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Roozbeh_Gilani "Personal business must yield to collective interest."

همان‌طور که جای دیگر عرض کردم:

زهر مسلمان که کشته شود.............. سود ایران است!

کیف می‌کنم که اینجور این بچه مسلمان‌های مادر به خطا از دست پاچگی به جون هم افتاده و مزدوران اینترنتیشون هم به هم دیگه فحش خار مادر میدان!


ali kamju



bacheh akhoond

A pro-democracy 3rd generation female akhoond, made in England! If she is pro-democracy then my aunt has 3 testicles!



despite being coverd by Pattoo she might be ....... emmmmmm have u cheked



First came the grandson, Hosein Khomeini, asking for US invasion of Iran in 2003;
and now the granddaughter. Why do we have to care about anything related with Khomeini. He died long ago and has to face GOD all alone by himself, all naked, and with no relatives to defend him there against his numerous crimes. Nobody.


mousa67 offering free psychotherapy sessions to those suffering from potentialy suicidal mental condition known as "islamism"

demo: you can not be as stupid as you sound! after all this shiat cuty and her brother, never mind the gran dady know shiat islam thousands of time more than you.
now if you see your good friend, tell her I've got a genuine taiwan made omega watch for her. but she needs to earn it first :)



Naiemeh Khanoom wants a return to her grand daddy's peaceful, democratic, intelligent and non-violent era!!!! By the way she looks more British than her grandfather.