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!شامپوی دنبلان گاو وحشی برای تقویت مو





Samira Asemanfar of TheBroot Hair Salon in Santa Monica has taken the natural shampoo and hair treatment to a new level and is now offering a shampoo made by the broth of the bull’s testicles to strengthen and repair the outer layers of the hair.

“Samira is an advocate of natural beauty ingredients and came up with the niche beauty concept after thinking back to how she loved mixing hair masks in the kitchen with her mom as a child, but couldn’t find time to make the kitchen beauty remedies as she got older.”


“My favorite was always banana and oils,” she says. “My hair felt strong and shiny all the time...[and] buying chemical-filled hair masks didn’t seem like the most attractive idea for my virgin hair."


My hat’s off to the bull who is taking one for the women’s beauty!





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Anonymous Observer

I find the practice despicable. That being said, I could come up with a million jokes, but I shall keep them all to myself.



And I am going to sleep with one eye open from here on!



The story reminds me of how people discover these things . For example someone told me artificial raspberry flavour comes from anal gland of beavers. How did they come up with this discovery and that it tastes good.



بر اساس گزارش سازمان نظام پزشکی آمریکا اثرات غیر منتظره این شامپوها نیز باید درنظر گرفته شود. از عواقب بسیار وخیم استفاده از شامپوی بیضه گاو، یکی برزگ شدن و گرد شدن ناخواسته پستانهاست. شما به عکس ایشان نگاه کنید و ببینید آیا صلاح هست که این شامپوها مصرف شوند یا نه من که شخصا اعتراضی ندارم، نوش جونش


Siamak Zand

خانمی که از این شامپو استفاده میکنه قسم خورده هر بار که استفاده میکنه موهایش سیخ میشه



این خانم اپرا از آخوندای خودمون کم نمیاره. الهی با هم محشور بشن.