Valerie Jarrett

Obama's closest aide is Shirazi

knowledgeplex.org: Jarrett is a member of African-American and Chicago royalty. But her story and her life begin in the Middle East, not the Midwest. She was born in 1956 in Shiraz, Iran, about 570 miles south of Tehran. Her parents moved to Shiraz, known for its poets, wine and flowers, as part of a program that sent American doctors and agricultural experts to developing countries to help jump-start their health and farming efforts. Her father was on the staff of the brand new Nemazee Hospital, where Jarrett was born. "Every memory from Iran is a very happy memory," Jarrett told me in an e-mail>>>


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This aid is indeed got a

by grant123101 on

This aid is indeed got a good reputation. Women these days are quite capable to tacle positions that most men are finding hard to maintain. I respect this woamn and trusts her judgement. I do hope Obama would trust her too.

Merry Christmas!

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Michael White

The approach of Iran and The

by Michael White on

The approach of Iran and The United States is a good news! As an American I'm glad, that our states will cooperate. I find it bewildering, when some of my compatriots consider countries of the Middle East to be backward. On the one hand, life in the United States is more comfortable and secured financially. You may get a payday lending or any type of credit on profitable clauses and be sure in your tomorrow. But on the other hand, there are some points, we shoul follow in Iran's and other countries of Middle East. That is respect for traditions and culture, which is a firm foundation for development and prosperity.


She has a very beautiful

by TarryG on

She has a very beautiful story. And I can say with a confidence that she is an example  for an imitationa in good sense of these words. Smart woman obtained high results almost without any help. She made a lot for their people. Every country dream to have such leader who makes everything possible to make something better. When people want to start any beginning without money thay apply to payday lenders but she applied to God for the help and received it.


I was very pleased to find

by dontcry on

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Brent H

Racism is a very big issue

by Brent H on

Racism is a very big issue that we should stop. Good thing here that Obama is giving Iran the privilege. Reconcilation should take place to be sure for the good relation of the middle east and America. Ordinarily, Hassan Nemazee could be seen as either another bogus rich kid who couldn't keep legit, or a success story that went horribly sideways.  Hassan Nemazee, an Iranian born and Harvard educated entrepreneur, was just arrested for trying to defraud Citigroup of $74 million, by falsifying accounts, and could face up to 30 years.  He was Chairman of Nemazee Capital, an investment firm, and is the son of Mohammed Nemazee, who founded Nemazee Hospital in Shiraz, and by association, Shiraz University in Iran.  He was highly successful in business and active in many philanthropies, as well as a top fundraiser and donator to the Democratic Party.  Hassan Nemazee won't likely need debt settlement relief, but he'll need a good lawyer.


Her Qualifications

by Latigo (not verified) on

While this woman appears to be very intelligent and well educated, ( my hasband had 2 degrees from the U of Michigan) I have to wonder about her questionalbe connections in Chicago and her role as CEO of Habitat.

Why would Obama or any politician want as a top advisor someone who was reponsible for substandard public housing projects that can't pass basic federal inspections and don't provide decent living space to poor people and then, to add insult to injury, does nothing to correct the problems except stonewall queries? This behavior and policy-making shows neither good judgment, sound values, or much interest in helping those who need her help the most - the poor and minorities. When a project only scores 11 out of 100 points on a federal inspection and is probably going to be demolished because of terrible living conditions, I don't feel that is a recommendation to be an advisor to anyone and particularly the next President of the U.S.

Perhaps it really is only about blind ambition and a new elite class that pretends publicly to care about the poor, but in reality only uses them for their own monetary advancement and to gain enormous political power. Don't expect any real change fromm Obama. It will be more of the same and probably worse. He and Jarrett come out of the terrible environment called Chicago Daley boss politics. Obama cut his teeth on this nasty environment and to at least look the other way in order to get ahead politically. When you lie down with dogs, you tend to take away some fleas even if you have good intentions..


Are you high?

by scarlett (not verified) on

Most of Obama's appointments are NOT Muslim. Most are Jewish or have some ties to Jews (like helping secure a pardon for Marc Rich, etc.). If anyone was the least bit afraid that Obama would serve Muslim interests in office, they should rest easy. Clearly, Obama will serve Jewish ones.


is all this going to matter 99 years from now?where will you be?

by Sinner saved by Grace through Faith (not verified) on

my friends the most important question of all time is....where will you spend eternity after you breath your last breath on earth? could you be on your way to an eternal Hell? Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment,.
examine yourselves, and think about the "most important question" there is hope though.
email me for the answer


Valerie Jarrett

by Hossain Ronaghy MD MPH (not verified) on

I had the honor of being in Shiraz and was student and later friend of Professor and Mrs Bowman (Valerie parent).
This Family is highly exceptional and Dr Bowman loves Iran and Shiraz and had been in touch with Shiraz ever since Valerie was in Shiraz and she is a brilliant and superb individual who belong to entire world


Obama may be able to save greedy & corrupt America

by Seyed Armani (not verified) on

While much of the world is rejoicing over the victory of President Barack Obama we should not forget that the political system in the U.S. is ruled by an elite of super-capitalists who will not allow any major changes that will threaten their long-standing political power and priveleges. However, President Obama may be the right man who might be able to save the sinking ship America. A ship so rotten with corruption, greed, decadence and moral bankruptcy that will take a whole lot of patching and mending. America is history as a super power. It is still the leading super power as I'm writing this, but the arrogant and greedy policies of its ruling elite has put it on a path that will gradually eliminate its super power status. What President Obama might be able to do is to save America as a federal national state, and to save it from being thrown in to a vicious and destructive spiral of chaos and upheaval. Let's hope that he will succeed! Most of this will depend on the people of America. Will they be alert and have learnt something from their past? Unfortunately ignorance and arrogance live comfortably in the hearts and minds of many Americans. Some confused Iranians in the U.S. who seem to suffer from a deeply rooted identical crisis and self-hatred oppose President Obama on the grounds that he should be serving "Muslim interests". These people who have converted to Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and Bhuddism, as if religion and spirituality are football teams, are so confused that they have turned against their own culture and people and are serving reactionary racist elements in the U.S. and elsewhere, knowingly or unknowingly. I think that some of the comments here come from people like them. It's sad that they allow themselves to be tools for these racist reactionaries who are spreading hatred. It's sad that with all the tools at our disposal such as the internet, there are still people who have a very simplistic view of the world they live in. Their world comes only in black and white. Their reasoning: "Osama bin Laden & the regime in Iran say they're Muslim - Therefore Islam is bad and must be crushed!" It would be interesting to know if even one single one of these persons ever attended a class in logics! Anyway, the good news is that we won't have to see the ugly faces of Dick Cheney - a man whom I really do not like, and Bush, a tragedy in American history! Let's hope that President Obama may succeed in saving America.


Obama and his dual citizenship picks for staff.

by Nailer45 (not verified) on

Obama is already showing by the people he is choosing for positions of power are mainly muslim, or of some arab relation and he is setting things up to totaly destroy America and become a communist ruler as Obama is a communist .

Obama will be the worst president in US history unless some KKK member or ticked off arab decides to end Obamas term very early. Obama has already made horrid choices and it looks like he is becoming more evil by the day.



by SOD HELP US (not verified) on



Why do the same kind of people keep showing up around Obama?

by op (not verified) on

I am not sure what Obama is doing, but it does raise red flags in the mind of any objective person. Why all the far left and Chicago people? It is not usual behavior to only choose people from your local area. The fact that she is from Iran and he has relatives there is something to keep an eye on. I hope what some fear is not taking place. Our country should be lead by people who actually do believe in capitalism, the Constitution, and morality or spirituality. The backrounds of any of these people are not to be pre-judged, but that doesn't mean we blindly follow. Every person's background and intentions should be completely exposed and questioned for all to see. This is the right of every American.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

But it's OK to assume that everything is just going to be a peaches and cream.

If, God forbid, it's not, what are you going to do then?


I just think that there is

by Shirazi Gal (not verified) on

I just think that there is no reason to bad mouth someone before he's even started!


Valerie Jarret

by sar (not verified) on

Ms. Jarrett traces her american roots back to her great great grandfather who was born in the US on or about the 1830s

Kaveh Nouraee

Shirazi Gal

by Kaveh Nouraee on

"All of your comments about Obama are speculatory and it's better if you give him the benefit of the doubt."

"Obama will be great!"

Then what the hell do you call that?


Who says she's not a

by Shirazi Gal (not verified) on

Who says she's not a Shirazi, or an Iranian? Many of us were born here in the States and it makes us American!
All of your comments about Obama are speculatory and it's better if you give him the benefit of the doubt.
Wait and see what he does and then see what fools you made of yourselves by being so pessimistic.
Not everyone has an agenda like "W" on war and senseless death.
Who really knew who the heck "W" was and what he'd do for eight years?
So, Back off on Obama, Okay?

Obama will be great!


Obama's abilities

by Doubtful (not verified) on

Yes politicians are great at "talking" and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Obama is really just a pawn in the grander scheme of things. We have to look at the bigger picture; multinational corporations, etc.


Re: everyone comments

by Lady234 (not verified) on

Kaveh your comments are very well said...that is exactly what he is and nothing more. Generally speaking there is way too much media hype and investment about "change" and politicians. They are politicians for a reason...not Mother Teresa. The only thing that has really changed is the country as a whole.


Obama's appointment Shirazi

by Sunni Baran (not verified) on

The question is: Where does she stand on abortion....Obama is the most radical in his position on late term and partial birth as well as survival rights of infants who survive an abortion attempt. I am constantly amazed how the reality of 40,000,000...that is million and counting abortions are accepted in this country without a worry. Who are we? We kill our own at an alarming rate. Obama has vowed to override popular vote in states and put in place the Freedom of Choice Act as his first act as president. Why is it that Islamic, Christian, Jew, Buddhist and members of any other serious theological view of the human person as having God given nature don't speak up with one voice against this barbaric practice of tearing apart the bodies of our babies while still in the wombs of their mothers. Think about it in real terms....It is sick beyond comprehension! Go see what it looks like. Thank of what it "feels like" to the infant. Yes, these little ones feel pain and fear just as we all do. Obama said: "Where there is breath, there is hope." That was his big slogan. These little ones breath through their mother's lungs to get oxygen. Does that make them without hope. I am sick to despair with all the death, unseen and denied. Go and see.....


I bet she doesnt even know

by Ali jun (not verified) on

I bet she doesnt even know what Ghormeh Sabzi is


One more piece uniting the world!

by Beatriz Ferreira (not verified) on

How wonderful to have Valerie on board. One more intelligent person helping to unite the world in a peaceful way! It is so refreshing. And the combination of her wisdom with Mr Obama's is one of the greatest benefits for this country. It takes a primitive "caveman" attitude to start violent wars. And, as Albert Einstein said, You can not solve a problem with the same mentality that created it!! With our "new Mentality" leading this country, it will be a challenge, but those of us who know, will see the world unite much more in a more peaceful manner.
thank you Valerie. Beatriz


Is she C.I.A.? What is the

by Lev77 (not verified) on

Is she C.I.A.? What is the name of the program that sent her father there?

Kaveh Nouraee

What he is......

by Kaveh Nouraee on

is a gentlemanly, well-spoken, and articulate mouthpiece and front for the Democratic Party. Nothing more, nothing less.

The policies you hear him speak of are not his. As intelligent as he is, he hardly posesses the wherewithall to generate these policy ideas on his own. It is the same social agenda that the Democrats have been trying to shove down the throats of 300 million people for so many years. The only difference is that they are presenting it in a 2008 package: Younger, and multi-ethnic. A new-school salesman selling old-school Democratic ideology. 


Way too many Shady connections.

by Lynn (not verified) on

I guess her just being born in Iran isn't a real issue, but when combined with Obama's relationships with others from Islamic countries, living in one himself, and a few home grown terrorists, some with connections to Islamic terrorists, it tends to make one just wonder a bit. You hear what his policies are, sort of, but ya just don't know who this man really is. Not enough answered questions for my vote.


Are you kidding me?

by Concerned U. S. Military Service Member (not verified) on

Why is she allowed in Nobama's campaign? If she wants to make a difference in Iran then aid the leaders there. It's bad enough that Arnold was elected Governor, what is her goal in this campaign?



by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

She's a very accomplished and charming woman but why is she the Iranian of Day? Being born in any country doesn't autmatically make you of that place. The British actress, Julie Christie was born in India. Does that make her an Indian? No one has claimed that for her. Are you that desperate? Note that they didn't even metion that she was born in Shiraz. Come on, people. Get a grip.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Are we just throwing anything at the wall just to see if it sticks?

Notice in Katie Couric's report that the only mention of Iran was concerning her father's work, not the fact that she was born there. No doubt that particular tidbit was intentionally omitted.



Why under Iranian Of The

by kofri (not verified) on

Why under Iranian Of The Day? Because of her birthplace? No, she is not an Iranian-American, she is an American-Iranian and a great one! On ham hamshahri, na faghat Shirazesh blakeh Chicagosh ham!!