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kobra kamali

3 signs of savagery and barbarity. when you gather around to watch hanging from a crane. when you gather around to watch a woman being stoned to death. when you gather around to watch an animal being sacrificed in honor of another barbaric bastard called imam ,,,,,,,fill in the blank.


Roozbeh_Gilani "Personal business must yield to collective interest."

there is no doubt that centuries of dictatorship, shia blood culture, last not least the past 34 years of blood thirsty islamist fascist rule, has made our people indifferent and prone to acts of brutality. These are the same folks who gather in large numbers to watch another human being hanged in public.
we, as a nation, we need decades, maybe generations of public therapy/re education after the ineviteble collapse of islamist regime.



Such savageries are ill symptoms of a cancer that has reached its peak in the past 34 years



هر آنجا اسلام رفت گل نروید
ایرانی بمانید و انسان


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

They even gather up to see someone being hanged and they do not hesitate to bring their kids to watch it either ! what do you expect from these people? If this is not DARK AGES resurfacing on earth then what is? and please do not give me the idea of religion doing this or religion doing that ... The same way that dark ages was independent of Jesus, things, that we are witnessing in Iran today, is independent of the prophet ... I said that just in case if other commentators line up here and want to blame Islam as they usually do !



This is called swarming or asymmetrical warfare by the Basiji crowd!



IR in its innate hatred of Iran and its civilization is relentless in trying to make us into a violent and vulgar nation. This is not us, this is an imposed personality of a group of possessed people.



"possessed people" indeed and that is not limited to the regime and its supporters. Among opposition too , each own way...


farhangpooya In all situations, in or outside power, social problems require social solutions (در همه شرايط، در حاكميت و يا خارج از حاكميت، مشكلات اجتماعى راه حل هاى اجتماعى طلب مى كنند)

The ideology of the people is the ideology of the ruling class.



آنچه از ماست, بر ماست.


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This is animal cruelty.


Monkey And Organ Grinder

This image is disturbing! Is the camel bleeding?

Let me guess - this must be the Ashoora ritual when people grieve Yazid's dispute with Imam Hossein over their inter-marital affairs which led to the former's triumph and the latter's demise and 1400 years of yearly slaughtering rituals!

Look at the spectators - they are looking at this poor animal getting slaughtered in the public while they themselves are becoming subconsciously hypnotized to receive the same treatment by the hands of the IRI thugs. The culture of public hanging, stoning, and slaughtering of animals and people by the hands of animals and people is ever more alive and kicking in Iran.


شمیرانزاده Researches (reporter & tv journalist) and presents information (Social,Art) in certain types of mass media and also working in diffrent european tv channels