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Iranian bashing



Iranian bashing is in season, again.

No, not by non-Iranians, the bashers are Iranian.

After watching regional dictators being booted out one after another by people, Iranian bashing has intensified.

The enslaved Iranians are being blamed for not being brave enough, not trying hard enough and not persisting enough back in 2009.

Although the frustration of the bashers is understandable, their misplaced blame is NOT.

Iranians in free societies have taken to freedom like fish to water, overcome herculean tasks and soared to majestic heights of achievements in all aspects. The problem in Iran is not the people or the Persian culture.

Iranians are facing a diabolical regime which is a mixture, a cocktail of all types of tyrannies known to mankind rolled up in one.

Eradication of this metastasizing cancerous tumor requires weakening it by cutting off its oxygen supply, i.e., oil revenue and eradiating its religious cells. Blaming the victims has no therapeutic value. 


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Sayyad Sha'er visit:

I see where you are coming from, Fred. But look throughout Iranian history- the culture has both good and bad, and unfortunately, politics are in the realm of the bad in Iranian culture. We've courted in the Magi of the Sassanids, the Safavids, the Qajars- all regimes similar to this one. It is just that our generation sees the atrocities right before us and magnifies them as if they are an aberration in the Iranian saga. But this is all normal in Iranian politics, if you are a student of Iran's history.

Have you ever read "The Colonel" by Mahmoud Dowlatabadi? It's a brilliant symbolic story of Iran's political culture. We destroy our heroes, and then mourn them for ages and flagellate ourselves. We rush headlong into impulsive collective action, then abandon the fruits of our endeavors right as things get good- like an abused person who self-sabotages right as they are entering a healthy love relationship. Mordeparast hastim. We fail to appreciate the moment, prefering to hold dear the bittersweet mourning of loss after the fact.

It's not blaming the victims. It's criticizing ourselves as a people. We need to look at ourselves in the mirror, or we'll keep repeating the same mistakes. Failure to examine oneself and fix errors, failure to be truthful with oneself, is what leads to destructive cycles and the failure to learn from experience. No, it is not the work of foreigners- if it was, it is equally our fault as a people for betraying ourselves to them. It is not the work of an evil fringe of Iranians. It is the work of collective Iranian society, something that needs a thorough reality check. It's not Iran-bashing, it's the truth. Look at the Syrians. They are achieving something. Whether or not they throw it all away once they win is yet to be determined.