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Syria: Thanatos on great scale




Yesterday I was talking to a Kuwaiti friend who was on his way to visit a Syrian doctor friend to talk about the war in Syria. I said that the country is being half destroyed. He said yes, Asad did it. I said that Asad could not have done it by himself. He needed the help of his opponents who have resorted to violence and sought foreign support, hence losing their independence so much that decisions about their role and position are being decided upon in Washington, Paris, London and Ankara. He had no clear response to this, saying simply that if Asad had left, none of this would have happened. I said that this was wishful thinking – when has a despot left power voluntarily? Of course Asad would not, and will not. The problem with his opponents is that they had no understanding of the importance of maintaining independence in struggle. This is why as soon as the "Free Syrian Army" was formed and Qatar and Saudi Arabia became its paymasters, I wrote that chances for democracy in Syria had become slim, and that there was a serious possibility that the country would break up.

It is painful to see that such amazing courage in opposing the despot of Damascus is not only being wasted, but actually used to destroy and disintegrate the country.  It is as if Thanatos is in operation, a death wish that expresses itself in by replacing one tyrant with so many smaller tyrants who act as warlords in the disintegrating Syria. All because they fail to realize that when struggle for freedom is not also a struggle for independence, power can easily impose its own dynamism and use the courage of others in order to expand itself. What is happening in Syria is Thanatos on a great scale.

Can they pull back from the abyss of destruction and the disintegration of Syria? I seriously hope so.