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Anonymous Observer

This may seem real crazy and outlandish, but really, it's really not that far off from some of the claims that you see made by West residing Iranians on It was not too long ago when Ayatoilet1 wrote a blog claiming that Paula Broadwell, the woman who had an affair with Petraeus was an Israeli spy because she may have come from a Jewish background. Incidentally, I looked at the "Veterans Today" article which is used by the IR, and it uses the fake Michele Bachman quote on "jihadi food" as one of its pieces of "evidence."


Sayyad Sha'er visit:

Once again it seems Iranians like to go off into conspiracy theories.


mousa67 offering free psychotherapy sessions to those suffering from potentialy suicidal mental condition known as "islamism"

LOL! now this is funny!!! they must be sh**ing their pants , having nightmares about israel to come up with crap like this! the fact is that israel is a solid ally of US and iranian people. israel only goes after the islamist terrorists in service of islamic republic. the ones responsible for murdering iranian people, yet pretending to be 'scientists".