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Sayyad Sha'er visit:

It's funny how Iranians are ready to risk partitioning, war, death of hundreds of thousands of their own countrymen. What good will this do to ordinary Iranians?



Agreed. The Persian spring was the catalyst. With Syria soon to be gone, Iran will have no more friends left. Not that it had any to begin with, in the past 34 years. But it is clearly obvious that the Iranian regime is taking its last gasps. This is evident from the increased activity in the bank accounts of the leaders. But i am strongly convinced that the regime will not fall unless the US and Israel intervene and force their departure. My take.



Fred with all do respect, i disagree , Freedom for Iran and Iranians and The rout to hell for the Islamist Occupiers of Iran is through direct Military Strike . The command and control centers must be Targeted ASAP


bacheh akhoond

The children of Imam Hossein are hungry and you want to drop bombs on them!


Bahram I only wear my own watch

they have run out of sanctions!! the ' sane' world has even sanctioned Iran on critical medicines import!! and that is very low of them!!!
like or not,sanctions are not working and that is a big LOL for Israel!!


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

"Destroying the country in order to save it!"
It's interesting that there's not a single word about the effects of hyperinflation on the lives of ordinary Iranians, especially poor and the working class.
Not a word on how sanctions actually weakens and demobilizes people's struggle against IR.
And now advocacy for a full blockade. Just one step before full scale foreign invasion and turning Iran into another Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria,...
And why all these omission about the negative and deadly effects if sanctions, blockade, and foreign military invasion of Iranian people?
Because Iranian people, and their well being and welfare are the last thing to be considered for the blogger that posted this item and his cohorts.


G. Rahmanian

These people look anything, BUT Iranian. Where did they all come from?



The same place Fred came from. Israeli-firster town.


mousa67 offering free psychotherapy sessions to those suffering from potentialy suicidal mental condition known as "islamism"

these shiat women should do something better with their lives instead of street walking.