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Roozbeh_Gilani "Personal business must yield to collective interest."

It always gives my extra pleasure watching confused islamists at each other's throats!
Since I am talking a well deserved vacation, I'll be following my post daily run/cycle exercise lunch with a glass of cold bear. And maybe a glass of brandy (or two..) later tonight!



She got off the talking points and blamed the Central Bank and the lack of money for the shortage of the vital medicine, while there was plenty of money available for other things.
The memo from Rahbar clearly stated that the US gets the blame for everything!


Esfand Aashena

Hopefully Khamanei will now make her Ahmadinejad's boss, in charge of Sanctions! Like he did with Ejei and Larijani when Ahmadinejad fired them and they became Majlis speaker and Justice chief, questioning his every moves!