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by TheMrs


There are only 2 issues here. Establishing that some users praise themselves by leaving comments for themselves under different names. Secondly, deciding whether JJ should out them or not.


On the first matter, we have only JJ’s word. If the information he has is accurate then there’s nothing to discuss. Since no contrary evidence has been presented, JJ’s right. And these people exist.


If new evidence is presented, I reserve the right to change my mind. For example, what if 2 people use the same computer? Highly unlikely, I know. Like a husband and a wife? And one is aware of the other one’s submission and decides to go and leave an encouraging remark, fearing that if he doesn’t, this year’s Christmas tree will be decorated with blue balls? LOL Just kidding about the last part but you get the scenario I’m presenting. In this case, unless there’s forensic or video taped proof, JJ has no way of knowing who left the remarks and no amount of C code or IP investigation can change that. Personally, I’m not giving up my right to privacy so that the site can finger print my keyboard. Those who are very comfortable should encourage JJ by posting their own IP addresses and at least 2 pictures! If they don’t want to do this, I suggest they zip it.


The question then becomes “who cares”?


If this is an isolated incident, why is JJ annoyed? He’s in Mexico and he even NOTICES this stuff? Come on. He says he doesn’t have time to moderate or enforce his own rules but he notices and gets annoyed by this isolated case? Sorry babe but I don’t buy it. Zireh sareh ingilisast. Something is up.


If this is not an isolated incident, why is JJ annoyed? If this behavior is an inherent part of the culture of the site, then he should be indifferent to it. Or make a commitment to change it by disrupting the current free flow atmosphere (e.g. allowing only registered users to comment, exposing the criminals – as if they’ve committed murder).


As for the second matter of what JJ should do with this problem. If the ideas presented above are not satisfactory, perhaps JJ should first explain how this type of behavior affects us? Freedom of speech is preserved because we can make comments and submit. Democracy is defended because nothing is sacred. Material is flowing in and out of the site, so traffic is high. So what does it matter if someone left a pat on the back for themselves? Heck, maybe if we all did that, we wouldn’t be so uptight.


Now that I’ve commented on JJ’s blog, I’ll get to what actually DOES matter.


Am I the only who noticed that Darius Kadivar questioned JJ? Or that JJ quietly mentioned moderators are volunteers who need not reveal themselves? Shouldn’t someone thank Samsam for the code?


Can I be rude enough to remind everyone to come back to planet earth for a second? This is a site that allows people to register under the name of jeesh daram. It’s not up tight. It’s not boring (although JJ’s policies have gotten rid of a lot of the fun), it’s not for your dad’s generation or your grand child’s and it’s not about pushing people into identifying themselves or being forced to stick to specific avatars (why such blood thirstiness I wonder).


Fact is that this site is going to do nothing for democracy or Iran. Face it people. Why does it bother you if someone posts a blog under Khoshgel55 or Sepideh Zargarian? WHO CARES? Neither is going to make a difference. Stop taking it so freaking seriously.


This site has only one avenue to potentially change the Iranian pop culture and indirectly its democracy. It has to be like Seinfeld where little insignificant issues or behavior will fall into our collective consciousness. JJ should give as much freedom as possible to participants. Maybe we’ll learn a thing or two and learn to tolerate each other, if not love one another. The old was a great Seinfeld. The new one, not so much. The constant identity crisis is turning it to Family Ties on reruns.

   NB: This note is inserted as a protest. I want my edit link please.


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JJ tells us not to guess who

by Ajab Rajab (not verified) on

JJ tells us not to guess who is doing this and he won't tell us himself either. So if we don't know of a problem's existence does it matter?!

The other day he was telling me not to post multiple entries for Ahmadinejad's quizzes! One or 2 comments/smiles per quiz. So let me see, should I submit multiple entries under different names?!!


Dear Lady,

by Killjoy (not verified) on

This was meant as a joke. I don't know what JJ does in his private life, either.

As you have noticed, for me rhyming is more important than the meaning.

Actually, I had written a nice "love poem," but didn't send it to your last blog. I wasn't sure how you would take it. Now that I see you have taken this one so gracefully, I may send one next time.

Thanks for reading my comments!


Thanks all. Kill joy, I

by TheMrs on

Thanks all.

Kill joy,

I know this site is a reflection of JJ. Just like my professional behavior at work would be a reflection of the kind of person I am, in general.

But!!!! Keep in mind though JJ has business needs. Why do you think these Iranian personals adds are here? Half the people are too hot to be single. And what about the way some things are on the site longer than others or how the articles move on the first page? So...he has to make decisions. Some times, these decisions mean that comments get deleted and rules aren't mentioned out loud. Is it ok? Nope. But WTF? This isn't real life now is it ? :)

Work is work and business is beezeenes. I don't like some of what I see here but I don't think it means JJ is the big bad wolf. Whether he cares about wealth or not, and how much he drinks or not, isn't my concern. There's a fine line between being critical and being insulting. I cross that line all the time, so I know what I'm talking about.

I know we do anything for a rhyme but that shouldn't affect JJ's googooliness.

I see that my edit link is back. I guess big brother didn't enjoy this blog. Oh well, maybe next time.


My Dear Lady,

by Killjoy (not verified) on

Few seem to care about what you think of JJ
Let's forget about this whole thing and be gay
Many commenters see the site as a getaway
From their daily routines and boring work all day

Big brother thinks he has the right
To delete comments when he senses a fight
I wonder if he cares about the site's plight
He sees life as a tunnel end of which is shining bright

He claims he doesn't care much about wealth
But he seems to care even less where it cocerns his health

He drinks beer and wine just like a fish
And eats at each meal plenty a dish

Now he's hired some technical chiefs
Who check on all as if a bunch of thieves

He doesn't think about it outloud
But it seems to make him real proud
To get on the nerves of the whole crowd

There's a large group of moderators, JJ says
Mostly volunteers with no pays

Their work's no good, but needed
To make sure the site's fun's depleted
The smart things you say get deleted

Now my dear I wish you luck
Thanks for giving me time to talk

I'm leaving with a heart full of sorrow
But I shall return again tomorrow
To post a few comments
And more of your time to borrow


نظر ِ شخص ِ بنده

دكتر كمبل در جستوجوي ِ مرد ِيكدست (not verified)

البته بايد توجه داشت كه اين مسائل در اروپا حل شده

American Wife

I think a trend has started here

by American Wife on

We all are entitled to congratulate  So what if a little egomania exists!  But don't mind me.  I'm just celebrating Clemson's win over South Carolina.  Beer... the breakfast of champions...:-0



Give me rules or give me death

by Anonymous Words (not verified) on

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday night instead of Thursday. I ate too much and I woke up this morning with a treble headache, so now I want death.

Self congratulatory note: I write the funniest comments, very original, very thought provoking, right on the point, and very brief. Thank you very much to myself.


Everybody drink a glass of cold water . . .

by Hakim (not verified) on

Let's be cool. Have a nice glass of cold water and enjoy the Iranian site as if you are having sex. Don't be so serious. You scare me. This is just for fun. Ok, maybe a bit more. Let people write freely and enjoy the site. I know the "control mentality" that many Iranians have inherited from Iran. But let's not to have it here, please.

persian westender

I caught you, Mrs!

by persian westender on

I have a strong hunch that second comment is from The Mrs. Come on disclose it!....You can't fool us anymore,!

and stop giving yourself a nice pat! hadn't you enough of that?   


Food for Thought

I'm with the mrs on this one

by Food for Thought on

Who cares? Let people write what they want. Let people like it or hate it. Let people praise themselves...

Just stop interfering. Let it flow big brother ;-)

Each person can choose what they read, listen to and what they ignore.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I really want to know!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

American Wife


by American Wife on

got MARRIED!  That's what happened to

It does all sorts of wacky stuff to your head.  You gotta think about someone else's point of view and all that stuff!  No more fun. :-(


O K ! time to come clean

by Majid on

There are only 6 or 7 real people here....the rest of us are the one and only JJ ! I can tell !!

He just wants traffic here , that's why he created so many screen names and avatars and lil fishies and chickens, but...we're no fool JJ ! nice try bro !

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

what happened to nazanin.canadai?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

she had a free speech view on this topic. I liked what she used to say and write too. 

American Wife

funny Majid

by American Wife on

But you're right!  I can already identify several ID's that are really the same person.  :-0

You are me and I am you.

Can I get to be Marge next?  I think she's really cool.  And I LOVE her hair!  And theMrs is so pretty.... can I be her next? 


Hey TheMrs !

by Majid on

In the comment section you are supposed to be "Anonymouse" !!! wink wink  !!!

You just blew it....LOL

Now go back and write several more under "I'm NOT TheMrs" OR "why do you think I'm TheMrs" OR " I'm some one else" and.....don't forget, I'm keeping an eye on how many comments you'll receive   

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Lord of the Flies

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

This is totally William Golding. It's been a year since he instituted this new system and there is still all this drama. Mrs is right. This site is supposed to be fun and some people want it to be the United Nations. I agree with AW that the moderating is shady - I felt like we were targeted a while back. Do you remember how much hajiagha used to dis women and others? I hated it, but again, "nothing is sacred" prevailed. I never feel like there is consistency here. It's a web site. It's not real life, so let's not take it seriously. 

I also demand the edit link back. WTH!? It's hard to write blogs without it.


Hey TheMrs, I just want

by TheMrs on

Hey TheMrs,

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your blogs. God bless you and then America.

The Mrs.



American Wife

hear hear.

by American Wife on

Couldn't have said it better.  Good job again.  You mentioned something that did peak my curiosity though.  WE are all expected to reveal ourselves but the moderators get to be anonymous or unknown???? uh... I don't think so. 

As I said before... I think it's just been a slow week.