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Tale of Two Cities: From Istanbul to Tehran


On Saturday 15th June when the Turkish protester in Istanbul's Taksim sqaure, resisting their government's latest Islamization drive,  were tear-gassed, fired on by water cannons and eventually brutally driven out of the square, the jubilant crowd on the streets of Tehran were celebrating the dawn of a new Islamic presidency. There could be no better demonstration of the stark differences between these two nations' reaction to the same issue: Islam. While one nation, Turkey, was resisting any further drives to spread the influence of Islam, the other, Iran, was revelling in embracing a new Islamic administration.


Which nation would you say is more principled and prefer to stand by their national heritage rather than making compromises? 






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G. Rahmanian

راجر جان

ايا صحيح نيست از برخى رهبران جبهه مخالف جمهورى اسلامى كه نه درك درستى از اوضاع داخلى دارند و نه شناختى از نسل جوان ايران هم انتقاد بشه؟

خواهش ميكنم اخرين ويدو خانوم ماجد را ملاحظه بفرماييد. مردم ازادى اجتماعى ميخوان اماايشون هنوز دست بردار نيست و در فكر رآه اندازى ديكتاتورى طبقه زحمت كش و مستضفعه!

مردم از سر استيصال و به علت انزجارشون از يك دسته از جلادا به دسته ديكه اى از جلادا يا وردستاشون رأى ميدن. خيليها هم به اين اميد واهى دل بسته اند كه شايد از اين در تا اون در فرجى باشه!

با ارزوى موفقيت براى شما و همه ازادى خواهان


Roger_Rabbit Framed

رحمانیان عزیز

باید اعتراف کنم که (متأسفانه) شما درست می‌‌فرمایید. ممنون از نظر روشنگرانه تان.



My understanding is that the Turks are closer to the Europeans than Iranians. That could explain why Iranians [the real Iranians, and not those who have resided in the West for decades and have an unrealistic view of the Iranian culture] feel so closely related to the Arabic culture and islam than the Turks.


Roger_Rabbit Framed

There is also another factor Raoul jan. Now, more than ever, I know why they say the Turks are "gheyrati". If "gheyrat" is translated as "principle" the present generation of Iranians proved that unlike their Turkish neighbours they are prepared to sacrifice the most cherished principle of freedom for an illusion of short-term benefits.


marjan moghaddam I'm an artist & Animator

The Turks don't kill, torture, rape and beat up as many of their people as Islamic Iran.


Roger_Rabbit Framed

Very correct observation Marjan khanom. Thank you.


MRX2412 Fighting islamo/communists and liberal bowl one day at the time!

You are making an assumption that people in Iran know what their national heritage is. I think that is exactly the core of the problem, not knowing our national heritage, has created a lost nation that keeps repeating same mistakes again and again and again…………

Unfortunately Turkey is on its way down too. The only difference is, they had sixty plus years of force secularism and some of those principals finally got into the mind set of middle class people. We on the other hand really never had that experience except my be in a short term that Reza Shah was in power and that was not long enough to make us “khar fahm!”


amirparvizforsecularmonarchy I Love Waterfalls and Find One of the most humorous things in the world; is the notion that Americans are a greater force for good & more civilized than Nazi's, Mullahs and Communists.

In fact the Money being more important than anything else, even their unfortunate Jesus i.e. "USA Colonialism" backed by Wall Street and their Free Media of Misinformation and Propaganda and then finally by the force of military power in bases across the world on all the high sea's of the world against "Dictators" who they helped to bring to power via misinformation, helping extremists and aggression in the first place, under the ridiculous and unforgivable deception of helping democracy by helping undemocratic forces as was the case against the late shah and the people of
Iran, by under cutting him and supporting Khomeini and the IRI and even covertly aiding Saddam's Rise, is the real subject of this blog below.