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Missing Fred


It is nearly a week since the most prolific contributor to this site, published his last blog. Fred may have left this site indefinitely. For a blogger who used to blog at least twice a day, a week oa silence is a long time. Fred, left us in no doubt about his feelings in relation to the site's new "approval" polcy.   He, very understandbly, chose to make a dignified exit rather than to surrender to the censorial whims and wishes of the site's management, and at worst being  banned from the site for  simply stating the truth. Otherwise, one may convincingly argue that Fred has been one of the most (If not the most) informed, intelligent and civilized contributor to ever. His departure will leave a gaping void in the site and all his friends and supporters, myself being one, shall miss him terribly.




These are sad days for freedom of speech on


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Mona 19 "محبت نور است در هر خانه بتابد و عداوت ظلمت است در هر کاشانه لانه نماید"

Thank you for the blog. I don't see other contributors such as @Mehrban, @faraway, @faramarz, @ruhany,@AnonymousObserver,@ArtificialIntelligence,....

I personally don't like comments going thru filter & must be approved by Admin/moderators before publishing.

If Mr.Admin (@SaidAmin) has decided that blogs need to be approved in order to be chosen as featuring blogs/news that's perfectly fine but not comments!!

I used to visit the site once or twice a day to read blogs & comments. I don't like the new IC, it's like a soot o koor town :(



Roger_Rabbit Framed

Dear Mona

Thank you for visiting this blog. You made a very interesting point. In the days when JJ was the chief editot (or the only editor) one could write whatever one liked as a blog - profanity or otherwise - and as long as there were no libellous allegation, the blogger had full freedom to instantly publish whatever the blogger wished. Only the comments were subjected to a relatively mild (and random) scrutiny. And the comments section was similar to a live chat room with no time delay.

While JJ was a professional journalist and valued freedom of speech, Said Amin, clearly is not. My guess is that he wants to wind down the site and what better way than forcing the contributors to vanish one by one?

So far he has been successful to pander to the desires of those who wish to see the sight a "soot o koor" place. Just a pad to publish sanitized stuff but not a place to engage in lively debates.

Thanks again.


Bahram I only wear my own watch

"My guess is that he wants to wind down the site and what better way than forcing the contributors to vanish one by one? "

he must have lost his mind since higher traffic means higher rate for advertising!!!



Dear Roger_Rabbit,

With all due respect, I think you're being a bit dramatic. The owner is trying to ensure that this is a safe place for civil discourse; a place where though-provoking ideas and dissenting views are shared and exchanged. If a blogger/author can demonstrate that they abide by the rules of civil discourse, then they are placed on the safe-list and their comments are approved right away. I have confidence in the owner and the editors that their intentions are good and that this will once again be an on-line forum that is both engaging and informative.


Roger_Rabbit Framed

Dear Soheila

If my response sounds dramatic it is due to the dramatic developments of the past week or so. I fully respect your confidence and trust in the judgement of the editors. However, there is no universal definition for civil discourse and this is where the thin line that separates editing from censoring may be crossed. Since I have joined this site some five years ago I and many others have never crossed the line but I hope you would agree that now a new line is being drawn and that is quite unsettling. We have moved from a loosely restricted state to a more tightly restricted state. Surely this cannot be a sign of progress.


Jahanshah Rashidian

The opposition front is a political mosaic, Fred belongs to this spectrum and therefore his absence is widely felt on this opposition site.



My latest blog is only a paragraph. 5 hours and waiting. How can I ask our fellow blogger to come back? @SaidAmin gotta do something about it. He chose a bad time for whatever improvement he has in mind. Just a few weeks before election.


Roger_Rabbit Framed

Dear Rod,

My humorous response to your comment was "disapproved."

Sorry my friend I hope you see this one at least :)



The one-paragraph blog I mentioned earlier was approved in almost 10 hours. I don't know how I should feel about IC.


Mr. Fozolie

Fred and others named have voted by the only means left which is by leaving. It is quite understandable.


daneshjoo چه آورده رژیمت، شیخ شیاد ++ بغیراز جهل و جور و فقر و بیداد؟

Thank you for your writing and reminding. I also do not like waiting for a subject or a comment to be approved and I miss friends such as Divaneh, Shazde Asdola Mirza, Mehrban, faraway, faramaz, ruhany, Anonymous observer, Amirparvizfor seculardemocracy, Souri , Fred…..
They were great contributors. I hope this situation improves and they come back.



دانشجوی عزیز،
بقول دکتر هلاکویی، "گذشته، در گذشته!"

منهم پرونده یه این تار نما را بعد از هفت سال بستم و رفتم به مرغزار های سر سبز دیگر!

امیدوارم که اونجا در خدمت شما باشیم.


Roger_Rabbit Framed

Thank you dear Daneshjoo. Sadly most of the above mentioned have defected to If the intention of the new management was to drive out the regular users who contributed so much to the success of over many years, then I must say they have been successful.



I agree with Roger_Rabbit, but I hope Fred will come back soon.


seyed.javad Eslam is good for you

brother Rabbit.
Mixed feelings on my side. I miss Brother Fred, since although not a good muslem (like almost everybody else on thi site), he loved Iran and dsliked all her enemies. On the other hand, since I am not a propagandist for anyone and visit this site to have a good laugh before/after my daily job selling halal donar kebaab, I dont miss him. Because since his departure this site has become a lot more entertaining than it used to be :)


Roger_Rabbit Framed

Brother Javad :) - I am beginning to sound like Salman Farsi :))

May I enquire about the type of meat you use in your Donar Kebobs? Hope you don't use Rabbit by any chance, do you? :)


maziar 58 Maziar

Every thing considered As long as is talked about donner and tabboli.
All others have to go through mokhabera;I think.


MRX2412 Fighting islamo/communists and liberal bowl one day at the time!

May be he is on vacation? He is definitely missed. He always post intriguing and informative news.


Artificial Intelligence

He is definitely not on vacation MRX Jaan! Go to and he is posting there regularly. He disagrees with the new editorial/comment posting procedures.