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Court orders trial of human rights crimes by Islamic Iranian regime

Sets Dates For April 15-17, 2013 in DC Federal Court
(Washington, D.C., December 17, 2012). Today the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch (, Larry Klayman, announced that the Honorable Beryl Howell has set a trial date for his billion dollar case on behalf of the Mohammadi family for April 15-17, 2013, in Washington D.C.
Filed years ago on behalf of Akbar and Manouchehr Mohammadi, two famous student leaders who were instrumental in kick starting the freedom movement in Iran, and who were imprisoned, tortured and in the case of Akbar murdered by the Islamic regime in Iran, the case not only seeks compensation for these atrocities, but more importantly justice for these human rights crimes against humanity.
Few politicians in Washington DC, and in particular in the Obama administration, have been willing to even talk about these on-going atrocities against the brave Iranian people for fear of alienating the mullahs in Tehran, who the president hopes will accede to his sanctions and forego the development and production of atomic weapons. Indeed, even the Voice of America’s Persian News Network has been gagged from being too “aggressive” about broadcasting news of these on-going atrocities.
Klayman stated, “Now, at this time of crucial importance, this trial will be held, much like the Nazi Nuremberg trials were held after World War II, to show the world that the barbaric nature of this Islamic regime, which not only finances and supports terrorism around the world and is waging a thus far successful Muslim revolution, is not only a nuclear threat to our survival, but that it also is unfit in any respect to be part of the world community. Hopefully, this trial will serve to wake up Americans and others to the threat of Islamic Iran to the civilized world, in order to have them demand that our government finally support the Iranian freedom movement by abandoning the administration’s policy of appeasement, truly support Israel, and eliminate these neo-Nazi mullahs and their proxies, as the nation was forced to do with Adolf Hitler.”
To view a copy of the complaint, go to or go to Pacer (Mohammadi v. Islamic Republic of Iran, Case No.  1:09-cv-01289).  To interview Mr. Klayman, contact Adrienne Mazzone:  561-750-9800 x210; or email