فیلم مستند در رابطه با محمد رضا پهلوی- از تهران تا قاهره

by Tapesh

مستندی درباره واپسین روزهای زندگی‌ محمدرضا پهلوی با حضور و به روایت فرح پهلوی و با کمک گزارش‌های خبری اون روزها قسمتی‌ از تاریخ معاصر ایران را مرور می‌کنیم.


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Good point Amir Parviz

by anglophile on

But as you know Mr H Michael Jalili is in the pay of Arab states that prefer Persian to be dropped from the Gulf!


Correction Mr. Michael Jalili. It is Persian Gulf

by Shirzadegan on

"H. Michael Jalili is a writer based in the Gulf." hmj2101

Correct statement should be read as follow:

"H. Michael Jalili is a writer based in the PERSIAN Gulf.


Pahlavi Shahs & Iran: Shared Saga

by hmj2101 on

Read more at 



H. Michael Jalili is a writer based in the Gulf.


Spot on Darius jaan

by anglophile on

About Daryaee I must add that this fellow, like the other fellow, Milani, has two personalities: when addressing an Iranian audience he is a former classmate or research colleague to the late Prince Alireza with all the crowd pleasing memories and pleasantries but in front a foreign audience he is turns into an "objective academic" critical of the excesses of the Imperial Persia!

When can our so-called objective academics learn to be objective? 


Thanks DK

by Shemirani on

Great comment , very informative !

Maintenant que vous le dites tout est plus clair et prend tout son sens !

 I felt the same about the french Iranologue you named because each time on French tv they took somehow JE's side for yearsss & never mentionned anything positif about our pre "Revolution" period ! pas très objectif pour des historiens Français !!Mais que peut on attendre de cette generation sous influence de Sartre et Foucault !! rien !

T.Daryaee i bought his book about Sassanian and after that i saw his intervention in BBC !! what a shame ! khatami koja ? Reza Shah koja ?!! i wonder if  Daryaee, jahanbegloo and behnood do realise how they brain is KAJ or for them having a pseudo fame, being "agha ostad"  justify everything ! even lying to their own people !

About separation, i watched 3 times yet i don't remember this scene but i must watch it again paying more attention aux  messages subliminales :) néamoins avec lui je suis  plus indulgente mettant sur le compte de le désinformation ambiante depuis des années et aussi du risque de censure pris pour faire son film !

 Certain trahissent à des fins personelles, d'autres trahissent par ignorance ! il est grand temps de faire table rase des menteurs de tout ordre !


ps: Last morning when i watched this video, it had less than 400 viewers & this morning 60900 viewers ! it amazed me how fast( in only 24h) this video was shared and view by iranians !

Darius Kadivar

Briant, Hourcade and Daryaee benefited from Khatami academia

by Darius Kadivar on

Pierre Briant, Bernard Hourcade and Touraj Daryaee benefited from Khatami academia and are products of the Pro Khatami Think Tanks who have given these folks special treatment and access to university circles. 


Not surprising to see BBC Persian ask Daryaee to join Massoud Behnoud, Ramin Jahanbegloo and those other PRo Greens to decide who was Iran's Greatest Man and ended up all voting for Mossadegh while dismissing even Reza Khan and a despot at best ... 





Their Literature of Iran's Royal History is naturally influenced by an empathy for the Islamic Revolution and Khatami's not so original highjacking of an original idea first promoted by Iran's Shahbanou Farah: 'The Dialogue of Civilizations'.


Their Academic career and unique access to many historical documents and travels to Iran to do their research was done because of their good relations with Iran's Leadership of the time. People tend to forget all the media hype surrounding Khatami at the time of his so called reforms where he was given honorary degrees worldwide, shook hands with the King of Spain and was presented as the "Gorbatchev" of Iran.


Many European and American Academics got special treatment if they were to meet with Iranian academics and if they took interest in exchanging students or doing research on Iran.


The very fact that Ahmadinejad was to greet Richard Fry and offer him a house in Isfahan for his last years since he expressed to be buried in Iran say's it all ...


EMINENT PERSIANS: Iranologist Richard Frye at Reza Shah's mausoleum (1970's) 


The IRI's interest in Pre Islamic history and the fact that they asked to showcase the Cyrus Cylinder have been attempts by Iran to get friendly with the Western Academic Circles in order to put their own mark on history and have papers which comfort some of their revisionist views on Pre Islamic History.


Folks like Pierre Briant ( a Specialist of Alexander the Great), Bernard Hourcade ( Known for his Pro Khatami views) have been naturally influenced and were flattered by the IRI prior to the events of 2009 thanks to their close ties with Iranian academics many of whom have been chosen carefully by the IRI since the revolution of 1979. 


As much as Briant and Hourcade are serious academics they are not entirely free of bias muhc of which finds it's roots in the fact that they also had to write papers or give interviews which flattered the Khatami Reforms and presented the Pahlavi rule in a particular negative light.


Touraj Daryaee's Book on the Sassanian Era also subtly comforts the same revisionist attempts undertook by IRI academic circles which try to present the Sassanian Era as one of decadence and decline and social inequality because they know people draw immediate parrallels with the Pahlavi Era, the two Kings of which saw themselves as the heirs of the Sassanians.


The negative outlook on the Sassanians also appears in a scene in Asghar Farhadi's Oscar Awarded film : A Separation.


In the scene towards the middle of the movie you see the daughter of middle class family reading a textbook on the history of the Sassanians to her Grandma while waiting for her father held in custody. She reads about social inequalities during the Sassanians and how social decline led to their downfall. The scene is not a coincidence. It subtly wants to suggest that if the Revolution was conducted to put an end to social injustice then if today's society shows signs of the same inequalities it means that we have drifted away from the ideals of the revolution. Dig further and you can see Farhadi ( born in Khomein in the early 70's) is basically a child of the revolution who never truly lived during the Pahlavi Era and therefore feels Iran should seek reforming the Islamic Republic than toppling it. That is also what the Greens are suggesting through their symbolism.


So seeing Pro Greens Quote Pierre Briant doesn't surprise me ...


These academics were and still are in connive with the Iranian regime thanks to the networkings they have had over the years  with it's academic Circles.


Hourcade actually made a U Turn since the 2009 elections after having been contradicted by Crown Prince Reza and a Journalist Jean Pierre Elkabache who invited Hourcade for a second debate ( the first was prior to the crackdowns) where he had to admit that he was wrong when he said that Iran was not on a brink of revolution.


As such Briant and his likemind academics often patronizing historical outlooks on Iran's royal heritage is not surprising at all ...





Histoire de l'empire perse : de Cyrus à Alexandre, de Pierre Briant ... By Pierre Briant

L'Iran au XXe siècle: Entre nationalisme, islam et mondialisation

by Bernard Hourcade 


Sasanian Persia: The Rise and Fall of an Empire Touraj Daryayee



Shlomo Most Iranians are Indebted to you and other

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Savaki's.  You gave us Iranians much improved Human Rights, you were responsible for enforcing the law which made toture unlawful and put the tight controls in place so that torture completely disappeared from some police stations, whch had been notorious for intimidation and abuses.

Savak needed to be better explained to Iranians and why they are essential to defending and improving citizens human rights.

Thankyou for your efforts for Iranians Peace, Progress & Human Rights.


A culture of rumors, lies, and concoctions! Iranian culture is!


Every morning, we ordered fresh flowers and roses to decorate the SAVAK confinement in the Toopkhaneh location where I was a supervisor. We would also have the entire place watered with disinfectionized and kept the place clean. We served chello kabob and doogh and abgoosht for lunch and dinner. We took care of the inhabitants (guests) of SAVAK just like they take care of the old folks in the nursing homes in America. We did not torture. We simply entertained them. After the regime change in Iran, they should reconstitute SAVAK just like Obama is trying to create a universal healthcare system in America!

Shlomo is proud of his SAVAK record!


Great Video of Painful & Heart Breaking Events Unleashed on the

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Iranian People. Done at the hands of others under organization from abroad to provide plausiable deniability such was the Betrayal by the USA, Uk, France & the treachury by many within Iran who literally used the people of Iran in pursuit of Power with the help of the West.  Not assisting the late shah to get treatment and delaying his treatment was because he was wanted dead, he had been given the cancer along with his former prime minister and personal doctor years earlier.  Thwarting Iranians at the hands of racists, sexists, bigots, hyporits within Iran is a very Sad Memory.

Sadat said Islam never Preaches Hatred, that is actually why people used to like it during Shahs time, but the extremist actions ruined islam for good.

Iran with its culture has been a Leading World Civilization most of the pre-industrialization period.  A monarchy that produced a society with more Champions
than Rome, which it defeated in 10 out of 12 wars.  Producing a Majestic Society of Champions for me it is using Irans National Culture and the Institution of Monarchy which was made by the Culture to
Develop a society that acts based on Friendship, Respect and Fair Play.  This is what made iran Great, The Only Civilization To declare the Rights of each nation as equal to each other and live by it for centuries.

When Iranians like P_J or Zendanian do not exhibit these qualities towards their own honest King, how
do we expect them to do this towards each other and the world at large?  Boy did this great video really bring out the anti-monarchists with a vengance.  What a sad group to belong to, after looking at the results.  Democracy is a part of our future, though not at the expense of
Irans Independence.  We need to build the capability to have it, not at
the expense of being able to progress, like an India or South Africa and other countries
that will have had democratic systems for over a century only to be the
most inhumane/regressive places to live.  God Bless and Highest esteem to Sadat at 1.53.00 Iranians owe him and Egyptians alot and I wish we can Pay them for the Friendship, Respect and Fair Play Sadat paid Iranians by being the sole defender of A Truely Great Iranian King, at a Time when Iranians were being deceived about their King, and at the Expense of His Life.  Among His Majestys Last Words To Iranians about to Face the Brutal Tyranny brought by the USA,UK, France was "Be Fekreh Iran Bashin", "Be Fekreh Iran Bashin"   


Referencing this group as SHAHOLLAHIS can’t be more appropriate

by P_J on

Term Shahollahis/Hezbollah is an absolute RIGHT term for those who are either benefitting from the EMBEZZELED Pahlavi loot, like some of the known paid hustlers on this site, or are just too STUPID to see or analyze facts/truth of our history.

Like the SHAMELESS SAVAKI agent who is giving us bunch of horse manure about the humanistic side of the SAVAKI torture master MONSTERS!   He must be thinking or assuming that IC readers are either too STUPID, gullible or just fools that can easily be DECIEVED. 

Honorable man/woman would have never belonged to this GESTAPO/KGB like organization and would have been ashamed of even mentioning this nefarious, hateful, fascistic organization whose only claim to fame was killing the innocent freedom loving people of Iran.

I knew promising young men who disappeared and presumed murdered either by a MONSTER like you or your bodies in this despicable FILTHY organization!

Only a true PSYCHOPATH could mention this HATED name with pride, as you have, sugar coding it with CRAP!

George Goebbels, the nefarious NAZI murderer and Hitler's propaganda TSAR said; When LIES are BIG enough....repeated often enough people would believe them… 

To the SAVAKI man; as of now, you are a proud member of this MURDERERS’ camp…congratulations!

As an example of the GREATNESS of FREE SPEECH and  EXPRESSION….. It is like a NOOSE around the neck of the Degenerates…tightening!   


توصیف شکنجه های ساواک از زبان یکی از قربانیان آن


انتری که لوطیش مرده بود!

شنیدن صدای "مقام امنیتی" شاه، آن هم پس از سال ها سکوت در برنامه تلویزیونی "صدای آمریکا" و مشاهده تصاویری قدیمی از این جلاد شناخته شده ساواک، 33 سال پس از آن که مردم ایران با انقلاب خود ، شرایط سقوط رژیم سلطنت را مهیا نموده و آن را به زباله دان تاریخ انداختند، مرا به یاد عنوان یکی از رمان های معروف صادق چوبک به نام "انتری که لوطیش مرده بود" انداخت. بدون این که قصد توهینی به شخصیت آن "انتر" در آن رمان به یاد ماندنی داشته باشم، اما با مشاهده بالا و پائین پریدن های پرویز ثابتی جهت تطهیر جنایات خود و دستگاه امنیتی بد نام شاه ، بلافاصله این سئوال به ذهنم خطور کرد که چه شده که "انتری" که در زمان قدر قدرتی "لوطی اش" - که وی را " آریامهر" و "شاه شاهان" می نامید – آن چنان شلنگ تخته می انداخت و در جنایت و قساوت زبانزد عام و خاص شده بود، حال و پس از این "غیبت کبرا" در برنامه "افق" صدای آمریکا شرکت نموده است؟  و قبل از اینکه به پاسخ این پرسش بیندیشم پیش خود گفتم که به راستی چرا کسی که در آن دوران که همه ساواکی ها چهره پنهان می کردند و به جای استفاده از اسم اصلی، خود را "دکتر" و "مهندس" معرفی می نمودند، در تلویزیون لوطی اش به عنوان "مقام امنیتی" "هنر" نمائی می کرد و همه نیز نام اصلی اش را می دانستند، ولی حال که 33 سال از آن سال ها می گذرد، مجبور به پنهان کاری شده است؟ به راستی، این پنهان کاری چقدر پر معنا است! به خصوص وقتی در نظر بگیریم که او در برنامه ای شرکت نموده بود که در باره کتاب هنوز منتشر نشده اش تدارک دیده شده بود، کتابی که از قرار معلوم باید نقش واقعی ثابتی در بکار بردن شکنجه های وحشیانه در ساواک در حق زندانیان سیاسی را انکار کند. در آن برنامه نیز او اظهار داشت که با شکنجه که از نظر وی امری "غیر قانونی" بوده،  مخالف بوده و تصریح کرد که "هیچ وقت هم خودم نه شکنجه دیده ام و نه بازجویی کرده ام". ادعائی که البته جز تف کردن بر چهره حقیقت معنای دیگری ندارد.



SAVAK to Abu Ghraib is like Cancun to Kabool!


As a person who worked for SAVAK for 10 years, I can attest to the most humane treatment of prisoners. We never ever tortured anybody. We helped many youngsters who needed audience and a role model! We spread human rights and democracy in Iran. But, unfortunately people didn't want democracy. They wanted mullahs and repression. And, they got repression.

Shlomo salutes all ex-SAVAK members. 

maziar 58

since the story of our

by maziar 58 on

since the story of our lives(mine) was shaped during hokomat shahanshahi of Iran and will be loyal to that flag and shenasnameh for ever.........

should not carry the fake lable of shaholahi an alaki made term for keeping Iranians away from each other.

*the NIOC contract with the west was expiring on esfand,29,1357

from 1974 there was all planned to get the late shah out of power.

p.s  I just live by memories of the only place I acualy know myself

A free Iran is all I dream of "NA CHAP,NA RAST, JANAM FADAYE IRAN".


Immortal Guard

Shah was mostly a figurehead!

by Immortal Guard on

It was primarily the Savak that was ruling!


A: Never 'assume'

by Zendanian on

B: Don't be so sure I'm your 'buddy.'

C: In 1979 me and family had been out of Iran per orders of your fascist shah and his rastakhiz party. Blame yourself and all your most  khaen, past fetrat, bey hameh chiz, monarchist buddies for all that has happened.

D: Educate yourself on Iranian history before making obtuse comments about 5000 years of history. To start with you could read History of Achaemenids by Pierre Briant, translated by Nahid Foroughan, published by Farzan Publishers. Learn how to write and discourse in Farsi if you want people to take you seriously.

E: A free people in a free country, that and only that, is the key to a healthy, independent, properous society.

Now, you may dwell on that presumption, if you will.


Wrong assumption buddy...

by Shirzadegan on

LOL Koroush Kabir was moft khor.....LOL

This is a logic of one of those people who put us in this mess for 33 years. it becomes more funny when you put the word "Allah" next to Koroush Kabir. It will be like this "Koroush Kabir allahi". oh.... wait a minute Koroush lived 650 years before Arab's Allah was born. What about that? The logic comes short here.

For Houshang khan information.

In 1963, following Khomaini speech and riot, unrest in 2 cities of Qum and Tehran about 700 akhond were killed by army. your claim of akhond were immune from suppression is wrong. I personally visited all those bache akhonds graves in Qum. S.A.V.A.K was in any institutes and organizations. It was not limited to Hojateyeh. wrong assumption. Name any organization that was not cooperating with S.A.V.A.K? in any wedding, funeral there were a couple of the Savaki observers.   Many mosques were built during shah's day. Yes, but no real statistic how many. Just saying hundred hundreds mehdiyeh, hosaineyah.  Talk is cheap. How many were built during Qjar.? how many during your favor king "Vakeel o Roaya" (Karim khan)? how many? do you have any statistic? I am sure it was more than Pahlavi dynasty because people were more uneducated during Karim khan.

     Many mullahs were on payroll by S.A.V.A.K. Your personal hostility against monarchy comes from your past experience with army or S.A.V.A.K and it has no logical basis. Perosnal affair is relates to ourself. We should extend our horizon in terms of society. What is good for our society. Monarchy is the one who can mobilize people under 1 flag. Padeshah in our history has been TOWER OF STRENGH AND INSPIRATION. Padeshah symbolically can unit the nation and prevent our country from separation and fragmentation.



I agree with Zendanian here. well said.

by Albaloo on

I agree with Zendanian here.  Well said. 


سلطنت طلبان خائن ترین گروه به مردم ایران هستند


اگر به خاطر خیانتهای سلطنت طلبان خائن صفت نبود:
- حجتیه و ساواک دست در دست یکدیگر برای مردم ایران توطئه نمیچیدند.
- ده ها و صد ها و هزارها مهدیه و حسینه و تکیه و مسجد در ایران به راه نمی افتاد.
- تمامی نیروهای سیاسی کشور (به جز آخوندها) سرکوب نمیشدند.
پادشاهی هیچ نیست غیر از مفت خوری مشتی دزد بی شرف، پست فطرت به قیمت زحمت و خون ملت.
به اصطلاح "سلسله" پهلوی برجسته ترین نمونه ی این دزدهای مفت خور میباشد، که حتا نام "پهلوی" را نیز از دیگران دزدیده و به خود نسبت دادند.


"Shahollahi" is an insult to Iran's rich history

by Shirzadegan on

Those "Khaens" who put us in this mess for last 33 years should come forward and apologize from our nation before making any comment about Iran rich history. Iran history has been comingled with "Padeshahi" . I am proud my ancestors introduced "padeshahi" as a political system for the first time to the history of mankind. I am proud my people lived under Padeshahi system for over 5000 years. I respect my history and I am proud of that. "Allah" belong to nomad tribe of Arabs which brought disaster to our nation for last 33 years. The word "Allah" should be deleted from Farsi dictionary. Parvadegar is a right word. Keep pushing Allah to vessel of Iran history is a "Kheyanat" and those who promote this idea are "Khaen".



زیگیل دوم


عکس را خوب نگاه کردم، متوجه شدم که اینها اشک نیستند بلکه زیگیل اند. خوب ما هم اگر زیر چشمانمون دو عدد زیگیل صف کشیده بودند، به همه آدم و عالم شاکی میبودیم

Ashk Dovom

You Are right! The Bible has promises for you

by Ashk Dovom on

خوشبخت کسانیکه مغزشان پاره سنگ میبرد، چون ملکوت آسمان مال آنهاست

انجیل متی   5:3


Shahollahi is a most precise and accurate description of what

by Zendanian on

king has been all along in Iranian history and culture.

Even in pre-islam Iran kings were considered a type of deity. Hence their reactionary and backward function as leeches in the overall scheme of things.

All so-called pahlavi kings, so-called since their real name is Savad Kohi and they stole even their "name" from another family, were called zal-ollah, shadow of god.

Furthermore our rather disrespectful monarchist community on this site, have shown very little difference in substance and form, from their Hezbollah counter parts, and have behaved as much intolerant and insulting as Hezbollah crowd.

Moral of the story: "dear" Shaollahis you have earned tis title in earnest. Live with it and be "proud" of it. Cheers 


Proverb 666

by Truthseeker9 on

"You can successfully avoid answering questions that you don't feel comfortable with by using Evasion Tactics"


Bible has the answer: Proverbs 26:4

by anglophile on

Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.   King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.) 


"Shahollahies" is oxymoron term

by Shirzadegan on

"I wasn't expecting any real answers from Shahollahies, only insults, sarcasm...." Ashk Dovom

The word consists of 2 components:

A. Shah = Behind the word "Shah" lays  glorious, rich Persian empire and Persian history. Our hisoty has been intimitated with Padeshahi for over 5000 years. If anyone doesn't like it, for sure, he/she is not Iranian or he/she is Khaen.

B. Allah = Behind the word "Allah" lays bare feet arab desert with no civilalization. The nomad tribe that used to burry their daughters alive in the grave. They still doing it by stonning their women to death. If somone like the word, good for them. The poet Khaghni in his "Tagh e Kasra poem" describes Iranian feeling toward Arabs, Allah.  

Arab dogs during their invasion frequently using the word "Allah will help us to defeat Persians". Quoted from "2 centruries of silent" by Abdul Hossaine zar kob.

These 2 words don't get mixed. It is like saying "Snowy hot summer day". It is either snowy or it is hot. it is Paradox.

We have beautiful word in Farsi. We say :PARVARDEGAR

The word "Allah" brought misery for our nation during last 33 years. It has to be deteted from Farsi dictionary. "Parvardegar" is the right word.

Darius Kadivar

Don't blame me if you don't like the answer

by Darius Kadivar on

Or are running out of arguments ...


Ashk Dovom

Again someone asked a difficult question

by Ashk Dovom on

Again someone asked a difficult question and all the goons and cyber hatchet-men are coming out of the woodwork! Like pouring water down an anthill. I wasn't expecting any real answers from Shahollahies, only insults, sarcasm, jeering and verbal abuse. You surly lived up to your reputation. Your boss will be proud of you!


Darius Kadivar

And Your hiding behind the man Napoleon called ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

And Your hiding behind the man :


Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord


Whom Napoleon Rightly Called "A Sh@t in Silk Stockings" ... 


La Preuve ... As illustrated in these two classic films ... 


In French:

Sacha Guitry Dans Le Diable Boiteux: De la merde dans un bas de soie


And in English: 

Napoleon and Love (1974): Treason is a matter of dates.

Take Care Koochooloos ! LOL 


اشک دوم جان،


شما اول حساب این اشک دومتان بر روی اون چشم راستتان را مشخص کنید؛ که این دو اشک چاخانی چطور افقی پایین چشمتان قرار گرفته اند (و نه عمودی مانند اشکهای معمولی دیگر)؟ و بعد بیاید اینجا اظهار فضل بفرمایید.

Ashk Dovom

Dear Nitemustfall,

by Ashk Dovom on

Dear Nitemustfall,

Thanks! I think you are right about the unlikelihood of me getting any real answers. I am not however sure about the luxurious condo. I imagine that if one has a luxurious condo, especially one with a nice balcony that opens into some fresh air and beautiful landscape one would put a chair there in the balcony and sit down and read a good book; try to think clearly and improve ones mind, instead of being obsessed with writing sycophantic nonsense and insisting on not growing up. But I have never had a luxurious condo or luxurious anything so it is hard for me to tell.