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Protest at selling arms to dictators, by Germany



Some of you might know that I am a member of: National Solidarity of Republicans for Freedom and Democracy in Iran(NSRFDI) and today our group has sent a letter of protest to German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who had tried to justify the selling of arms to Middle Eastern dictators using Iran's ruling mafia regime as the "reason".


Here is the letter:




Re: Protest at selling arms to dictators


Dear Frau Doctor Angela Merkel,


We are an organisation dedicated to establishing a peaceful political future for Iran, and to struggling against all forms of injustice and discrimination within the country. We are writing to express our deep concern about your views on the arms trade in the Middle East, which we believe is harmful to democratization in the region.


We are referring in particular to the comments you made on Monday, 3 December when speaking in an interview on the A. R. D. television channel. You were asked your views on the selling of arms to Arab dictators; you replied that the very extreme threats posed by Iran justified it.


These remarks unfortunately came only a few days before the trip of Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu reawakened the bitter memory of when German chemical weapons were sold to another dictator, Saddam Hussein. His use of them led to the horrendous deaths of thousands of Iraqi Kurds and Iranians. Many more were disabled by the attacks and after more than two decades are still living painful lives and dying slow deaths.


The increasing sale of German armaments to Middle Eastern countries, the increases in the number of NATO military personnel in the region and the use of petro dollars is transforming the Persian Gulf into an arsenal. This not only fails to contribute to the development of peaceful and friendly relations between these countries, but slows and possibly destroys any processes of democratisation.


To sell or to gift aggressive and extremely destructive weapons to Middle Eastern countries, just like the sale of atomic-ready submarines to Israel or of advance tanks to Israel and Arab dictators, is undoubtedly very beneficial for Germany’s military industry. But this foreign military interference also undoubtedly worries and angers the people of the region.


We strongly condemn the use of the gas capsule which aimed to kill and wreak terror in the Bonn railway station, as we condemn the sale and storage of the thousands of bombs and missiles which aim to kill people in the Middle East.  We are therefore amazed to see how the German media can rightly pay such attention to the discovery of a handmade bomb in a German railway station, but gives none to the sale and storage of weapons which have exponentially more destructive power, or to the fact that even the German Chancellor defends such policies.


As democratic opponents of the Iranian regime, we oppose any military threats against the country as, among other reasons, we believe that they strengthen the religious despotism of this and other and other dictatorial regimes in the region. As part of Iran’s secular and democratic opposition, we ask you to stop the sale of German arms to Middle Eastern countries and to withdraw your military presence from the region. Democratization is the task of the people living in these countries, who own their destinies and who wish to end despotic regimes, such as the one now ruling in Iran, forever.


We look forward to your reply.


Yours respectfully,


National Solidarity of Republicans for Freedom and Democracy in Iran(NSRFDI)


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