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شرمسار از ایرانیت و انسانیت

تا چنین نمایشهای دهشتناک خیابانی داریم شایستە آزادی و رعایت کرامت انسانی نیستیم


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آزادی دارای مفهوم‌های گوناگون است و یا به عبارتِ ِ دیگر در مفهوم‌های گوناگونی متجلی میشود: به مفهومِ ِ "رهایی یا "لیبرتی"، به مفهومِ ِ "آزادی ی اراده"، به مفهومِ ِ "آزادی ی بیان، آزادی ی اندیشه، آزادی ی اجتماع کردن و یا گرد همایی" از جمله ی آن است. از دشمنانِ ِ سر سخت هر گونه آزادی افکار و روش‌های از پیش ساخته شده است که ایدئولوژی و ایمان (به خدا و دین و مذهب) از نمونه‌های آن است. مردمی که اندیشه و قوای فکری خود را به چنین چارچوب‌هایی‌ می‌‌سپارند و افکار خود را به این مقولات مشغول می‌کنند در واقع خود را در قید و بند گرفتار می‌کنند و نمیتوانند به مفهومِ ِ واقعی آزاد باشند. اگر در جامعه یی قدرت در دست چنیین افرادی قرار بگیرد آن جامعه را نمی‌‌توان جامعه آزاد خواند


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This is animal cruelty.



Come on, Muslims are not that barbaric. At least when they are having a public human execution they hang the guy they don’t cut his throat that doesn’t look good while public watching and eating their sandwich or drinking. This is just a good bloody afternoon fun.


farhangpooya In all situations, in or outside power, social problems require social solutions (در همه شرايط، در حاكميت و يا خارج از حاكميت، مشكلات اجتماعى راه حل هاى اجتماعى طلب مى كنند)

The ideology of the people is the ideology of the ruling class.



آنچه از ماست, بر ماست.


mansoor mani

هر گوشه ای از ایران را بنگری، جلوه ای از توحش و واپسگرایی می بینی، و تا زمانی که ایرانیان همچنان با دین اسلام درگیری احمقانه دارند و حقیقت آنرا درک نمیکنند و یا نمی خواهند درک کنند، نه از آزادی خبری خواهد بود و نه از آبرو و حیثیت و آرامش.


Bahram I only wear my own watch

the definition of rant!!
if a dog barks but dont bite, the dog's action would be qualified as rant!!
As we are approaching a new year, let's pick the biggest rant of 2012, who barked a lot and bit no one???


kobra kamali

3 signs of savagery and barbarity. when you gather around to watch hanging from a crane. when you gather around to watch a woman being stoned to death. when you gather around to watch an animal being sacrificed in honor of another barbaric bastard called imam ,,,,,,,fill in the blank.


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

Animal cruelty is not confined to Iran. Various types of animal cruelty exists in one form or another in every single country in the world.
Neither is violence, solely only an attribute of Iranian culture.
NRA & USA, says it all!
Problem with these pop-sociologists is that they just can not comprehend multi faceted nature of culture, an dhow a national culture could be very contradictory, with opposing norms, values, structures,...
The aim of these blogs are clear: make Iranians feel guilty about some other a-hole Iranians, that enjoy inflicting pain on defenseless animals, though any cruelty or violence towards any defenseless being (animals, children, elders,...) shall be condemned, this whole approach of blame game remains pedestrian and pathetic.
Until further notice I shall remain a proud Iranian; cognizant of possibilities, resources, and potentials of my culture, and its history's, and at the same time aware of its limitations and short comings.



This is not about Iranian culture but Shia culture and religion practiced by some Iranians. There is no historical and cultural precedence to such acts in the ancient Iran.... And there is nothing wrong with looking at the mirror at ourselves as a whole and to recognize our ills and then cure them...


bacheh akhoond

Please hear it from a genuine bacheh akhonod, yours truly, this culture and the crowd in the photo are barbaric!


mousa67 offering free psychotherapy sessions to those suffering from potentialy suicidal mental condition known as "islamism"

This poor animal is being tortured and murdered in a SHIAT ISLAM RELIGIOUS CEREMONY. put it the other way, if it was not for the SHIAT ISLAM, this animal would have not been so creuly murdered, and we had not have to put up with constant angry incoherent rants from this character signing under the user name "demo"!



"incoherent rants?"
As your cousin Fred says: 'Prove It!'


Anonymous Observer

Barbaric. But hey, what do you expect? These are the same people who bring their kids to watch human beings hang in the street as well. As I have always said, IR is representative of Iran's culture.