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Hmm..... DoctorMohandes jaan, I don't know that one but its got potential, you need to develop it further. :)


Doctor Mohandes Beware. BS detector onboard!

nice improv mehrban

but being the damn country boy, conventional guy that i am, how about sticking with : barf miad....bard miad...goole goole barf miad ..reezeh reze barf miad....



Wow! Loved it. Thank you for sharing I am very glad you are among us.

Below is a small (humble) improvisation of mine from the footsteps of the snow to its final melting. It is called seday pay barf (sound of the footsteps of snow)

صدای پای برف

رنگ مروارید

گٔل یخ .

نفس گرگ

هلال ماه

پنجه آفتاب .

لغزش یخ

بوی یاس

قطره آب

نون برنجی

دشت سیراب .