by Yaasi

The evils people do and the bad soul that inhabits their bodies…..come out thru their faces, and the face and body tells everyone who they are. That’s why God said “Your eyes are the window to your soul”. A mirror has the power to confiscate part of the soul and if the reflected image becomes distorted in any way, this could mean the soul has been corrupted. Look at his face and his eyes…….. I wonder if he ever looked at himself in the mirror to see his eyes and if he did, I marvel at what he finds….

Have you recently searched you soul?

Found anything unusual?

Have you seen your eyes?

Noticed the reflection of hate and abhorrence?

Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?

Do you believe in God?

Can you peacefully sleep through the night?

With so much blood in your hands?

So many lives that were ended,

So many hopes turned into despair,

So many hearts broken,

So many hands held up to God,

Cursing your soul and wished you hell,

For what they have lost.

Did you peacefully sleep last night?

Do you feel the power of evil running through your soul?

Do you remember the last time he cast his spirit upon you?

Was it when you killed Neda?

Or was it when you hid Sohrab’s body?

Or was it when your soldiers raped and tortured their prey.

When was it?

Tell me, we like to know.

Can you peacefully sleep through the night?


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