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Robert Spencer: “I have exactly the same credentials as Reza Aslan”; Oh, Really? | Islamophobia Today

Fox News and its right-wing supporters were cast into shame after Fox News’s interview with Reza Aslan went viral on the internet.  Embarrassed and reeling from this intellectual beat-down by Reza Aslan, the right-wing responded by questioning Aslan’s credentials.  Matthew J. Franck wrote:


Aslan does have four degrees, as Joe Carter has noted: a 1995 B.A. in religion from Santa Clara University, where he was Phi Beta Kappa and wrote his senior t ...

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sedaye_man "Civilizations flourish the most where the masses are passionate about their liberties." - Gary Gross

Thank You so much for posting this piece. I was about to do the same. Now everyone knows who really Reza Aslan is. Thanks again my friend.