as he likes.

I still like the users here. I think many of us were kinda deceived. It won't be the first time an Iranian was inconsistent. I guess we should be lucky we're allowed to post these criticisms! Whacha gonna do? We can't really do anything except not use this site. 

But let's be honest. It's like crack. not the kind under your pants!



Honey, do I look fat in this dress?

by TheMrs on

JJ, you just admitted to manipulating the site, intentionally and secretly. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. And your compliments aren't going to do the trick. So your user agreement means nothing to you. There's nothing personal here. JJ is trivializing the issue and making it cute and googooli.  It's a nice strategy to be complimentary and dismissive. Very effective, especially in dealing with chicks.

As far as profanity goes, here's an exert of the interview I had with Bernard Pivot:

BP: What is your favorite curse word

TheMrs: I have to pick just one?

BP: Yes

TheMrs: That's cruel.

BP: Well

TheMrs: Any combination of the word fuck.

BP: Oh yeah!

TheMrs: Totally dude.


TheMrs: You are the greatest

by An Old Fan (not verified) on

I agree with every word you said about the "Edit Button". I also believe that what JJ is doing is wrong when all along, at the height of registration campaign, they were encouraging people to register and saying one of the benefits of registering was that bloggers could edit and delete their submissions, as you have provided a copy of the official policy at the end of your blog. The missing "Edit Button", I have come to believe, has never been a programming glitch, as you correctly found out for yourself. The missing button also happened to me on one of my blogs, which I will not mention the name of it here because I intend to remain anonymous based on the existing duality of being ‘Registered’ or ‘Unregistered‘. But, what happened was that I once I submitted a blog, not an 'Article', but soon I found out that I could not delete it when some people were posting too much private information on that blog. It was acting as an 'Article' that could not be deleted by me, and back then there was not much moderation either. I eventually had to contact him via email to delete the blog.

I am also aware of another blogger, via hearsay, that had the same type of problems with the "Edit Button" several times. JJ and the blogger had a lot of problems and it was JJ's way of maintaining control over the situation, I have come to believe. This blogger hardly ever submitted any "Articles" because of lack of patience to wait several days to find out if he would approve them for publication or not, so the blogger would submit writings as "Blogs", but JJ controlled the "Edit Button" on some of them.

So, I think it is a big deal when a contributor is deceived. If your readers don't like you deleting your blogs it is their own problem or the policy, not you. You never promised anyone that you would keep your blogs for them forever. This is one of the first things that I learned about your blogs when you were posting your poems in the beginning, which you would delete later, but some times later I learned that one of your poems you could not delete anymore because JJ had decided to keep it permanently. If people are upset about your blogs being deleted by you, they should complain about the policy of the website, not about you. You are only following the written rules, and you choose to post and delete your blogs because it fits your needs as a writer, and if some people don't like it all they have to do is to copy and save your writings in their computer, and any comments posted if they want them also, before it gets deleted by you.

I agree with you that you are within your rights to be upset about this.


Did you say

by Iva (not verified) on

anything that could constitute,even remotely, as an isult to the founder of evil regime in Iran? I have learned JJ doesn't like to see actual name of Hendi-zadeh and bad words in a same sentence ... must be something that he learned during his Pasdari days!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

BTW Mr. JJ Jan. Here is your profanity!!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Profanity is a word that means ATTACKING THE SACRED. Look it up in any dictionary mr. JJ. 

Your motto has always been Nothing is sacred. Now I feel like you're a hypocrite and a half.

profanity |prəˈfanətē; prō-|noun ( pl. -ties)blasphemous or obscene language: an outburst of profanity.• a swear word; an oath.• irreligious or irreverent behavior.