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Nezame por parket...Alam Ozma's Sahmieh barye Yaraneh...

Isn't the IRI most generous, most pure, most powerful both celestial and earthly entity in the universe?? Be omid roozi ke hamayeh donya

az in hookmate elahi bahreh bebareh. 


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Dear HG and Shazdeh agha:

by vildemose on

Dear HG and Shazdeh agha: Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I couldn't agree more wih you HG...The irony is lost even on the some of the youth and educated class since this blog is inspired by a nephew of mine in Iran who is middle class and educated....

Shazde Asdola Mirza

امام خمینی

Shazde Asdola Mirza

اقتصاد مال گاو و خر است ... ما اگر لازم باشد، هر روز روزه میگیریم !


hamsade ghadimi

the saddest part of your

by hamsade ghadimi on

the saddest part of your post, vildemose, is that there should not be any bread subsidies in iran in the first place.  in a resource-rich country like iran with a highly educated population, they should be able to buy unsubsidized bread, the most basic foodstuff, with their own money.  you can make a series of blogs on different subsidies in iran.  i suggest water for your next topic.  here's a saying that i heard in my last trip in iran regarding water subsidies:

با هدفمند شدن یارانه‌ها ریختن آب پشت سر مسافر حرام است همان تٔف کافیست.


During my mountaineering

by Bavafa on

During my mountaineering years in Iran (76-78) we would go thru villages or cross path with nomads specially near Alam koh and Sabalan where I saw condition and kids so hungry and in need of medicine such as Roozbeh describes that I could not believe my eyes. I have no doubt those conditions have got only worse under IRI as miss-management, theft and the lawlessness has increased dramatically.

This is plainly shameful for such rich country with vast resources. History will not be kind to us for our impotence towards this criminal regime.



Dear Faramarz: I love this

by vildemose on

Dear Faramarz: I love this song. I had forgotten about it. Thank you for reading my blog and the unforgettable song by Dariush.

Dear RG: What as sad story. I'm all choked up. I am certain things have gotten much worse. The quest for peace and justice  is not the work of any one man or woman, but of many working together to achieve liberty and justice for all oppressed peoples. We shall overcome.



Let them eat Halva!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Good one vildemose. Let me tell you a little story on this bread situation. up until I was 16, living in Iran, I actually supported the regime, although some family members were jailed and such, because after all they got rid of shah who harmed most of my family. Then just a few months before leaving the vatan to study abroad, I went to visit a cousine who was doing his national service in Baloochestan (he had just graduted from tehran uni's medical school). What i saw there, the poverty,  shocked me to the core. We once travelled to what we believed was a sasanid fort north of zahedan. whilst out in the country we started eating a humble chease and bread sandwich as lunch. we were immediately surrounded by at least 20 little kids looking as malnurished as auchwitz concentration camp inmates, just staring at us. I'll never forget the look on their eyes nor the shame I felt, till my dying days. Needless to say, we gave them all the food we had and what little cash. Their parents came over and told us their sad stories of neglect and discrimination by the regime, and apologised for the bother...

That was the turning point for me. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


بوی گندم مال من


Thank you Vildemose for your blog. At the end of the day, it is about the cost of bread, isn't it? Here is Dariush's Booye Gandom, one of my favorite songs. It was on the radio one morning and I heard it before I went to school and the next day it was banned, but we had heard it already and could sing it from memory


بوی گندم مال من

هر چی که دارم مال تو

یک وجب خاک مال من

هر چی میکارم مال تو



Mehrdad jan: Thank you for

by vildemose on

Mehrdad jan: Thank you for reading and commenting. You are absolutely correct.; it's really not easy to become revolutionaries when pangs of hunger attack your tommy.


نانِ سنگک و رایانه تو سرشون بخوره


If they would allow 2 toman worth of freedom and cut some of the grand theft by the regime goons, people would be able to do just fine or at least much better then currently.

This method, by keeping people hungry and in need, is one great way of having a chock point on them and control them.

It is a shameful way of governing, but we all know that already.

Thanks for the blog and writing about yet another example of "blessing" of IRI.