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With all do respect this is a Panther not a Tiger, thanks for the clip.


khaleh mosheh

Lets play xo
x= tiger
0= leopard
Or a leopard will never change its spots--or will it?


Mr. B

It's NOT a TIGER! This is the Yoos Palang-e-Irani, or Asian Cheetah. It is not a Tiger, and it is also not a Leopard.

A Cheetah is a cousin of the Leopard, but a species unto itself. The interesting fact about the YPI is that it is a Cheetah, (Yes, the kind that run very fast) and it is in Iran. Normally, Cheetahs are ONLY found in Africa.

The Asian/Iranian Cheetah is endangered, but not extinct. There are about 30 left in Iran, mostly they are running out of food, and not easy to hunt down, so they aren't being killed by hunters as much as they used to be hunted for their skins, during the Shah era.

I have loved them ever since I was a kid in Iran, so I know a little about them.

This animal, not Oil is our real treasure.


Mr. B

I hope not. :) I'm talking about the Asiatic Cheetah.

Side Note:

I know you are purposely being cynical, mean, and heartlessly cruel. God knows you have the right to be this, I mean just look at your country!

But have you ever considered maybe, just maybe, not being an asshole, right off the bat? You should seriously consider it, it's far more peaceable. And productive. And prevents responses like this.

All I did was tray and offer additional information about a valuable treasure of our country. I did not do this to start a fight with you about my intellectual capacity. If I came across as knowing, I explained it was a hobby, and a childhood interest of mine, and that is why I know what I know. And shared as much to help everyone. That was my motive. Additive. Not a power grab. Not to become the Shah of Persian Asiatic Leopard Cheetah knowledge. Not to get ahead of you in the line to nowhere.

I NEVER suggested I was an Expert. NO ONE has accused me of being one.

Except you. 'Persian Pseudo-expert' ????

What are you? The official Pseudo Expert catcher?

I guess your Kerm is this. This is what you have become. You are "that Iranian". When there is any chance to piss in our cornflakes, to poop on our polo, when we try to become a community, there you are, pants pulled down, anus at the ready, sphincter loaded with self contempt. Ready to shit on anything slightly good we might have to consider. That is apparently your job. Well, good for you! You are good at it too! Maybe even great!

Congratulations on your Hal-Geery. Mission accomplished.

Please take this sincerely, FUCK OFF!


Anonymous Observer

This species is highly likely to go extinct within the next 5-10 years, if not sooner The estimated number of wild specimen that I have read is about 78-80. And that is supported by evidence, i.e., taking these people 4 years to get a glimpse of a live animal. You then have the severe environmental issues, such as poaching, like of food sources (hence, the scavenging), inbreeding that results from having a small population, habitat destruction, drought, etc. Unless there's intense intervention---I just don't see the species being able to survive.