July 25: Global Day of Action for Human Rights in Iran


July 25: Global Day of Action for Human Rights in Iran
by United4Iran

PRESS CONTACT: Hadi Ghaemi, +1 917 669 5996, united4iran@gmail.com

Human rights activists are organizing a coordinated Global Day of Action on July 25, 2009 to demand respect for the human rights of the Iranian people and to demonstrate worldwide solidarity with the civil rights movement in Iran. Major human rights organizations have sponsored the event.

Around the world, people will gather in solidarity with the Iranian people following over a month of intensified state repression against citizens peacefully demonstrating for their rights.  Many have been murdered in the streets, many hundreds have been beaten and injured, and at least 2,000 are thought to have been detained.

The Global Day of Action is a not affiliated with any partisan political agenda, and is aimed at securing the internationally recognized rights of the Iranian people.

The organizers believe that while political questions facing Iran can only be resolved by the Iranian people themselves, the violent repression of their internationally guaranteed human rights are of concern to people all around the world.

The Global Day of Action is organized around the following core demands:

1. That the international community uphold the Iranian people’s human rights as a matter of international concern, and that the UN Secretary General should immediately appoint a delegation to travel to Iran to investigate the fate of prisoners as well as many disappeared persons;

2. The immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, including journalists, students, and civil society activists;

3. An end to state-sponsored violence, and accountability for crimes committed; and

4. Freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, and freedom of press as guaranteed by the Iranian constitution and Iran’s obligations under international covenants it has signed.

Sponsors of the Global Day of Action so far include: Shirin Ebadi, 2003 Nobel Peace Laureate; Iranian League for Defense of Human Rights (LDDHI); International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran; Human Rights Watch, Reporters without Borders; Amnesty International USA; Nobel Women’s Initiative; Omid Advocates for Human Rights.

For more information:
•    Contact Hadi Ghaemi; phone +1 917 669 5996, email: united4iran@gmail.com
•    Visit www.united4iran.org for the latest information and list of participating cities


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