Jamkaran and Gullible


Jamkaran and Gullible
by Yaasi

When Ahmadi Nejad speaks everyone notice him, not because he is handsome or genius or what he says is worth listening but because he is simply “Brainless and Ignorant” and one would wonder how far a muted mind can travel. In his case even sky is not the limit. In order for A.N. to justify his choice of female nominees for Majles in a program in channel one TV he says “50 of 313 of Imam Zaman followers are women, and still women are complaining?”

(Check this site: //www.etemademelli.ir/published/0/00/70/7032/)

I thought Imam Zaman will appear all by himself, I had no idea that 313 people will follow him. Have these followers died already and will re-appear or they are all collectively living at the bottom of Jamkaran well and have parties with the money that simple minded people toss for them.

I Google the name “Jamkaran”. I was bewildered when I saw Wikipedia has an overview for it. It said that it is a popular site for Shi’ite Muslims. Since When? I questioned it in my mind. I found out that sometimes in decade of 1995-2005 the mosque’s reputation spread. Guess what A.N did? “He donated 10 million Pounds to the mosque”

Donated? From where did he get it from? As Iranians say “Hatman az gooreh pedaresh ovordeh”

To further my anger, the note in Wikipedia says:

“Tuesday is especially popular as it is said to be "the day the vision appeared and therefore the day of the week that [the Imam], although invisible, takes requests." The gathering "resemble a huge tailgate party where vendors set up in the parking lots and families set up picnic rugs and tens of thousands wander about the grounds as if waiting for a main event to happen."

I wonder how and exactly when Iranians became so gullible and with due respect dim-witted? I don’t remember my parents ever talked or even knew about this well that Imam is hiding, and why on earth do they disrespect this poor Imam by telling the world that he disappeared in a well of all the places on this earth? Why not on Alborz, or Sahand or Sablan mountains? Well to further increase my knowledge I read more and I found out why.

“Sheikh Hassan ibn Muthlih Jamkarani is reported to have met Muhammad al-Mahdi along with the prophet Al-Khidr. Jamkarani was instructed that the land they were on was "noble" and that the owner — Hasan bin Muslim — was to cease cultivating it and finance the building of a mosque on it from the earnings he had accumulated from farming the land.[3][4]

Did this happen during or after the Arab Invasion of Iran?

We definitely have a long way to go to clear our brain from all this nonsense. And I believe we have to inject the meaning of “Democracy” to our next Iranian generation. Let’s face it even the most educated and free minded Iranians can’t have a discussion without argument or name calling if they can’t convince others to accept their views. Democracy is not given, it is earned and to earn it one must have a free and unbiased mind and I think we are not there yet. That’s why people like Khomeini, Khamenei and A.N can run our country


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