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مجریان و گویندگان برنامه های رادیو و تلویزیون ملی ایران، پیش از انقلاب


در میان آنان: مریم خموش، گلی یحیوی، دینا بصیری، شهناز خاقانی، فریدون فرخزاد، مهرنگ و اورنگ (فرهنگ مهرپرور و حسین واعظی) بهمراه فرشته مهبان، و مولود عاطفی


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شمیرانزاده Researches (reporter & tv journalist) and presents information (Social,Art) in certain types of mass media and also working in diffrent european tv channels

بسیاری دوست و بسیاری دیگر آشنا ... بی‌ کلام ماندیم از یادآور آن روزهای خوشِ زندگی‌ در شهرمان ... با سپاس از شما.


Anonymous Observer

Wow, you look at these photos, and these people look...well, human! Look at the neanderthals and khaleh sooskehs that run that operation today. If Darwin was alive, he would probably choose them, one by one, as his candidate for the "missing link."



Crazy huh? Lately as 30 something year old that has lived away from Iran for past 13-14yrs see these photos and videos from the past quite often. Something is happening to me. Missing homeland? Not just Family but my identity?
I envy those that lived in Iran during 60s-70s.........
Today I have many friends that visit middle east now and have wonderful things to say about Azarbiejan, Turkey, then they listen to our Music new stuff Tattaloo, Tomeh, Eat our Food and they are amazed Wow you guys are pretty cool too, Persians have this? persians have that? Persians are still amazing? :(
It's like individually and as a nation we are fighting to not suffocate under the shit called Islamic Republic of Iran and prove that We Were more than this!! Maybe one day we can be More than where we are today again!! I just really hope I will live to see that day.



Iran's Greatest Generation.

Think about it. What other generation was better?