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Very funny.

Can someone tell me the order with which blogs are being posted? In old IC the most recent ones were posted on top followed by the older blogs; in the new format there does not seem to be any order.It is very confusing.


Esfand Aashena

My kid beats the crap out of your honorary kid!



Thanks for the "Toops" my friends and I appreciate the great comments.

The IR Regime is going to get some Boeing spare parts in exchange for its nuclear ambitions, and that's as far as this negotiations will go.

Regime change is what we are striving for and we will get there sooner than you think!


Doctor Mohandes Beware. BS detector onboard!

I don't know about you guys...
But every time i see their faces i get this sudden urge to pick up a baseball bat and just do something crazy to them...or with the bat...i mean i just feel like swinging the damn thing around and break something!

Do i need to check myself into a psychiatric faaceeeleeetee?:))


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

Wow, DM jaan, didn't know you also were a member of "The Church of Joe Pesci"! If you don't recall tis religious order, see below, from 7:20 to 8:20. It'll refresh your memory!
George Carlin- Religion is bullshit



Millions of doroods Doctor gerami! There is nothing wrong with you. Your resentments towards and disgusts of these out-of-wedlock born Akhoonds and your love for Iran conspire that you urge the desire to insert that baseball bat all the way into these animals rectums, that's all!

Stay angry at these beasts and always carry a baseball bat, my friend!


Bahram I only wear my own watch

من هیچ جا نخواندم و نشنیدم که مذاکره با آمریکا خط قرمز رژیم است!! ولی بس زیاد گفته شده که آمریکا و دیگر غربیها تا موقعی که ایران غنی سازی را متوقف نکند از مذاکره که هیچ دارو هم نمی​دهند!!
کاریکاتور یابو و اؤ با ما که نشان بدهد ریس​جمهور آمریکا سوار بر یابو اسرائیلی حامل آب چشمه زمزم تقدیمی گربه نره سعودی عازم ایران است!!!


Monkey And Organ Grinder

Akbar is telling Ali about his good times in Boshkeh in Qom. Ali will have to go into the eternal Boshkeh with no access to softeners very soon!


hamsade ghadimi

رفسنجانی‌: خیر قربان، این قوتو ناب کرمان هست. هر دردی رو درمان میکنه.


bacheh akhoond

Two of the greatest men and leaders in the history of Islam and mankind!


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

خامنه ی: اکبری جون تو که ما را شوخی شوخی از یک حجت اسلام دست دوم تبدیل کردی به "ولی فقیه" و کل نظام را از مخمصه ی جانشینی رهاندی . ببینیم این دفعه چه جوری ما و کل این نظام را از بلا حفظ میکنی.
رفسنجانی: جون علی گدا ، جون بچه ها، این مذاکرات را یه جوری پیش میبرم، که آب از آب تکون نخوره، حالا ببین. الکی نیس به ما میگن چرخ دنده نظام.