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R.I.P Shahanshaha, "Gone, but never forgotten..."

In a loving memory of a great man in our modern history, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.


       33 years ago, on this day, July 27 1980, our Shahanshah passed away in Cario, Egypt. Our nation went through deep sorrow. Happiness left our country and has never come back till today. Our people experienced torture,death,war, famine and destruction of Iran, but they have never experienced happiness since shah left the country in winter of 1979.


     According to ancient Persian mythology, the heart of shah is closely tied to the heart of the people. His sadness is nation sadness and shah's happiness is nation's happiness.


     Under Shah's smart leadership, Iranians were well respected around the globe including communist countries.


     In Romania (1973) Shah was warmly welcomed. He received an honorable doctora degree from the hands of Romanian president for his high degree of intelligent and being good politician.


     Consequently, all Romanians respected Iranian people. Romania was a communist country in those days.


     In France, upon death of Charles De Gaulle, Shah made a quick trip to France. In private session with De Gaulle's widow which last 45 minutes, Shah compassinately comforted De Gaulle's widow. He expressed deep sympathy of Iranian people to that lady. The event reflected in France media and state T.V. Consequently, French people respected Iranians very highly.


     In U.K, No need for visa for Iranian people. For Iranians travelling to England was as easy as travelling to Shiraz from Tehran. Just take a plane ticket, jump in the plane and few hours later arrive to London. At the same time, Pakistani, Arabs, Filipinos ....;... chiness...... etc were standing in a long line in the front of British embassy begging for visa.


     In Aparthied South Africa, The most racist country on the face of earth in those days, Because of Shah's smart leadership, Iranians were classified as a "White". They were receiving full previleges the same as white European counterpart. For example, after 6 p.m no Arabs, Pakistani, Indians, Asians were allowed to used bars, restaurants in down town area of Johansburg or Cape town. Only people by European ancestory or Iranians were allowed to hang out in those area. Public transportations such as buses, taxi were the same. White and none white. Iranians were receiving full previleges of white Europeans.


     In Rhodesia, the same story, Indian, Arab and Asian kids should have travelled 40 miles out of the city to go to school. Iranian and European kids had the previlege to use the schools in the city area. Rhodesia changed the name to Zimbabwe in June 1979.

In U.S Nixon introduced Shah as a "Good friend". Iranians were well respected in U.S.


     In IRAN, our educated, kind hearted shah could never see the Iranian kids go to bed hungery at night. Therefore, he mandated "Free nutrition" program in schools. Our shahs were feeding Iranian children the same as their biological fathers were doing. As a result, he acquired the title of "Crown Father".


     Shah remains an important, historical figure whose memory is greatly cherished by Iranians. Nothing will ever erase the glorious role of Shah in our modern history.

R.I.P our king.

We are awake


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Sasan Dolati

اگر چه اشتباهاتى در كارش بود ولى روحش شادو يادش گرامى باد



well one thing is for sure, 30+ years of IRI fiasco and subsequent behavior of people clearly showed that shah of Iran was way ahead of his time...........

In some strange and bizarre irony, IRI is more of true reflection of majority of Iranian people psychee . (No disrespect to our secular progressive jeffersonian republicans in this site)


daneshjoo چه آورده رژیمت، شیخ شیاد ++ بغیراز جهل و جور و فقر و بیداد؟

اگر افراد بی طرف، شرایط ایرانِ زمان قاجار و ایران فعلی (با رژیم آخوندی) را با دوران پادشاهان پهلوی مقایسه کنند به میزان عشق این خاندان به ایران و شکوه خدماتشان پی می برند. کار سختی نیست و هر تحصیل کرده ای برای داوری و اظهار نظر درست به مقایسه این سه دوره نیاز دارد.
شوربختانه اگر قدر بزرگان خود را ندانیم و سپاسگزارشان نباشیم به فرصت طلبها و چیاول گران داخلی و دشمنان خارجی چراغ سبز نشان می دهیم.
به خاندان بزرگ پهلوی:
کشور از سعی شما آراسته ست
بهترین شاه از شما برخاسته ست
بی رضا شاه کشور ایران چه بود؟
نام و نظم و پایه ها او ساخته ست

چو دشمن رهبر این کاروانست
نه ایرانی نه ایران در امانست
فراموشی و تکرار تاریخ


nizi squash player and Import Export

do not think about dictatorship,,,,, was the time of Shah better den Mullah or not?


Ashianeh Raise your words, not your voice It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. Rumi

If I were a Pahlavi family member, I would thank Khomeini and the Mullah’s regime every single day. Thank to the disastrous current situation, the vindication of the Shah and his policies are more than ever discussed through the media. When three decades ago the uprising began, very few people thought that one day there would be any talk of his reign as a “glorious era” of the country’s history. Yes, indeed the current situation is worse than the one under the Shah, but who wants to go back to the time of SAVAK’s omnipresence, lavish festivals, ever widening gap between the poor and the rich, shrinking middle class, rampant corruption, nepotism, forced assemblies, faked elections, disastrous land reform which destroyed farming, and many more. And here is the question to those who still defend the Shah. If he really cared about his country, why did he leave it? As the commander-in-chief, he should have known better that his departure would mean the disintegration of the mighty army he had spent fortunes to build and arm. Maybe he was hoping that one more time the CIA would come to his rescue and return him to power. In the midst of anti-Shah demonstrations, Dr. Sadighi, his first choice of prime minister, told him that he would accept the position provided “His Majesty” stayed. Yet he repeated the mistake he had made three decades ago by refusing to accept Dr. Mossadegh’s advice to reign and leave the task of governing to elected officials. Unfortunately for him and for our country, he hadn’t learned his lesson.



"If he really cared about his country, why did he leave it?" Ashianeh

Shah was well educated, well mannered individual. Hope you don't compare character of shah with some bump like Saddam Hossaine. Shah He in his book "answer to history" mentioned he didn't want to see bloodshed or to see his country man lay in blood. Just simple is that.
Sanjabi and Jebhe Melli is another story. Please remember that Sanjabi and Jebhe Meli helped criminal mullahs take power. They're the ones who supported Khomaini to get stabilized and they're the ones who voted "Yes" to Islamic republic of hell. They were KHAEN. Mosaddeq is also Unwritten essay. Who knows if shah wouldn't return in 1953, what would be happen to Iran. I can assure you Tudeh party back by Soviet Union wouldn't stay silent. Iran might have been one of USSR states. If NOT, we would have had the same mess that we experienced in 1979. Eastern block back by Soviet Union were selling their daughters for a pack of cigarette. Jebhe Meli and followers of Mosaddeq/hezbollah cult don't tell you this side of the story.
Unwritten essay have no mistake. Mossadeq and his cult in 1953 is Unwritten essay.
Criminal Mullahs must go.
Let's restoring monarchy, let's work on those mistakes you mentioned in your comment. Let's make monarchy better system than it used to be. Let's make it work with eliminating those errors.


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

Right on points. Well said .

: )



Thanks for writing a comment without reading the blog! lol


Mihaita For a dictatorship free planet, free press, free speech and no censorship, Liberal Democracy only!

Ronald Reagan : declara en 1984 "Notre politique erronee en Iran qui provoqua la chute du Shah est une tache noire dans l'histoire des Etats-Unis. C'est a la suite de notre poliitque qu'un fou fanatique a peut prendre le pouvoir en Iran et envoyer des milliers d'Iraniens devant le pelotons d'execution.


farhangpooya In all situations, in or outside power, social problems require social solutions (در همه شرايط، در حاكميت و يا خارج از حاكميت، مشكلات اجتماعى راه حل هاى اجتماعى طلب مى كنند)

جناب سياوش
مستقل از اينكه شاه از خصوصيات خوب يا بدى، چنانكه موافقين و مخالفين بر مى شمارند برخوردار باشد، چگونه مى توان از نظام ديكتاتورى شاهنشاهى دفاع كرد. آيا شما خواستار نظامى نيستند كه به عنوان يك شهروند حق راى و نظر داشته باشد؟
آيا براى مردم ايران اين حق را قائل نيستيد كه يك نظام ديكتاتورى را طرد كنند. البته همگان واقفيىم كه بنا به مجموعه دلائلى مردم بر سر انتخاب خمينى و نظام جمهورى اسلامى اشتباه فاحشى كردند.



No one in healthy state of mind can say he/she like dictatorship. Have you ever seen anyone say that? If someone said that he/she should go for head examination because that is not rational thing to say.
Monarchy is the form of establishment in the most democratic countries such as Holland, Sweden, U.K. These people are not following dictatorship. They have right to vote and they vote counts. The problem the level of education in the society which mandate dictatorship. Sweden can never be dictatorship because the level of education among swedish people is high. Let's work on that part after
restoring monarchy.



There is no question in my mind and in the minds of majority of Iranians that Iran was doing very well under the Shah. For 33 years Iran has been slipping to a status similar to North Korea. The revolution that toppled the Shah had a lot to do with religion than anything else. The mullahs have dominated Iran’s politics after the imposition of Islam on Persia. All you have to is to read the history of monarchies in Persia such as Safavieh, Afshars, and Ghajaries. The mullahs lost much of their power under the Pahlavi monarchy.


iraj khan Peace Is The Way

My aunt who lives in Iran is an staunch monarchist.
I called her last night and asked her opinion about the recent elections in Iran.

She responded:
"I wish Rouhani become the next Shah of Iran"


amirparvizforsecularmonarchy I Love Waterfalls and Find One of the most humorous things in the world; is the notion that Americans are a greater force for good & more civilized than Nazi's, Mullahs and Communists.

bah bah our anti-monarchists are so ignorant they now want a monarchy that people elect the King! That is not the principle on which Monarchy is based my dear.