Need some help locating textbooks on Iranian botany and plants

by Xvarnah

I am looking for comprehensive botanical studies on the native plants, flora and fauna of Iran. I have tried locating such a work for a while now without much success. The language is not important. Does anyone know whether such scientific botanical taxonomies of native plants in Iran has ever been conducted and its results ever published anywhere?

I would be most grateful if anyone can shed some light and suggest titles and references. Thank you very much.


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Louie Louie

A fun website about spices and plants

by Louie Louie on


They have translated names of the plants in 45 languages, if it applies off course.


Thank you HollyUSA and Jeesh Daram

by Xvarnah on

Your leads are of immeasurable research value to me. HollyUSA please check your email. I just sent you a message.

Thank you again, dear ones. 

Jeesh Daram

There are

by Jeesh Daram on

Indeed Parsa was one of the pioneers.

I personally use "A Dictionary of Iranian Plant Names" Latin-English-Persian compiled by V. Mozaffarian and easily found in Iranian bookstores in USA.I am very happy with this book and use it all the time because of its Latin content and great cross reference against Western Maual for specie identificaiton.

There are also specialty books such as Dictionary of Iranian Medicinal Plants by Jalinee and Abbedinieh, published in Madrid, Spain.

Your best bet is to have someone go accross Tehran University and find so many such books in those bookstores. Treasures of Iranian researchers in botany and horticulture. 




by HollyUSA on

There's one that I know of called 'Flora of Iran'. The author is Ahmad Parsa. You can also try Sherkat Ketab in LA (if you haven't already). Their number is (310) 477-7477. I also know of someone who will very likely be able to give you more information but don't want to mention his name here since I don't have his permission. If you want email me through the contact tab and I will give you the info I have.