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Soheila Diba Bolurfrushan Successful architect and engineer by day, frustrated poet and artist by night. Tethered to LA by marriage and career, yet emotionally unable to sink roots here - I remain the Reluctant Guest.

This isn't surprising... Here in Los Angeles, Hells Angels are well known for defending children and they have been outspoken opponents of the Westboro crowd.



This is probably a bogus rumor. Bikers aren't likely to be out on their motorcycles in the weather the entire region has been having the past couple of days. Why would someone think they were providing anything helpful by posting BS like this? Prove it's true or be guilty of being just another part of the problem.


Ruhany Just another traveller of life ...

Probably not ... !

Anyway ... true or not ... the dangerous nonsense from religious right should not be ignored ... Liberals and liberal media outlets aren’t the only ones slamming religious right and their bizarre ideas, Even The New York Post, owned by conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch, and New York Daily News also are confronting the 'rights' crazy ideas in many ways, may be they are learning from the price their CEO paid ignoring the rest of us: the %47

Next time before calling something BS, please take a break, get out of the FoxBox and look at the world with an open mind ... and don't forget: Mind is like a parachute, it only functions when is open ...!!



"...biker clubs, cops and firemen..." don't add up to "Hells Angels". The name "Hells Angels" is applied to sensationalize the story which muddies the water and obscures the message. The photo in the post here to which I originally responded was some stock photo which only added to the sensationalizing of the article, once again obfuscating the real message of the article and the event itself. Those were 2 irresponsible choices on the part of the person who did the write up originally posted here.

On the facebook page I read the 100 most recent comments and all but a notable few were off the rails with hatred, violent aspirations, and prejudices of various types, none of which are appropriate responses to either the murders or to the warped ideologies of the representatives of the Westboro Baptist Church and their ilk.

You use of your term "FoxBox" and your attempt to connect me or my comment to Rupert Murdoch or any of the other entities you rattled off in your attempt to assert that I am closed-minded are assumptions on your part and say much more about you. How you went from my post to that rant certainly displays your ability to accomplish great leaps to unfounded conclusions but has nothing at all to do with what I originally posted. In the future your argument will be better served if you refrain from trying to make your points through personal attacks and insinuation of non-existent associations.

To the point of the event in the facebook post;

Yes, I'm happy to know this response by the biker clubs, cops and firemen actually did happen and of course unhappy that it was necessary for it to happen at the funerals of these martyrs.