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Welcome Back Shazdeh Asdolah Mirza


I know it is not the right spelling of your name. You prefer it as Shazde Asdola Mirza.


At any rate, you are really welcome back. You wrote your farewell to this site as, "Mr. Amin, in a reply to my negative comment, has made it clear that the recent changes to IC have been for financial reasons. He was unhappy with where the matrices of this business were heading, and has aimed this rewamp at attracting a younger generation (like him, almost 40)! So I am giving the new Iranian.Com a break, by not posting here for a while; while wishing the best for Mr. Amin's matrix".

What happened that it changed your mind?

Is it true that you may like it here as your real Home Page of Contibution?

Is it true that you may be much more popular and welcomed here?

Whatever may be your answer, you are always welcome back.

Happy New Year & All the Best

Manouchehr Saadat Noury, PhD




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I agree with Shazde. Stories or serious writings will demand a good allocation of time. To see it pushed down the pile in less than 24 hours gives any contirbutor a little incentive to spend a serious time on a blog. Posting a blog with a link to a youtube video will take only a few minutes and is a more likely type of contribution to expect here. As a simple improvement perhaps the space allocated to each post can be decreased. This would allow a lot more posts to be viewed on screen at any one time.


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Agreed. As you and I discussed on another thread, well written text blogs will have a column to themselves and their positioning will not be swayed by an algorithm. Updates to this column will be made by an editor.

Space allocation is also being addressed in the new design to ensure uniformity of the height of each post.



I was aware of the intended changes that was discussed and my comment only regarded the current format. I look forward to the forthcoming changes.


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Dear friends, AI, Shazde, Zendanian, Damavand, P_J, and Divaneh:

Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Everything is a process, growth and improvement takes time. Don't expect fast results if you want good results. It is much better to wait and to give the Admin/@SaidAmin enough time.


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All-Iranians think Shazde Asdola Mirza is much more popular here in this site.


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Dear Dr. Noury,

I still believe that it's better for me to post my text blogs in the other site, as it is unlikely for stories and articles to get much traction in this new format of IDC.

Right now, this site is more like a place for catchy photos and video's, rather than in depth discussion and articulation, or even stories.

Thanks for your consideration and welcome!


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

Mirza jan, Welcome back

On the side of in depth discussion and such, we have a had a few of those in here too. I remember the one of Poetry and Rimbaud and...
I'm sot sure if its the new format, or absence of some previous writers, or both. At the end of the day, we'll make it out to be what we would like it to be. In other words, Mirza jan, won't you please post a couple of your texts in here. Let's see what happens. Cheers


Shazde Asdola Mirza My archived blogs and stories are at:

Zendanian dear,

Even a simple analysis of the old IC shows its potent combination of being a Web Magazine and a User Blogspot. The new IDC has lost the first quality, even though the new owner is now planning/promising to bring in a new "kick-ass" editor.

The Old IC format used a three dimensional format, for posting and providing access to material. On the first page, we had a horizontal top bar for all the worthy Videos.

On 1st page, there was a prominent vertical dimension for contributed articles (often heavy material). There were also two main vertical bars for featured Blogs and News.

The 3rd dimension was of course the full blog list / news list / music list / video list, etc.

The Old IC users could easily navigate through those 3 dimensions, to read and enjoy what mattered to them ... without any content kicking another type out of existance.

In this new format, there is definitley no place for Contributed Articles or even Serious Blogs. Every post lives and dies based on the number of Toops-per-Hour, which quickly drives down the system on the slippery slope of lowest-common-denominator!



The fact that one person is so important on this site says it all about the's clan and its limited visitors. For some reason they chose to live with JJ's shortcomings and now have dispersed a bit wondering how to replace IC time.



I completely agree with Shazde! This site has become cluttered, chaotic and confusing; as a result impotent to viewers who are seeking a unifying platform not only to expose IR’s viciousness but to invite and unify the opposition groups.