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hamsade ghadimi

if my math is correct, going from 2.4 million barrels a day to 800k/day means oil revenue is down by 2/3 not 1/2.



Food stamps for oil!

The Regime should be allowed to receive only vouchers for the oil and the vouchers can only be used to purchase food, medicine and other necessities.


G. Rahmanian

Fabulous! This piece of news is perhaps the best thing I've heard from home in years. Thanks for sharing.

The ayatollahs and their hired goons will have to do with less, I suppose. This means the infighting over who embezzles more of the nation's coffers will intensify, thus hastening the demise of the regime.

Looking forward to the day when the bandits ruling Iran stand trial for the heinous crimes they have committed against Iran and Iranians and the rule of law finally returns.