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Iranian Art That Transcends Politics - Review of the Contemporary Iranian Art Collection at the New York MET

From ancient times, to thousands of years of monarchy, to today's Islamic Republic, Iranians have pursued spiritual progression, writes Roshanak Taghavi. The Metropolitan Museum of Art's contemporary Iranian art collection in New York conveys this pursuit through time, fusing historical and contemporary subjects spanning the realms of philosophy,  politics and  poetry. Continue reading »


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akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

Roshanak jan , ..I'll make sure to stop by to see this when I am in NY next time .... thanks again ! : )

"Tanavoli’s sculpture, Poet Turning into Heech, which depicts the body of a man turning into a poet, is the centerpiece of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s permanent collection of contemporary Iranian art in New York."

I also like the Rumi's quote and ofcourse your article ... Thanks for sharing it here with us !

“Since you are more than tongue can tell, behold how eloquent I am without a tongue,” he wrote almost eight centuries ago. “Like the moon, without legs, I race through nothingness.”


Roshanak Taghavi روشنک تقوی Journalist, Writer & News Provider on Iran, the Middle East & US Policy. Reported on economics, politics and culture for The Christian Science Monitor, TIME, The Guardian, Al-Monitor, Dow Jones & The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post

Thank you so much for your kind words about my article! I am glad you enjoyed it :-)