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Clinton: Washington Seeks Bilateral Talks With Tehran

Responding to a question in a forum attended by a group of officials, experts and diplomats from the United States and the Middle East in Washington on Friday, Clinton called Iran the hardest issue she has dealt with as secretary of state, and stressed that the Obama administration is prepared for bilateral talks with Iran. Continue reading »


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Esfand Aashena

I think Hillary from day one was reluctant to talk to Iranians and only did it when Obama forced her to and quit as soon as she could!

This Susan Rice character is not any better and is so abrasive. I don't like her and wish she is not even nominated and if she is, her nomination is blocked. I don't mean this because of her positions on Iran, I mean it because of her shady past.

She is a bitch and last week when she was asked about the Kenya and Tanzania embassy explosions during the Bill Clinton administration and she was State Department's person for North Africa, she did not recall! She has more issues elsewhere.

She is a robot that is programmed to be abrasive with a bad attitude! A beeaaach!



About Susan Rice character, Esfand is correct. She is mean and stiff. Compromise is not in her dictionary. I hope someone with better personality and willing to bend a little be selected to replace Hillary