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Reza Shahabi on hunger strike again-Free Reza Shahabi Now- See Sample Protest Letter below)

Sample Protest letter: Reza Shahabi must be immediately released and promptly treated. I (we) are writing to protest the continued persecution of labour activist and the gross violation of workers' rights in Iran. We continue to witness many labour activists brutally persecuted and unjustly imprisoned in Iran. In particular, I am seriously concerned about the health and well being of Reza Shahabi. Reza Shahabi, the executive board member and treasurer of the ... Continue reading »


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Sayyad Sha'er visit:

I don't get why Iranians resort to hunger strikes and other forms of martyrdom to make a change. Do they honestly believe their system cares?


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

Excerpts from Reza Shahabi's latest letter from Evin prison, ward 209.
I am only one manifestation of extortion on prisoners’ health.

What has gone on, and been imposed on my health, my treatment, and my medical care , the prisoner on ward 209 of Evin prison, has also been applied to all other prisoners in here. I find myself forced to speak out. Health care and attention in here is severely precarious and has caused grave concern for me, my family and friends. I would like to share this concern with our communities in Iran and world. I also would like to praise doctors and health professionals that perform their duties, but remain confined within limitations of this dysfunctional inattentive order of things.

Any prescription from prison’s physician can take ten to twenty four hours to be actually given to me, leaving the prisoner with only more pain and discomfort. Prison’s medical facility is poorly staffed and equipped very inadequately, if a prisoner is injured and needs stitches, medical staff refuse to operate because of a lack of anesthesia, or stitching needles and threads, or an operating doctor.

Prisoners that have to be transferred to hospitals outside of prison face and even greater dilemma. They get caught up in a closed circuit of procedures, and bureaucracy that leads to more pain, discomfort or even death.

While my doctor’s recommendation goes to prison’s physician, and prison physician’s approval goes to district attorney’s office, his office without any single medical qualification, determine whether there is a medical case or not, and decide if the prisoner deserves to be hospitalized or not. Such conduct becomes status-quo when all matters are politicized and considered security concerns. Our families all go through incredible difficulties and hardship to pursue our case through legal channels.

Each time my request for medical care succeeds, it could take anywhere from two to six weeks, and even then it has yet to be approved by district attorney. Even when in hospital and receiving medical care, the treatment remains incomplete and I have to be returned to hospital before a certain deadline, and we are back to square one again. It is enough to make you wish you were dead.

Another affliction causing me pain is my teeth and lack of treatment for them. Dental services imprison is also inadequate, expensive, and cumbersome. Prisoners lacking funds are simply refused any care. The usual response is: Either cash or back in cell.

I Reza Shahabi, a bus driver, expelled from work and imprisoned, have no source of income. I have had a critical operation on my neck and spinal cord, and according to doctors’ recommendation need to rest at home with continued medical care. Alas none has been provided. My front tooth was broken during interrogation in ward 209 and is a constant pain. To top off all these problems, we also have privatization, also becoming operating principal in prisons as well, resulting in nothing but a continued silent death for prisoners.

I have been left no choice but to go on a Hunger Strike, and refuse even the inadequate medical care receiving at the moment. By doing this perhaps official in charge would take notice. I’m sharing my decision with my co-Syndicalists, workers’ organization and labor and civic activists in hoping of receiving the original medical recommendation, which were opposed by district attorney.