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گل بود به سبزه هم آراسته شد!


G. Rahmanian

Faramarz jaan,

Nice find. I can't stop laughing. I wonder why this looney is attracted to Islam?



GR Jaan,

I've been wondering why the guys who commit serious crimes and end up in jail never convert to other religions like Buddhism, Armenian, Lutheran or Scientology, then it downed on me.

It is very easy to convert to Islam. You say your "Ash'had", burn a few flags, say "Death to this or that" and climb some walls!

Nothing to it!


seyed.javad Eslam is good for you

brother faramarz.
first of all it is great news to hear that there is one more brother who has joined the flood of westerners converting to Eslam , the religion of peace and love. Indeed, if you are on a death row, why not become a muslem and upon execution at the hands of a christian or a jew, possibly become a martyr and enjoy all the benefits that martyrs of Eslam enjoy in after life?



I hear you brother Javad.

The thing that I like about Eslam is that it is like a good insurance policy!

You can do all the fun stuff, and then convert to Eslam and end up in 7th heaven with all the benefits and privileges Just like American Airlines frequent flier lounge!


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

Did anyone read this little part all the way at the end of that "report?" Cheers

"Being that it is a tabloid report, the possibility that James Holmes has converted to Islam is more than a little doubtful. The Enquirer has reported solid exposés in the past regarding John Edwards and Tiger Woods, but most of their daily coverage has been criticized for falling short of basic industry standards.
Do you think reports that James Holmes has converted to Islam are true?"



Batman Jihads is a smart guy, he found way to go to haven.


MRX2412 Fighting islamo/communists and liberal bowl one day at the time!

which kind did he convert to Nabeh Mohammadi or Nabe Vahabi sauid style?


Mehrdad A

You ask why? Because he knows the evil he did wasn't enough. He is seeking other means to satiate his soul.


maziar 58 Maziar

A quick Death Penalty is the Answer.
After all A Muslim less is a Better Place to live.



Is he shiite or Sunni? Well, he can join John Walker Lindh!