Mass Distribution of How I Should Feel


by TheMrs

We’re very lucky to be alive now, in 2008, instead of say 1022.

Today, we have Oprah and Dr. Phil at our disposal. They tell us how to think, behave, diet, breed not to mention vote. If you’re too busy and pre occupied with life’s adventures, you might not even realize you’re taking advice from these people.

As if these 2 aren’t enough, we have many esteemed judges. Judge Judy or Judge Matis and all of their colleagues. They hand out judicial decisions in a matter of minutes and give us life advice in between the humor and the ridicule.

Now, if TV isn’t your thing, no need to worry. There are self help books. Go to your local book store please. Don’t take my word for it. If you have an itch on your middle finger, you can find out it’s because your mother didn’t look at you from the rear view mirror when she drove you to school on September 16 the 1952.

Better yet, you can get all sorts of self help advice from people who are completely unqualified. For example, you can read about how to raise your kids from people who’ve never had kids and have no degree in early childhood education. You can cure your weight problem by reading about calories (not moving around a bit more and eating less).

The best part is that you don’t have to think about anything any more. Just pick up a book and figure out how you’re SUPPOSED to feel about things. Your husband is cheating on you? No problem, don’t think about your feelings; just pick up a book to figure out how you feel and what you should do. You have some night mares? It’s not all the violent TV you watch, it’s because Uncle Rob looked at you the wrong way on October 26 1998.

You don’t even have to watch TV or read books to have a wealth of medical information at your disposal. Pick up a magazine. Figure out which star is too thin, call her anorexic, and read about the reasons why she isn’t healthy. Or, find out which actor is in anger management or rehab. What happened? Maybe you can identify with it.

Friends are the best source though. From self rationalization to a summary of self help books to whatever is on TV, they know bits and pieces and can figure things out. I was recently talking to a friend about a personal issue. She looked at me and said, “areh, hamech chi az darooneh adameh” HUH??? No shit Shirlock, everything is from within. What the heck is all this mumbo jumbo? Am I the only one who is lost here? Am I the only one who thinks medical or psychological issues are best dealt with behind closed doors and with doctors?

Now, imagine you’re not a standard person manufactured in a factory, and let’s face it, most of us aren’t, don’t feel left out. You can’t make sense of this BS? Well, you know, YOU are the problem. Frankly, I don’t understand why you haven’t tried to squeeze yourself into this world of knowledge. If you can’t get anything out of all this knowledge, then you must be bi polar or something.

Taking advice and learning about human behavior isn’t all bad. We need to deal with our baggage. And of course, the level of education should always increase, on a societal level. But since when did that include Shirin and Derakhshande and Dr. Phil and Angelina Jolie?

I understand that talking to friends about our ups and downs is a good thing. It is. But it seems to me, and I may be wrong here, that everyone is a psychoanalyst or a herbal doctor or something close enough to that.

These days, it seems like we are taking the advice of Ameh Ghezi and Amoo Gholi instead of professionals. Not to mention that pre packaged and standard emotional cures are being marketed for each show’s target audience!


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Love love George Carlin

by BeOriginal (not verified) on

Nobody gets off the hook in his material, brown nosers, narcissists and know it all people are the few examples.

American Wife

not exactly the same thing

by American Wife on

similiar idea, similar words... except she's omitted the "fuck your daddy" line.  we're all influenced by something or someone.  i personally use Bob Dylan as my muse so I'm quite sure I'm not orginial...:-)

this is a common theme today what with dr. phil and oprah in your face every day telling you how you should live and what you should think... and wear... and do. 

smhb... there IS nothing new.  other than scientific or medical breakthroughs, space technology or what have you, there is NO fresh innovative philosophy.  No real new cultural icons.  Unless of course your intelligence level rivals Britney's and your's obviously does not.  Who knows what American Culture it.  As a country, sometimes I feel we're barely out of our teens.  We're still growing up.  Let's hope we grow up and do something producive!!!


Be original

by TheMrs on


Actually no I didn't get the idea from George Carlin.

I love the guy and even though I didn't see your link, I can tell
by the picture that I've seen it before.

I didn't really get any IDEAS at all. After reading the comments to my last
posting, I realized that some people are very quick to pass judgements based on
their vast knowledge of human psychology. I'm almost certain most of them don't have
a degree in psychology. They have heard things here and there, mixed it with their
own experiences, all of which are legitimate, and then, they throw it around every chance they
get. Then, I got to thinking that why wouldn't they? That's what they see all
around them.

Additionally, a friend of mine is a typical example of this stuff. She is always
reading self help books and has a theory for every supposed emotional symptom.

But you are so smart. How did you put 2 and 2 together? How did you know
I was copying Carlin. Busted.


So did you get your idea from George Carlin?

by BeOriginal (not verified) on


Mass Distribution of How I Should Feel

by smhb on

Interesting indeed. Here is how I see it. At the end of the day every culture produces specific typa people that it wants and needs.

So, whats at the core of the american culture? What makes it tick? What kinda humans its trying to produce? What kinda cultural products do we export to the world? What kinda corporate culture we nurture? And all the good stuff associated with it.

Everything you highlighted and correctly so is a symptom of this cultural trait.

Answer that question and you can solve the puzzle. Now, this is not to mean that we dont have genuine thinkers and cultural icons who are admired and respected all over the planet for what they produce and how they live their lives. We do have that but they seem to be a rare commodity these days. 



American Wife

It's a fact that in our society

by American Wife on

gay women are far more accepted than gay men.  For that matter, women who have sex with other women rarely consider themselves gay.  Obviously there are the Ellens and Melissas who are in committed gay relationships.  And it's for damn sure that men are less opposed to women/women relationships.  They think THAT is the ultimate in eroticism.  But give them two men and they shudder with disgust.  (a small degression into what sexist pigs they  It's ridiculous to think you can read a book and and make a decision about whether you're gay or not.... good thing you didn't read the book...:-)

Sorry for straying off the path... I know it's not about gay relationships.  Just following up on the "self help book" thingie.


So true !

by Souri on

" For example, you can read about how to raise your kids from people who’ve never had kids and have no degree in early childhood education...."

I have an experience with this. Some months ago a gay woman here, told me that she was feeling so sorry for my children, because they are raised by an uneducated person (me) who had never read a book about homosexuality before deciding to make children !!

She said I should have read the books she already read,  to understand that the first and primary desire of the human nature is " same-sex " desire and attraction.....da da da

I laughed loud when I read that. She didn't realize that if I had read those books and have been convinced of what she was saying, then I would never had a child to raise, anyway !


American Wife

well at least no one can say you've offended anyone or

by American Wife on

been  OK, probably not funny. 

You're right though and damn it, it kills me to say that...:-)

There's a pill for every ailment and a book for every "self" issue.  There's the internet to tell you exactly "why am I feeling so sad because my husband yelled at me".  Talk about things?  Hell no, you must analize first, read to confirm your feelings, discuss with at least 4 or 5 friends so you can get 4 or 5 different opinions, and still end up going to bed without a clue as to why you're so depressed. The more progressive we are, the more insecure we seem to be.