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Build-Up to 22 Bahman: Global Events to Highlight Abuses

Maintain International Awareness

* Well over 70 rallies, vigils, demonstrations, and marches are scheduled to take place between February 5th and 14th to raise awareness prior, during, and after the anticipated demonstrations in Iran.

Events are taking place everywhere from Malaysia to Minnesota, from Oslo to Los Angeles, and from Romania through Western Europe.

* Coordinating a global day of action BEFORE Iran’s anticipated demonstrations ensures not only that the international community and mainstream media remain aware of the upcoming demonstrations, but also that news, pictures, and videos of the world’s support makes its way to Iran before 22 Bahman.

* Already, much of the footage from support around the world in the last few days has made it to Iran, as demonstrated by the very same videos being forwarded back to us.

* Creating buzz regarding the upcoming 22 Bahman demonstrations in Iran serves to focus the international community’s attention not just on the ongoing human & civil rights abuses, but also on the struggles the Iranian people will face on 22 Bahman.

Where the people of Iran send us pictures of violence and brutality, we must step up and return footage of support so the people of Iran can witness the international community’s unwavering support.

* Concerned citizens from every reach of life have come together to reaffirm the world’s support and solidarity in the Iranian people’s fight for basic civil & human rights and to remind them “You are NOT alone.”

Already dozens of events have taken place, including various parts of California, Arizona, Canada, Japan, Germany.

Prominent figures such as satirist Hadi Khorsandi (see his witty insights on YouTube), as well as local politicians and musicians, artists, students, and new-born activists have joined the world’s concerned citizens to demand Freedom of Press, Assembly, & Expression; the release of all Prisoners of Conscience; and the immediate stop to all Murder, Torture, Rape, Executions, and Show Trials.

* We encourage everyone to step-up and out into the closest event near you. To see a list of upcoming events, please check the 22 Bahman Event Finder (much thanks to Austin Heap for developing the map). United4Iran.org will continue to post footage from both in and outside Iran as demonstrations take place.

For more information, please contact United4Iran at info@united4iran.org

United4Iran – a project of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran – is a non-partisan global network of Iranian and non-Iranian individuals and human rights activists building a mass movement in solidarity with the people of Iran. Our purpose is to build a collaborate to promote fundamental human and civil rights in Iran. U4I was formed to help coordinate and amplify the voices of activists, academics, NGOs, artists, and others who work or desire to work on issues related to human and civil rights in Iran.

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10 February 2010


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by shushtari on

IN 2010.....

god bless our beautiful vatan 


Dallas is getting ready for Green 22 Bahman...

by Khar on

Painting shoes green in honor of those who lost their lives fighting for freedom in Iran. Shoes are to be displayed during planned Feb. 11 rally, tomorrow at John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza in downtown Dallas at 11:30AM!

Volunteers in action, painting the donated shoes green: