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In the womb of a pregnant woman two babies were engaged in discussion.

One asks the other,

-Do you believe in life after birth?

Of Course, there must be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare for what it will be later.

-Nonesense! There is not anything called life after delivery, what and how would be that life?

I don't know, but surely in that place there will be more light. Maybe we'll walk on our feet and we´ll nourish by our mouth.

-This is absurd, walking by our feet and eating by our mouth? that is impossible .that is ridiculous!Umbelical cord is where we eat, I tell you something, there is not such a thing called life after birth period!

Well, there must be something, and maybe it's just a bit different from what it is here in this dark tight place.

-But no one has returned from postpartum. Delivery is the end of life, and after all life is a harrowing existence in the darkness that leads to nowhere!

Well I don't exactly know how it will be after deilvery, but I am sure we will see our mom and she  will take care of us.

-Mom? Do you believe in mom? And where do you think she is?

Where? All around us, in it and through it is how we live. Without her the whole world will not exist.

-Well I do not think so! I´ve never seen mommy, so it's illogical for her to exist.

Well, but sometimes when we are silent, we hear her sing or feel her caress our world.

You know. I think there is a real life that awaits us and that we are only now getting ready for it.....