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Roozbeh_Gilani "Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Thank you for sharing.
Iraj Mesdaaghi one of the few who escaped the massacre of iranian political prisoners in summer of 1988 by the islamo fascist regime, is indeed an outsatnding individual, a living witness and a great source of information on horrendous crimes committed by the islamist rgime during 1980's. He has carefully documented the criminal events and murders, with dates and names of victims and perpetrators, most of them still alive and active as high ranking islamist regime officials, some of them wering the mask of "opposition/reformist".
As such he has recently become a major target of an smear campaign orchestrated by islamist regime's ministry of intelligence. with some balck propaganda about him sadly published on this very site, by an expelled MKO member with known links with islamist regime.