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A very well-deserved and BELATED thank you to all my pals.o



I can hardly believe my eyes. I am back!! That is right I AM BACK:))

Has been such a long time since i have been blocked due to someone doing something really nasty and crazy, throwing a tantrum, which led to my being blocked...

I have missed each and every single one of you great people (except for those who wanted me out...grrr...that is right...grrrr.. yeah. you heard me vatos:)) 

And want to send a BIG THANK YOU TOMY PALS AND BUDDIES ...FARAMARZ AND AO who did their best to request the admnistrators to bring some of us "deserted" and "neglected" ones back.

You would not imagine how i felt when i came online, witnessed and read all those supportive messages, yet i could not do jack...It is like standing behind a glassy wall, banging on it , feeling that no one can hear you. It sucked to Oslo norway:)


Anywho. I raise my glass to the new beginnigs and i hope that we can see much less bickerings and misunderstandings , and see more manageable disagreements, which in and of itself could be some kinda revolution, culturally speaking, within the iranian community!!

Good work there Mr. amin and the crew. I have to admit that at first i was lost like bamby! didn't know what to do and where to go, since i was so accustomed to older version, but "gamas gamas" i found my way around things. 


Mr. administrator and all the players...contributors...get set...get ready...Let the games begin...GO:))




Doctor Mohandes @Kyle6

Beware. BS detector onboard!

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Doctor Mohandes Beware. BS detector onboard!

Yeah i hope so too man.
I did not know what had happened. what i had done that was sooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooo soooooooooooooo wrong, and on top of all that my request to let me in with a new name was left unprocessed and was there pending approval like forever man!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your damn awsome blog dude. i really loved it and all the comments ...i hope that soon we can see brother anglophile among us , if he is not alreay here with another name.
Needless to say that i immensly enjoyed all your intellectually devised and articulately presented articles and blogs.

Hey the way...whoes turn was it today to pick up milk...and did you move that clock off the nightstand again?!!:)))


Anonymous Observer

Welcome back my friend. Hope to see you around for a looooooooooong time . :-)



Hey Brother Man Kyle!

Welcome back and let the games begin!


Doctor Mohandes Beware. BS detector onboard!

faramarz jan

Your hand indeed does not ache for all those efforts. Hazeedam be joone mola:)
in summary , i am your servant and more importantly servant, from here ta shoosh ta paris, charted:))


Anonymous Observer

I'll pick up the stuff on my way home bro. remember to turn the lights off tomorrow. It's Sabbath. :-)