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This Is How People In Oil Rich Iran Live in the 21st Century!


Iranians have to get their water from untreated rivers and streams while $50 million parks, and master planned communities are built for the South Lebanese using Iran's petrodollars.  Source:


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Anonymous Observer

I'm just curious as to whether or not the $20 million that was just spent on the "Imam Hossein" shrine, and also the money spent on its bizarre procession through Iran's various cities, would have paid for clean water for one of these villages.


bacheh akhoond

The poor woman is totally unaware of what the people in the upstream village throwing in, or washing their bodies, or washing their infants dirty diapers, or for that matter urinating in that water.... This toxic water supply was the technology of the choice before the great Reza Shah and his son M. R. Pahlavi came to power more than 80 years ago... It was only during the Pahlavi's when clean running water supply was introduced in Iran.... Of course, dumb stupid Iranians in 1979 decided that they no longer wanted clean water along with many other modernities and reverted back to their old habits of eating, drinking, washing, cleaning, and pooping in and from the same place.....As they say you can take a khar to the chah but you can't make him/her drink.....



Given the demonstrated expertise by IRI in different fields (such as petrol prouction) probably the untreated water is safer than the treated one and this woman the wisest Iranian. As with regards to the water treatment I am sure they just make sure it is Kor.


hamsade ghadimi

it seems counterintuitive but can you name a country where most of its gdp is from natural resources and the majority of its people does not live in poverty?


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

AO jan, actually in Qatar, in I'm not mistaken (like Dubai) at least half the population are migrant workers. But they have zero rights or benefits. They're not native, yet they live there and run the place.
In case of Iran, only in the past eight years Iran has had almost half a trillion dollars in Oil exports. Could some of that be used for clean water?
Furthermore in case of Iran arguing that because most of Iranian GDP is from Oil export we're condemned to poverty is just silly. Besides natural resources Iran also enjoys an incredible range and depth in human resources.
Perhaps the question could be posed as to why all these resources (natural and human) are not properly utilized as they ought to be.
Perchance our problems are not lack of resources, but lack of proper management and policy.


hamsade ghadimi

i was alluding the vast number of countries in the middle east and africa with vast amount of resources and number of people living in poverty. qatar is more of an exception than the rule. i believe there are some 700 million people living in poverty in resource-rich countries.


Sayyad Sha'er visit:

Thus is the story of the third world. Anyone see India? Pictures of the Ganges river? People bathe and brush their teeth in it, two feet away someone's taking a dump and a corpse is floating by. Somehow countries with so much potential give way to so much corruption- it's oghdeh- the society and mohit is poor, so when politicians get to the top, the first thing they do is leech off the system. But as long as Iran' foreign policy is like this, things inside the country will remain this way.

I heard from a friend in the UN that with these sanctions, Iran is going to be like Zimbabwe by 2018. Great, where's that Persian pride now? Iranians need to get over their past and let the present sink in.