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ALANGOO just turned 1! We are very excited to enter the second year of this extremely exciting journey we started. Shout out to all those designers who believed in us right off the bat and joined our platform. We started with 9 designers exactly one year ago, and today we have more than 40 talented designers and artisans with us. Thank you all for bearing with us while we grow and try to make things better. We are not perfect but indeed on the right path. Thanks to those of you who visited our site, supported us and cared enough to share your valuable feedback. All our shoppers and fans, you guys rock! ALANGOO is sending you all much love and appreciation <3

Check out our Wordpress blog to learn more and see our little behind the scenes photo slide show if you want to see what went down in the past year at
ALSO!! We will be revealing a discount code to celebrate our birthday and start the Holiday Shopping Season with, only to our fans on Facebook!! So, if you want to grab that discount code, become a fan on Facebook. Click here to go out Facebook page.
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ALANGOO @ALANGOO provides both online and offline platforms for independent Persian designers and artisans to showcase and sell their pieces of wearable art, globally.

New York, NY

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