by TheMrs

When was the last time you thought about your tongue? The tongue is one of my favorite body parts.

It has a life of its own. To understand this better, stoop down to the level of a two year old and stick your tongue out long and flatten it wide. Don’t move it around. Eventually, the child will want to touch it. Most kiddies will giggle, laugh and pull their hands back after contact is made! It’s because the tongue moves no matter how still you try to keep it. And it’s wet and warm. I’ve convinced myself little children don’t realize it’s part of the body and think it might be a fish or something. Of course, don’t try this experiment with a stranger. Stick to your family and with the flu season upon us, make sure you wash the kid’s hand. Don’t be freaking gross ok?

Kissing is boring without tongue. The thing has so much strength and muscle power that, one on one, it adds intimacy and so much sexiness. Sorry, I haven’t tried many on one…yet. Most people don’t walk around touching each other’s tongue. When we do, it adds closeness and secrecy. Not to mention passion and heat. Almost all intimate kisses, no matter which body part is involved, requires tongue.

Since the tongue is also an organ of speech, humans wouldn’t be able to talk without it. Can you imagine that? Stick your tongue backward toward your throat. Keep it that way for a while and try to talk. It’s not easy. I confess I haven’t actually tried this experiment but I think you get the point. I for one can live without a finger, if I had to. But I love my tongue.

When was the last time you tasted something without your tongue? Not pleasant, if at all possible. As the tip of my tongue touches the most delicious food, I'm in heaven. Think of ice cream. Where would we be without ice cream? I firmly believe that ice cream has to be licked, I'm old school. If you doubt the validity of my point, stick your tongue into a nice bowl of Ghormehsabzi or Ash. You’ll get it then.

If you smoke, you are very close to your tongue. Ironically, you're self destructive and you risk spreading cancer to the one thing you need for your guilty pleasure.

Most cultures hold the tongue very near and dear. I don’t really know why. But most people consider it rude to stick their tongue out to someone. It looks ugly. It’s insulting. And don’t we call our first language our mother tongue? We hold it so dear that we associate the language with our mums.

It’s a sensitive organ. If you have a hair on your tongue, it’s annoying as hell. But you can’t really take it off with dirty hands! You know your hand and your tongue are vestibules of filth and can nest a mother fucking germ like there's no tommorrow.

We use the tongue to entertain ourselves too. I know how to make all sorts of sounds with it. From farting sounds to beat that encourage dancing. Iranian's have perfected the art of saying no with the tongue: Noch.

Do you ever accidentally bite your tongue? It really hurts. But if you want to keep evil way, you have to bite your tongue figuratively before talking! Sometimes we ask God to make us mute, lest an evil spirit takes revenge upon our lives. It's so confusing.

All in all, it’s a complex system. It’s porous and warm. It can help you get a piece of food from between your teeth and make you sick if you don’t care for it. You have to brush it often but you can’t be rough with it.

My tongue and I are one.


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appealing and appalling

by Anonymous Fan (not verified) on

Have you ever noticed how similar are the words “appealing” and ‘appalling” in the way they are spelled, and pronounced? Give it a try; “appealing”, “appalling”, and try “appeal”, “appall”... Other than the movement of the lips, the significance of the slight movement of the tongue is hard to detect. It’s very subtle, yet it make all the difference in how the sound is constructed. It turns out that these two words are perfect for describing what people do with their tongues. It’s appealing and appalling at the same time. And so is this blog. Not an easy feat to achieve.


The tongue's place in English

by LR (not verified) on

Most normal people's appreciation for the tongue grows exponentially after puberty. This is reflected in the prominent place this small body part has in many languages. For example, think of some of the idiomatic expressions in English about the tongue include the following:

1. to have a silver tongue
2. to bite your tongue (not literally, of course)
3. cat got your tongue
4. to wag your tongue
5. to be on the tip of your tongue
6. to hold hold your tongue
7. to guard your tongue
8. to make a slip of the tongue
9. to keep a civil tongue
10. to be tongue-tied
11. to say something tongue-in-cheek
12. to have a mother tongue (but no father tongue)

The number of of famous English quotes about the tongue would be too numerous to list, but here are a few:

1. The tongue like a sharp knife... Kills without drawing blood. (Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta)

2. There is no evidence that the tongue is connected to the brain. (Frank Tyger)

3. One reason a dog is such a lovable creature is his tail wags instead of his tongue. (Unknown)

4. The best time for you to hold your tongue is the time you feel you must say something or bust. (Josh Billings)

5. Nature has given us two ears, two eyes, and but one tongue-to the end that we should hear and see more than we speak. (Socrates)

6. I'll be looking to marry when I find a man with a big wallet and a bigger tongue. (Mae West)

7. Better slip with foot than tongue. (Ben Franklin)

8. Give thy thoughts no tongue. (William Shakespeare)

If one thinks about it, the tongue is a very unique body part. With only one other exception in the male body, the tongue is the only muscle that is not designed to pull or contract. It really is amazing, isn't it...physically and linguistically.


It all has to do with bacteria

by Anonymous Evolutionary Biologist (not verified) on

Actually there is a good biological evolutionary reason why tongue is so appealing to humans, but it is a gross reason, never the less since the subject of this blog is about why tongue is one of the most favorite body parts I’ll present it here.

Survival of many species of animals depends on how beneficial bacteria are utilized in many parts of the body including digestive system. Many animals routinely lick their butts with their tongues as a way of capturing those bacteria and reuse them again. You can simply observe this for yourself next time you go to a farm and watch the farm animals, especially cows, they lick their butts routinely, and if you have any cats or dogs watch what they do with their tongues at their leisure time. And even harmful bacteria can cause a boost in immune system which would help with living longer. So, to make this short, those animals that have enjoyed licking with their tongues, and licking tongue with tongue, have survived, and those animals that find this behavior disgusting have not.

Actually we are finding now that washing hands all the time with anti-bacterial soaps, living in a sterile world, and using so much anti-biotic drugs may not be a good idea after all.

I hope this explains it.


What she missed about Zaboon

by Aziz (not verified) on

She missed the dish Iranians cook with Zaboon. Delicious. Of course with modern health consciousness it is off the menu.

persian westender

I’ve realized that I

by persian westender on

I’ve realized that I have a gifted tongue. It can toothpick the most stubborn piece of food between my teeth. In fact, I’ve never used a toothpick. It is very flexible and skillful for that matter. But on the other hand, when it comes to speaking, I should blame my tongue for not being so helpful in uttering the appropriate words as it makes me stutter. My tongue is shy and introvert. When I want to be outspoken in particular situations, it turns me down. It shrinks back to the bottom of my mouth. I even can not say ah god damn it! Sometime, it makes me embarrassed when I want to articulate the letters L and R together. Perhaps the reason that I’ve found myself a little more outspoken by blogging is that I use my fingers instead of my tongue. Fingers are rivals for the tongue. That’s why they shouldn’t touch each other.

…and the French kiss. The most powerful talent of my tongue. Never really got the chance to be actualized in many situations.



The Mrs ... loving this post

by javaneh29 on

Your post is very amusing and thank you for reminding us all what we take for granted everyday of every week of every .... well you get what I mean, Unless as you say we bite it or get a hair stuck on it.. how annoying is that!

When I was a kid we used to play this game where you had to make a curly tongue. Some kids just couldn't, no matter how much they tried and we all had great fun watching each other trying. I forget the significance of being able or not though? Can anyone remember?

I play with my tongue all the time! Im always poking it about in my mouth, feeling all the cravices and ....its great to feel pop drinks fizzing on your tongue ohhhhhh.. I wont go any further. Im a little mast after a few glasses of wine and getting carried away here !

We form words using our tongue, and think how life would be if we didnt have one. All the conversations we wouldn't have had, all the loving words we wouldnt have  exchanged and sometimes the not so loving, It's trully an amazing organ How often do we take our tongue for granted ?

I love my tongue! I love biting my husbands tongue... I love my grand daughters little pink tongue,

And I think we should have a international tongue appreciation day!

best wishes for christmas .... have a good one!


American Wife

how funny

by American Wife on

different reactions to a tongue.  I don't know why but I can't stand to see people french kissing on TV.  It just seems far more intimate to me than actual sex!