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Are We a Compassionate People?

This past week in the US a gunman went to a school and brutally murdered 28 people including 20 kids, 6-7 years old. President Obama stood in front of the nation and wiped tears off his face. In Iran, an old kerosene heater caught fire in a school, a bunch of kids got burned and disfigured and one died. The education minister mocked the tragedy and laughed and the other officials completely ignored the tragedy. Several weeks earlier in southern Iran a school bus taking a bunch of school girls to a mandatory school trip to the Iran-Iraq war zone flipped and several kids died. The officials ignored the tragedy again and some of the helpless parents said that it was “God’s will.” In a ceremony to celebrate the opening of Tehran’s Metro Line 4, the officials, including Tehran’s Mayor spoke of “Fatemeh Zahra” and openly cried. Are we a compassionate people or do we only show emotions about those who died centuries ago?


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Sayyad Sha'er visit:

From my experience, Iranians are varied. As a whole, the culture is not openly compassionate or emotional, hence its expression in art and poetry. A lot of bottled up feelings, a lot of passive-aggressiveness, a lot of tazahorat and ketman, a lot of things done to keep aberu and play some role. It drives people insane. I feel Iranians are always in the act of covering up the realities of their situation- everything from pretending its fine to be pushed into a career your parents chose for you to pretending there's nothing wrong in Iran by acting as if Iran is special because of the Persian Empire of 2,500 years ago. Iranians need to stop living in fantasies and live in the now, to embrace the moment and be real to themselves.


G. Rahmanian

Faramarz Jaan,
Thanks for the blog.

As for the ruling Islamist murderers in our country, I would've indeed been surprised had they acted otherwise with regards to the deaths of Iranian children. In the past three and a half decades, these criminals have either murdered children in cold blood or sent them to their death in the killing fields of Iran-Iraq war with no qualms. But the Iranian officials and their shameless agents here and there shed crocodile tears for the Iraqi or Palestinian children, day in and day out.


Monkey And Organ Grinder

Iranians care more about hazrat Abbas' horse's diarrhea than anything that has to do with Iran or themselves! Iranians have become Arabized and there is no way back! It's a shame!


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

عفیر (رضی الله عنه): یا نقی! چرا کفار بی دین وقتی ۲۰ تا بچه دبستانی تو مملکتشون کشته می شه اندوه ملی و همدردی نشون میدن، تازه امام حسینــشون میاد پیام تسلیت می ده، ولی تو جمهوری اسلامی سامرا، ۳۰ تا بچه مدرسه ای جزغاله شدن، تنها کسی که عکس العمل نشون داد وزیر آموزش و پرورش بود که سعی کرد با عنتر بازی اندوه بازماندگان رو افزایش بده؟
نقی (ع): مثل آنها به ما مثل کسانی ست که مرگشان پایان بهشتِ این دنیاست، لاکن برای دختران ما مرگ پایان زندگی در جهنمیـــست که اسلام برایشان ایجاد کرده است.


Roozbeh_Gilani "Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Dear Faramarz: The islamist regime's official, was uncharacteristicaly honest when he described the death of Iranian school kids as "God's will". Of course the "god" he talks about is the "God" of Shia Islam. The god of Murder, Hate, corruption, theft and Lies.
P.S. Your comparison of the Islamist run Iran with Secular liberal democratic USA is worthy of a medal in black humour!


Doctor Mohandes Beware. BS detector onboard!

That will depend on how you would define Compassionate.
Although I applaud Pres. obama for showing his deepest and sincere feelings, i would take issue with him and the entire administration for not doing enough to prevent the tragedies that happened in Syria and other places.

There is no question that everyone was taken aback by it and this was a real shocker for all americans and all human beings, But it would have been nicer if they would have thrown caution out to the wind and pass this stupid anti-gun bill and implemented it effectively, Immediately!

Now with the iranian side, we are dealing with a whole different beast. Suffice it to say the compassion element has long been taken out of the equation when it comes to these officials.



And how do we define the 'terrorism?' Isn't the beast who committed this heinous crime supposed to be officially labeled as a 'terrorist' by the so-called compassionate Obama? And is not suffice to say that the 'tragedies' one brings upon on others will sooner or later bring upon the same to him/her as the just retributions?


Doctor Mohandes Beware. BS detector onboard!


I don't see any obligations on Obama's side, to call him a terrorist, you can do that on your own. call him all the mean and vicious names in the book.
But i have a feeling that there is a hidden agenda to what you stated and it does not end at putting the blame on Obi joon.
Look man, everyone knows in here and it has been discussed many times, who is the real THIEF and who is committing major atrocities. I grant you that obi's arbabs are behind so many of these crimes, and all these terrorism that you insist The US Is bringing upon the whole rest of the world, but let's call an Abdookhyar an Abdookhyar and not deliberately confuse issues.



Thanks for your reply, DM. . Let's assured there was no hidden agendas with the comment. Just trying to look for some 'consistency' in babies' cries. As simple as that.



The beloved leader (Khomi).
Said we should go from 70 M to 200M people as soon as possible.
As you can see plan for production of new humans are on the way, so what few died here or there (lets call them defective) we have 11 ½ Imam to mourn about. Compassion for human life in Muslim countries is as deep as a copy paper (thin); in Syria their copy machine needs fixing.



'You' won't ever be fooled by one's racism under the 'government's care' cover up.....nala, nala, nala.



GOD is going to take care of the Iranians officials?! with their crimes/ignorance /indifference by his own ways soon. Not to worry at all. He also knows the true nature of anybody's tears.Not to worry all. The things to be reminded of, however, and to worry about are these: Didn't 500,000 infants die in Iraq due to 11 years of sanctions there? How many Afghanis/Iraqis kids have been murdered since their countries were occupied by US? Did they have different blood colors in their young bodies? Did any US official ever drop a tear for any of those youngsters' murders? And also just imagine for a minute what would have happened if the shooter was let say from Pakistan and would have Israelis reacted if GOD forbid such would have had happened in Israel by a Palestinian shooter? It is a wonderful world after all. Ain't it?



God is sleeping on the job and is not paying any attention to what is happening around him!



Stay tuned then as he is the manipulator of them all, pretending to be asleep & paying no attention to all that is evil on earth at no time!


hamsade ghadimi

i've never been a fan of "proof by example" logic. i will say this though: policies of some countries show their indifference toward the well-being of their own citizens more than others. iri's policies toward half of its population, cruel punishment of its citizens for non-criminal activities, execution of juveniles, ... on one side, and u.s.' gun policy on the other