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Share Iranian student activists' letter to ObamablogNov 11, 2011
Peyman Aref & two other activists arrested during visit to Neda’s grave blogOct 30, 2011
Why Does Zia Nabavi Have to Suffer?blogOct 29, 2011
ایران: اعدام‌ها بالا می‌گیرد، نگذاریم مردم فراموش شوند blogOct 14, 2011
Iranian human rights lawyer calls on Ireland to urge tougher EU line on Iran newsOct 10, 2011
EXECUTION is NOT the SOLUTION. blogOct 10, 2011
October 10th is World Day Against Death PenaltyblogOct 07, 2011
Women’s rights activist severely beaten by plainclothes agents, in critical condition blogSep 08, 2011
NPC Outraged at Jailing of Iranian Blogger and His Mother newsAug 11, 2011
Regime-Controlled Press TV Recognizes Journalist Day...What a Joke!blogAug 08, 2011
Health of Heshmatollah Tabarzadi in Danger; urgent attention needed blogAug 02, 2011
Another human rights activist is arrested in Iran; how many more?blogAug 02, 2011
Three political prisoners spend their birthdays behind bars today blogJul 28, 2011
Imprisoned Activist Bahareh Hedayat Writes to Husband blogJun 30, 2011
Emad Bahavar, a political prisoner recently on hunger strike turns 34 today blogJun 28, 2011
You Are My Teacher TooarticleMay 10, 2011
A Letter by executed teacher Farzad KamangarblogApr 28, 2011
Iranian lawyer revives Delara: who is responsible for her death? blogApr 01, 2011
Hundreds dead or injured in Ghezel Hesar prison clashes, phones cut off blogMar 19, 2011
Report: Four Reform Heads Remain Under House ArrestnewsMar 17, 2011
Young Iranian woman burned with acid tells her story blogMar 14, 2011
A Poem for HerblogMar 14, 2011
Interview with human rights activist on executions: silence allows violators set the standardsnewsFeb 23, 2011
سپاه پاسداران انقلاب اسلامی قول می دهد تا از آتش گشودن بر روی مردم پرهیز کندblogFeb 18, 2011
Sane's dream and Mohammad's Facebook statusblogFeb 18, 2011
Wife of Abdolreza Ghanbari: “Don’t let them execute an unknown teacher!” blogJan 24, 2011
Happy Birthday Neda Agha Soltan, Rest in Peace! newsJan 23, 2011
Fatemeh Salbehi, Convicted of Murder at Age of 16, Faces Execution blogJan 22, 2011
URGENT! Two Young Kurdish Men Face Death by Public Stoning blogJan 20, 2011
Daughter of Ashura Death Row Prisoner: Mom’s False Confessions Based on Promise of Release blogJan 19, 2011
Mother of Killed Ashura Protester: “They even fear our children’s graves!” blogJan 18, 2011
Exclusive | The Story of Saeed Malekpour: "Bring My Husband Home"blogDec 17, 2010
Iran's Women: Canaries in the Coal MinenewsDec 10, 2010
Human Rights: A Threat to DictatorshipblogDec 10, 2010
Let's Save Saeed Malekpour: Death Sentence Confirmed!blogDec 05, 2010
Shahla Jahed Faces Immediate ExecutionblogNov 30, 2010
Hamed Rouhinejad Desperately Needs Your Attention blogNov 25, 2010
Let’s Support Shahla Jahed: Why Murder Case Needs Urgent Care blogNov 24, 2010
Roots of the Diaspora: Part 1 of Series on Iranian Refugees newsNov 20, 2010
Mohammad Mostafaei Writes First & Final Letter to Supreme Leader Khamenei newsNov 17, 2010
Tehran Students Salute Slain Classmate blogNov 16, 2010
Chasing Freedom blogNov 14, 2010
UN Women: Iran’s deserved rebuff newsNov 11, 2010
For the Love of Humanity, Please Help Nasrin Sotoudeh URGENTLY!blogNov 11, 2010
Mother of Student Activist Dies from Heart Attack after Raid by Intelligence Agents blogNov 10, 2010
Iran NOT Granted Seat on UN Women BoardblogNov 10, 2010
Iran Arrests Four Student Leaders newsNov 09, 2010
Saving SakineharticleNov 08, 2010
VIDEO | Prince Reza Pahlavi: The Downfall of the Islamic Republic of Iran blogNov 08, 2010
Canadian Resident in Evin Prison Writes of TortureblogNov 06, 2010
Take URGENT ACTION! Nasrin Sotoudeh on Dry Hunger Strike in Evin Prison newsNov 05, 2010
Jailed Nasrin Sotoudeh Back on Hunger Strike blogNov 04, 2010
A Letter by Majid Dori from Exile: “The Behbahani People Have Broken My Solitude” blogNov 04, 2010
The World Reacts to News on Sakineh Ashtiani's Imminent Execution blogNov 02, 2010
Tehran Polytechnic Students Protest with Chants of “Murderer, Get Lost!” blogNov 02, 2010
Illegal Interrogations of 14 Political Prisoners in Evin’s Ward 350 Continue blogNov 01, 2010
Court Officials to Families of Ali Saremi and Reza Sharifi Boukani: “Why Are they Still Alive?” blogOct 31, 2010
Iranian Political Asylum Seekers Launch Campaign for Freedom blogOct 28, 2010
The Power of Rain blogOct 24, 2010
I'm on Hunger StrikeblogOct 23, 2010
The Written Defence of Heshmatollah TabarzadiblogOct 22, 2010
Emergency Hunger Strike this Weekend for "Dire Five"blogOct 21, 2010
Nasrin Sotoudeh Charged, Over 1000 Signatures & Numerous Statements for Her Release blogOct 21, 2010
Father of Zia Nabavi Summoned & Interrogated for 7 Hours blogOct 20, 2010
Majid Dori Transferred to Prison Exile blogOct 20, 2010
Karroubi: “So-Called Economic Sedition an Excuse to Embezzle Nation’s Wealth!” newsOct 19, 2010
Physical Assault & Battery of Ayatollah Boroujerdi in Evin Prison blogOct 18, 2010
Father of Jailed Student with Multiple Sclerosis: “Where is the Justice?”blogOct 17, 2010
Mother of Jailed Blogger Pleads with World: “For the love of God, please write about Hossein!”blogOct 16, 2010
Authorities Ignore Doctor’s Orders for Jailed Iranian Student Majid Dori blogOct 16, 2010
Exiled Lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei Delivers Speech Against Executions blogOct 15, 2010
Persian songstress a voice of Iranian political dissent newsOct 15, 2010
Tehran Prosecutor Delivers False Hope: Shabnam Madadzadeh Suffers blogOct 15, 2010
IRAN: Everyday Injustices Part of Life blogOct 14, 2010
Student Prisoner Jailed for a Decade: “Execution is a legal crime” blogOct 14, 2010
Student Prisoner to Tehran Prosecutor: “Return my diary!” blogOct 13, 2010
Father of Iranian Student in Prison Exile: “My son is dying!” blogOct 12, 2010
Do we take the Iranian regime seriously?articleOct 12, 2010